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Melodic Death Metal

State Of East London

State Of East London are a 5 piece all round metal band from the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, formed in 2007. They have released a 6 track EP "Animasitas", and have recorded a full length album 'Repugnance' which was released 2011. Announced on the bands myspace on March 31st, Marcel (vocals) has left the band citing differences in music taste and influence. The band is not looking for a new vocalist as they already have one lined up.

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There are at least 4 bands named Arrival: 1) Russian electro-pop Band. 2) Finnish melodic black metal band. Sin. K - Vocals
Inzomniac - Guitars
Isv. Kran - Drums
Sn TwentynineA - Keyboard
Icrs2K - Guitars, Bass An Abstract Of Inertia (Full-length album) Edgerunner Records (2002)
Son of Stormbringer (7") (2001)
Icon of Worthless (Promo) (1999) 3) A seven-member group from Liverpool, England formed in the late '60s.

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Ravenface are a Heavy Metal Band from Northern England.
In early 2007, founded by James Denton (Vocals) and then being joined by Dom Rodriguez (Drums) and Billy Dowdall (Bass), Ravenface was formed.
After getting a loyal following in their region, they expanded to gigs throughout the UK. The summer of 2007 saw the release of the first Ravenface EP 'Isolation'. In late 2008, the band recruited William "Rod" Collins who went on to play lead guitar in 2009 with Jack Ormound-Prout joining the band on rhythm guitar and completing the line up to present day.

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In Ruins

1. Black/Death/Doom Metal band from Philadelphia, PA, USA 2. Hardcore / Metalcore band from London, United Kingdom 1.
Formed in 1994 in Philadelphia, PA, USA
Members are:
J. Michael - vocals / guitars
Jason - bass
Sean James - drums Originally formed as a solo project, In Ruins was created by vocalist/guitarist J. Michael. Frustrated with the direction of the group he was fronting at the time, the idea behind In Ruins was to create a band with a dark atmosphere that placed an emphasis on music and songwriting rather than image and posing.

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There are at least three artists by this name:
1) A / / band from England.
2) An old school band from Sweden.
3) A band from Italy. 1) The British Sacrilege was a female-fronted metal band from the Midlands region of England. Despite having played relatively few gigs during their existence, Sacrilege is today recognised as an important band...

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Threat Signal

Threat Signal arose from the filthy, industrialized east end of Hamilton, ON Canada, in late 2003. A detuned, syncopated, melodic metal machine, Threat Signal combines the complexity of Bay Area and European thrash, with a more contemporary groove metal sound involving technical rhythms, and musical passages. Before the band had played a single live show, their home recordings generated significant interest online.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Daath (a common misspelling of DÅÅTH, formerly known as Dirtnap or Dirt Nap) is a six-piece metal band from Atlanta, Georgia. They incorporate many different styles of music such as thrash metal, black metal and death metal among others. Their work is heavily influenced by Da'at and Kabbalah. DÅÅTH, however, does not identify a direct religious affiliation in its music.

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myGRAIN is a melodic death metal band from Helsinki, Finland. They are currently signed to Spinefarm Records. They have released three studio albums. myGRAIN saw daylight in the summer of 2004, as Tommy (vocals), Resistor (guitar) and Matthew (guitar) were standing in the ruins of their former band, New Science Band. The guys had been playing together since 1999 and their collaboration still worked well, so they decided to start a new band with this lineup.

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The Wake

There have been at least 3 bands called The Wake, including a Scottish post-punk band, an American goth band and a Finnish death metal band. 1. The Wake were a Scottish post punk and later indie pop band, founded in Glasgow in 1981 by Gerard “Caesar” McInulty (formerly of Altered Images), Steven Allen and Joe Donnelly, who was later replaced by Bobby Gillespie. Steven’s sister Carolyn Allen soon joined, and remained in the band until its end.

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Heaven Shall Burn

Heaven Shall Burn was formed in autumn 1996, under the name 'Consense'. With the recording of their second demo in early 1997 the band changed their name to 'Heaven Shall Burn'. The name is taken from a Marduk album titled "Heaven Shall Burn... When We Are Gathered". In an interview with the band at, the band said: "It’s not that we’re huge Marduk fans, but we liked the name. It sounds a bit provoking and so people ask us again and again for the meaning behind our name. It has been like that since the very beginning.

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