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At first, there was nothing but these memories of a cold and grey urbanism. It is meanwhile walking down the streets of Kemper, France, that netra was first thought of, back in 2003. Nothing else could convey these horrible feelings, this underlying depression and boredom of city life. Seven years and two demos later, netra raises the interest of Nick Skog, owner of the canadian label Hypnotic Dirge Records...

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There are at least 5 artists/bands named Ouroboros: 1) A technical death-thrash metal band from Australia (who changed their name from 'DRED' in 2008)
2) A brutal death metal band from France
3) A dark-esoteric-ambient act from Italy
4) A black metal band from Canada
4) A doom metal band from Pittsburgh, PA

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Sepulchre is a black metal / crust punk / death metal band from Toronto, Canada , formed 2008, and includes current / former members of (Megiddo) and (Legion 666). Taking influence from such bands as Hellhammer, Amebix, Bathory, Deviated Instinct, Axegrinder, Sacrilege, Hellbastard, Antisect, and Onslaught, Sepulchre brews up a vintage mixture of metallic savagery and brittle crust, boarding the informal 'stenchcore' genre. Official Website:

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There are multiple artists that go by the name TOR. (1) Tor was raised in a small mountain town on Canada's west coast where he started experimenting with music production as a teenager. He further honed his skills while living in Australia, running a small recording studio and remixing some prominent Australian producers. He later produced the Sufjan Stevens hip hop mashup album 'Illinoize', which garnered a lot of critical and audience acclaim.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Vesper is a black metal project hardly influenced by thrash metal and rock and roll, born in Rome, Italy, in the beginning of 2008. No cult, no paganism, no stress; only fucking drink and rock and roll attitude.
2) VESPER was created out of the musical merging of Saratoga Springs natives and singer / songwriters Aaron Lewis and Katie Cooper. In VESPER Lewis and Cooper seek to blend and augment both of their personal and distinct songwriting styles, as well as to explore new artistic ground by incorporating a variety of eclectic influences.

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There are at least 12 bands by this name. 1) Mid 90's Black Metal project of the members of Swedish death metal outfit Hypocrisy. They released two albums: "The Other Side" (1994) and "Summon The Beast" (1996). The correct tag is The Abyss. 2) A French death metal Band formed in 2005 in France, signed to Realize Records (Korea) in Busan Korea , who released the Against the Sea E.P. in 2009 LINK:
Album page: Realize Records Sampler (VOL 1)
Label page: Realize Records (Korea)

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There are three artists named Woe. The first is a Black Metal band from New Jersey, USA, formed in 2007. The second is a noise / punk / jazz band who formed in 2000 in Southend-on-Sea, UK and split in 2004. Woe (US): Woe was created in early 2007 to create potent black metal. Originally intended as nothing more than a casual experiment, it quickly changed from bedroom black metal project to the primary musical force in its creators life.

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