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What happens when you put a bunch of bloodthirsty, music-loving goblins together? Well, a lot of disembowelment, but also a lot of catchy tunes. Formed six millennia ago, and practicing only every other leap year on a full moon, the band has perfected their brand of crushing . On a cold, dreary winter night in July of 2006, Nicholas Von Doom and Tim were in the woods engaging in general tomfoolery when they stumbled upon a mysterious cardboard box with their names crudely inscribed with a Sharpie® Permanent Marker.

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Gloria Morti

The story so far... The history of the band began in January 1999 in Heinola, Finland, as a 4-piece Thrash Metal band. Since then the line-up has changed dramatically, leaving only two of the original members within the group and expanding into a group of five members. Along with the line-up, the style of music has gone through a remarkable evolution, turning into a crossbreed of numerous musical genres, probably best described as melodic extreme metal, as the band's material manages to fall between genres, not really belonging to any already existing genre.

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Craft, formed in 1994, is a raw black metal band from Dalecarlia, Sweden. Their lyrical theme engulfs issues such as destruction, death and evil. Currently they are on the Carnal Records label. The band was known as Nocta until 1998. They recorded a demo in 1997, but it wasn't released. Current Line-up:
Joakim - Guitar
John Doe - Guitar (ex-Shining, Twin Earth)
Alex (Phil A. Cirone) - Bass (ex-Shining)
Mikael Nox - Vocals
Dirge Rep - Drums Discography:
Total Eclipse : Demo, 1999
Total Soul Rape : Full-length, 2000

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Sentenced was a Finnish band, formed in 1989 and disbanded in 2005. Sentenced was originally formed in 1989 in the town of Muhos, Finland as a band. The band produced their first album "Shadows Of The Past" in 1991 with singer/guitarist Miika Tenkula. The next two albums "North From Here" and "Amok" and the following EP "Love & Death" had bassist Taneli Jarva as singer, but in 1995 Taneli decided to take a few years off to rest before starting a new band, The Black League. Sentenced recruited Ville Laihiala in 1996 and put out the album "Down".

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Gorgoroth, meaning "land of great despair", is a black metal band, named after the dark plains of Mordor in J.R.R.Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Led by guitarist Infernus (a.k.a. Roger Tiegs), it emerged in 1992 as a trio including vocalist Hat (‘Hate’ in Norwegian) and drummer Goat Pervertor. The band, based in Hyllestad, debuted on April 28th 1993 with a demo, entitled 'A Sorcery Written In Blood', featuring two tracks ‘Sexual Bloodgargling' and ‘(Under) The Pagan Megalith' preceded by the intro 'Gathered At Blåkulla', actually a minute plus of incoherent screaming.

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Scutum Crux

Scutum Crux was founded in 2003 by Demiurge (Sturmtiger, Necrosadistic Goat Torture) and led as a studio project when several songs, filled with an influenced power and reason, have been written, mixed and recorded.
The first promo material has been released, containing 3 of these songs. A proper band was established in 2011, after another damned soul have joined, Svarth (Actum Nocturnum, Death In Veins) who injected even more energy into the entire project.

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Witching Hour

There is more than one artist with this name. 1) Witching Hour (UK) formed in 1991 with Trevor Barnes on guitar and vocals, Alys Sterling on bass and D.B. on keyboards. D.B. was later replaced by Al Winton. When Al left the band, Ash took over on keyboards, aided by the lovely Morticia, who appears on keyboards in the video for "Slave to the Night". Since Ash's return to his home planet, the band have performed as a two-piece.

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