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grains is the alias of vasilis moschas. after studying music for a few years(obtaining a certificate in jazz studies and a BMus Degree in Popular Music Performance), singing and playing the guitar in various bands, Vasilis Moschas started his own solo project. the music of grains is based on home recordings, made of samples, homemade loops, a lot of singing, a little guitar, bits of keyboards, small instruments,effects and whatever he can get into them.

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There are more than one act with this name: 1) Faces were an early 1970s rock band formed in 1969 from the remaining members of Small Faces after Steve Marriott left to form Humble Pie; new members Ron Wood (guitar) and Rod Stewart (vocals) (both from The Jeff Beck Group) joined Ronnie Lane (bass), Ian McLagan (keyboards) and Kenny Jones, (drums). The name "the Faces" refers to well known people about town, and the band's previous incarnation as the Small Faces also referred to the diminutive stature of the band members.

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Formed In: January 2010
Hometown Location: Santa Clarita, California
Genre: Heavy/Progressive/Melodic Death Metal Band Lineup
Adam Correa > Guitar Facebook
Andrew Brown > Guitar Facebook
Jett Vera > Drums Facebook
Sal Tardibuono > Vocals Facebook
Imhotep Shabazz > Bass Facebook Biography
We are a garage band. We play what we feel. We are different kinds of musicians. We are friends. We are Montezuma.

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Scream! Shout! Say Nothing

‘Scream! Shout! Say Nothing’ is a group of close friends from Hertfordshire, who came together with the sole intention of making truly honest music with no specific sounds in mind, and free of boundaries set by genre or fashion. People are growing irritated that styles of music once dictated by emotion and cathartic expressionism have become subservient to image, pigeonholes and cynical mass marketing by the music industry as a whole.

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There are at least 3 artists with name Portland. 1) Portland are a three piece lounge band based in the Birmingham, UK; Rory Thompson - Lead vocals & guitar, Sarah Thompson - Backing vocals and Paul Meadows - Bass. Portlands’ music combines acoustic style songwriting with warm strings & soulful melodies. 2) Portland (aka Spencer Lytle) is obsessed with his computer and the sounds that it makes. He uses these sounds to write music that expresses his emotions in ways words never could.

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Several bands are named Echoes.
More about artists with the same name (7) A Progressive rock band, formed in late 2004 in Caracas, Venezuela, with the idea of making music without any kind of limits. Formed by three guitars, bass, keyboards and drums, adding a “cuatro” (typical venezuelan instrument) once in a while, you get to see a not so common line-up inside the standards of the genre.
Shortly after the inception of the band, in may 2005, they won the prestigious “Festival Alma Mater Rock” in Caracas, being the first instrumental band in getting that award.

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Mick Turner

Mick Turner is a musician and painter from Australia. Aside from his role as guitarist of The Dirty Three, and Tren Brothers with The Dirty Three's drummer, Jim White, he has released several records to his own name entitled: "Tren Phantasma" , "Marlan Rosa" , "Seven Angels" , "Moth" and "Blue Trees" . All of these album's artwork are painted by him as well as the Tren Brothers and most of the Dirty Three's album artwork too.

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