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E.g., 21 Oct 2017

The Faces of Sarah

British Goth Rockers The Faces of Sarah follow up their critically acclaimed debut album 24 with their second album Lament released on Malicious Damage Records. Over the last few years The Faces of Sarah's reputation and following has grown steadily, not only in Europe and the UK, but as far afield as Chile, Japan, USA, and Australia. 2005 saw the band on top form with a brand new line-up and Malicious Damage were impressed enough to include a track from their Impurity EP on the compilation The Clock Machine Turns You On...

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The name Artifact is currently used by two bands and one jazz quartet, and an electronic musician: 1) Ken Vandermark - reeds
Johannes Bauer - trombone
Thomas Lehn - analogue synthesizer
Paal Nilssen-Love - drums 2) Artifact is a industrial/goth metal band from the city of Stavanger on the west coast of Norway, formed in late 2002. After a rough start and a l series of line-up changes, the band settled on their line-up in late 2004 when vocalist Tor Arne Fassotte of Unpure and This Negative Karma joined the band.

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Identity Crisis

There are multiple artists known as Identity Crisis.
#1:Doom-laden drums, murky synths, Middle Eastern rhythms, dreamy guitar riffs, and ghostly vocals: The Identity Crisis had the style and soul of a mid-'80s European band on the dark 4AD record label. However, they weren't from Europe, and 4AD never touched their music. Formed in Manila, Philippines, in 1986, the Identity Crisis had an aura of mystery; most of their lineup even withheld their last names. The band originally consisted of Lenny Llapitan (keyboards), Resty (guitars), Buddy Boy (vocals), Bogs (bass), and Marvin (drums).

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Only Fate Remains

Only Fate Remains consists of six band members. Each of the members has its own musical roots ranging from rock 'n roll to black metal, but all share their passion for creating strong melodic (subtle) sophisticated music. The versatile background and the shared passion together melt into a group of highly motivated musicians wanting to share their creations with the world. Genre & Style

Only Fate Remains stands for a combination of rock/metal with strong melodies, influenced by gothic, atmospheric...

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UK Decay

After a brief stint as The Resistors, the Luton based UK Decay was formed in the winter of 1978. Nearly everyone was named Steve, so they all took on other monikers (Abbo = Steve Abbot). From there they became a well known outfit that has played with many of the original London punk bands, and even having made it to the US thanks to Jello Biafra after the sacking of their bassist in 1980. They got a 16 year old American bass replacement (Jason Creeton from Social Unrest).

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