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The Butchers (Manchester)

The Butchers are a 4 piece band from Manchester (UK). After a five year break from the gigging scene they reformed in 2008 to work on new material. The result of this is a powerful mix of raw punky searing guitar/synths driven by uncompromising heavy bass and drums. With the sometimes obscure, but always evocative lyrics provided by Bob Clowrey, this band are anything but your typical northern band.

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Olivia Anna Livki

Olivia Anna Livki was born in 1984 in Poland - behind the Iron Curtain, where the streets, buildings and birds were grey and brown and the coloured stuff had be bought with dollars in shops called “Pewex. Her Polish mum and German dad had met in Jordan (where their jobs had brought them) so English became her second mother tongue and the Arab Emirates soon her second home and happiest childhood memories.

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The Wild Flowers

Hailing from Wolverhampton, England, the Wild Flowers were chiefly inspired by New York punk rock, especially Television and the Ramones. The band's original membership included guitarist/vocalist Neil Cook, guitarist Dave Newton, bassist Mark Alexander, and drummer Dave Fisher, and this lineup recorded an LP titled The Joy of It All for the small Reflex label in 1984. Newton left soon afterwards to form the Mighty Lemon Drops, and it took the Wild Flowers two years to regain their footing.

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There are at least 2 artists with the name Elliot: 1. An american rock band
2. An experimental hip-hop producer Elliot is a five-piece rock band from the Pacific Northwest playing energetic, acoustic and melodic rock with a heart for social justice. With smooth, pop-influenced vocals, wide open electric guitars, rhythm pianos and soaring harmonies, Elliot's sound is modern and tasteful. Michael Summers, Casey Parnell, Corey Parnell and Nathan Walker were the founding members of what would later become Elliot.

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Pop Group

The Pop Group was a post-punk band from Bristol, England. An alternative sound with punk roots, bass lines picked up from dub and beyond - beautiful noise. The band originated in 1977, and in 1978 gained the full lineup of Mark Stewart (lyrics, vocals), John Waddington (guitar), Gareth Sager (guitar), Bruce Smith (drums, percussion) and Simon Underwood (bass). Dan Catsis took over bass after the first album.

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Twisted Wheel

Twisted Wheel was formed in February 2007 by two former members of The Children, guitarist and singer Jonny Brown and bassist Rick Lees. Brown and Lees were joined by drummer Adam Clarke. The band took their name from Manchester's northern soul nightclub, the Twisted Wheel, having been inspired by Oasis naming themselves after a Swindon music venue. A week later, they played their first gig at Manchester's Late Rooms.

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