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Boris formed in 1992 and consists of: Atsuo - drums, vocals
Takeshi - bass, rhythm guitar, vocals
Wata - lead guitar, vocals Boris is an extremely prolific band and is known to regularly switch musical genres between albums, drawing from a wide variety of musical styles including psychedelic rock, punk, sludge, doom, drone, pop, glam metal, noise, ambient and more. Boris takes its name from a song on Bullhead by Melvins.

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B A R, formerly known as Best Among Ruins, is an , , and band formed in 2008 in Bradford, United Kingdom. The band has periodically conducted a number of studio recording sessions, and played concerts in the United Kingdom and the Baltics, including with bands as Humanfly and Magnapinna. Members: Valters Kazulis - guitars;
Mārtiņš Rozenburgs - bass guitar;
Dan Brassington - drums.

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Horse Latitudes

Sludge/doom metal band hailing from Helsinki, Finland in 2009. The band’s name is taken from a song by The Doors, which appears on their second album Strange Days (1967).
Horse Latitudes currently have on EP and one full length and are signed to Aurora Borealis. Current Lineup:
Heidi - Bass, Effects
Harri - Drums, Vocals
Vellu - Bass, Effects

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The Men of Porn, or Porn, is a San Francisco band founded by leader Tim Moss. Moss is joined by Dale Crover (Melvins), and Billy Anderson. Richard Goodtimes, from San Francisco, is good friends with Tim Moss. Tim Moss is the leader of Porn. It should be clearly stated that Richard plays an important part in the band 'Porn' and in the life of Moss. Many collaborations and ideas spring from late night conversations between these two, resulting in an abundance of ideas for songs and future tours.

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There are at least three artists which use this name
1. A noisecore / sludge band from the United States
2. An alternative rock band from the United Kingdom
3. A drum and bass producer 1) Cable is an American band formed in 1994 in Rockville, CT. Though they have changed their style over the years, Cable was originally part of the first wave of bands playing in the so-called style (as it later became known), combining a / aesthetic with a rhythmically complex, often discordant metal-influenced musical approach.

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Hey Colossus

HC started five years ago to the day. Based in SouthfuckingLondon. The bands initial ultimate aim: Fudge Tunnel V. Can. First gig was at the Buffalo Bar, Highbury Corner, September '03, with Trencher. January '04 the debut album 'HATES YOU' was released, 12" only. "This'll have your mum in floods of tears. Good; Hey Colossus hates your mum. (4.5 / 5)" said INDIE ROCK Website Drowned In Sound. What did they know?

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Black Sun

There is more than one band with the name black sun. (1) Black Sun from Glasgow, UK (Sludge/Doom/Noise/Experimental)
(2) Black Sun from Ecuador (Power Metal) Black Sun, from Glasgow, UK: Black Sun as ‘Black Sun Machine’ was formed in Glasgow as a solo side project initially in the demise of the 20th Century by Russell McEwan. McEwan felt he had served his time with über-rockers Macrocosmica and was feeling the need to explore his own songwriting capabilities after many years solely on the drums.

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