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goreshit is a one-man electronic music project from United Kingdom started in 2006. goreshit was primarily a artist (mostly and influenced), but later his style expanded to other genres such as , dark and . His tracks have appeared on several compilations and he has put out a number of full length albums and splits for free (mostly self-released but occasionally on netlabels such as Dance Corps.

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kallous boys

Formed by Moonboy and vvh back in 1980 in Barking, Essex as an experimental electronic duo using tapes and synths to make a sound that could be loosely described as 'industrial/ambient/psychedelic/electronic' music.
Released two cassette albums "Internal Damage" and "kick it" on the Black Dwarf label as the Kallous Boys. Also appeared on a number of compilation albums EP's and cassettes around the same time under various aliases.EG: KALLOUS KINEMA

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1) Antics is an indie rock band based in Brooklyn, NY. They formed in 2010 and released their debut album entitled, 'Everything'. 'Everything' is available for free download on their website at: http://www.everythingantics.com Become a fan on facebook:
www.facebook.com/pages/antics/122282161124474 "Everything" was birthed when Brooklynite singer/songwriter Adam Weiss, multi-instrumentalist Jason Desiderio and guitarist Matt Schaefer passed four days of one pleasantly gloomy fall week of 2009 in Tonmeister Studios (Fredonia, NY).

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Inspectah Deck

Jason Hunter, (born July 6, 1971) better known as Inspectah Deck (aka Rebel INS), is an American rapper, producer, and actor. A member of the Wu-Tang Clan, known for his lyricism, he has not achieved the same level of commercial success in his solo career as some of his counterparts (such as Ghostface Killah or Method Man) though he continues to be respected and actively releases material. Hunter routinely mentions the Park Hill Projects in Clifton, Staten Island, NY, where he grew up, going to school with the future Ghostface Killah, Raekwon and Method Man.

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Fusionmetal - A relatively new and unexplored genre in the world of metal. Exivious isn't an over the top math metal band and certainly isn't a loungy jazz combo either. But expect everything in between! With a jazzfusion backbone Exivious uses freaky metal riffs to decorate their organic eruption of free improvisations and complex rhythms. Guitarist Tymon comments: "We finally managed to transform a vision I had a long time ago into 9 intense and fiery songs. There's an immense amount of information in there that will definitely take more than one spin in your CD player to comprehend!"

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The Anxious

The Anxious are Mark Anxious and Chrissi, who have been producing under this name since 1998. They are a Leeds based act who make electronic music released on Blackout Audio & other labels. Their sound is characteristically dark and uncompromising, with a musical message that many have imitated, but failed to deliver. They

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Awoken began in 2003 playing heavy and fast hardcore. Working non-stop, with determination and a consistantly positive attitude, constant shows across the UK, a debut MCD on Let It Burn Records and 2 tours across Europe; including a 5 week - 30 show tour sharing the stage with Hoods, saw Awoken make their mark on European hardcore. Throughout several line up changes and a real sense of growth, powerful, cleverly structured anthems laced with groove and a sense of brutality remained the foundation of Awoken's sound.

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