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Les Jupes

Four kids from the middle of the North American continent making modern music for people living in the past. Debut album Modern Myths recorded with Arcade Fire/Stars/Little Scream producer Marcus Paquin. " epic as it is primal and as stirring as it is sad and introverted".
"...set to become one of Canada's most intriguing and complex acts."
"The swelling guitar riffs, hard drums and deep, menacing voice of Michael P Falk ensure an emotional, expressive album. An almost perfect record. One of the best debut records we’ve heard.”

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(For the punk rock band see: The Eat) Clearly, there are 3 different bands called "Eat" on this page. So don't just listen to Crossroads & check out the other snippets. The English one, were a London based led by singer Ange Dolittle, who started out as a band devoted to the sound of Louisiana. Their Debut album Sell Me A God (Fiction, 1989),line up, along with Dolittle was Peter Howard on drums, Tim Sewell on Bass, Paul Noble on guitar & lyrics & Max Noble on guitar.
A second album was recorded, a single released from it called Psycho couch, but the album never saw the light of day.

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There are five artists with this name:
1. A popular British alternative band active from 1993 to 1998
2. A dubstep producer from Coventry, England
3. An experimental hip-hop musician
4. A garage rock band from Oklahoma formed in 2008.
5. A minimal house producer based out of Atlanta. 1. Sleeper was a group which formed in 1993 in Manchester, England. The band consisted of Louise Wener (vocals, guitar), Jon Stewart (guitar), Diid Osman (bass) and Andy Maclure (drums). The band released three albums - Smart, The It Girl and Pleased To Meet You - and split in 1998.

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Brad from Seattle, Washington, USA formed officially in 1992 (though the members had been playing together for a long time before that) and in 1993 released their debut album Shame. Brad includes 4 friends from the Seattle area who are musicians, including Stone Gossard (of Pearl Jam fame), Regan Hagar (former member of an early grunge band Malfunkshun), Shawn Smith (also a member of Pigeonhed and Satchel) and Jeremy Toback also of Ons.

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The Limousines

The Limousines are an Electropop band based in the Bay Area, California. The band consists of songwriter and vocalist Eric Victorino, and multi-instrumentalist and producer Giovanni Giusti. The band has had comparisons drawn with MGMT. Victorino, who had previously performed with rock band Strata, stated that he was "tired of band politics" and "needed another outlet, one that wasn't quite as dark and heavy". Giusti and Victorino started the Limousines after communicating online and exchanged lyrics, music and recorded vocals online.

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Emergency Door Release

Built around the inspiration of many, EDR are setting new standards and expectations. The four piece indie pop rock band based in Newcastle-Upon Tyne have landed a host of performances and have
already been compared to bands such as The Smiths and The Police and don’t we know that’s a tall order? Damn right!.....but that won’t stop us trying...with catchy tunes, grooves and licks that raise the hairs on your neck you best bring a scarf... because you’re gonna shiver.

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The Shallow Call

Salt. Chemicals. Apathy. Subsidence. Northwich is a town notable for little, but it was here that The Shallow Call drifted out of school and into a band. Brought together through a love of The Smiths, Clash, Love, Phil Spector and a shared bemusement with life in their little home, they began to write songs about casual sex and casual violence, pithy odes to small-town syndrome rapscallions who’ve probably spilt more than you’ll ever drink. Oh, and the fact that bands don’t tend to bother writing good lyrics any more, right ?

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New Adventures

There are two bands with the name "New Adventures". They are placed here in "number of plays" order; with the most popular artist first. 1. The British band - "New Adventures" - circa 2007
Friends since university, the four boys had been playing music for as long as they care to remember; as Nick puts it, "It was always the plan". Jez discovered he could handle the responsibility of the microphone when he invaded someone else's performance "and for some reason wasn't kicked off stage" and the need for a singer helped him grow into the responsibility.

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Separate Silhouette

Separate Silhouette began writing and performing music in 2007 and have developed a unique sound over the past few years. Their story so far includes an ever increasing song book of high quality numbers that invoke the high points of the past 50 years of British pop and rock. A good ear and high quality control have ensured that gig after gig, the band have been improving and writing even more infectious melodies.

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