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Melodic Death Metal

Walls of Jericho

Hailing from Detroit, Walls of Jericho released their highly anticipated 4th CD for Trustkill Records on July 29, 2008. Produced by Ben Schigel (Chimaira/Ringworm), The American Dream follows the mesh of metallic venom and concrete fury of hardcore/punk that the band is known for, 12 solid tracks of highly anticipated hard beating poetic thunder people have come to expect from the band. “Working on the new CD ended up being a really wonderful experience. We worked really well together, collaborated better than ever, and had a great time.

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Double Dragon

There are two artists with the name Double Dragon. Double Dragon is an electro group hailing from France. They have provided the scores for both the horror films Last Caress (2012) & Blackaria (2009). Double Dragon is a metal band from South Australia.
Forming in 2002 in Adelaide, South Australia, Double Dragon have seen a handful of line-up changes, which has helped to define the Double Dragon sound today. They have supported such bands as Slayer, Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, The Black Dahlia Murder, Cephalic Carnage, and Mastodon, Soilwork, The Haunted, Carcass, to name a few.

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Baptized In Blood

Forming in the later months of 2004, Baptized In Blood have been blazing a trail ever since. Influenced by everything from Gothenburg to glam—as long as it's distorted—this London, Ontario-based five-piece runs the metallic gamut, creating a sound that is technically-inspired yet groove oriented and anthemnic in the same throw. Baptized In Blood are keepers of a sonic singularity that has established them as one of modern metal's most forthright, furious and frenetic heavy music bands to date...

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Times Of Grace

Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz and former KsE vocalist Jesse Leach are reuniting for a brand new band, Times Of Grace. Their stunning debut album ‘The Hymn of A Broken Man’ is set for release via Roadrunner Records on November 8. (delayed til Jan 18, 2011) The multi-talented Dutkiewicz plays all the instruments on the record and contributes backing (and occasional lead) vocals as well as handling all production duties.

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Southern Highlands, New South Wales, Australia.
Norse formed in 2005 with accumulated members from previous Australian metal acts Celestial and Blackthorn, their first release was a 4 track EP Titled 'The Unrelenting' combing many elements of extreme music, from within the extreme metal world.
Over the past 5 years, Norse have experimented with many scales and modes to achieve a very unique musical composition style, Combining Intense speed and well contsructed melodies whilst never diverting from their atmospheric tonal centre.

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Rise of My Empire

Rise Of My Empire was formed in late 2008 at Aston University, Birmingham, England. Initially formed by Adam and Roman the group needed to furthur the lineup and thus added vocalist Richard. After a pleathora of drummers and bassists the group finally settled with first year drummer Will and first year bassist Antoni. Now with an energy and passion for music and a drive to succeed the band are looking for new possiblities.

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Upon A Burning Body

Upon A Burning Body was started by accident "A Side project gone wrong." These San Antonio, Texas natives mix brutal breakdowns with catchy two steps and heavy blast beats. After changing many members over time, they finally found a concrete line up. They have managed to dominate the Texas metal scene, and earned themselves a signing to the Sumerian Records family. They are known for their intensely brutal and fast sections combined with breakdowns and gang chants to match and top the best in the game. They have also become known for powerful and violent live shows.

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Scar Symmetry

Scar Symmetry is a melodic death metal band from Avesta, Sweden formed in 2004. In addition to the typical melodic death metal aesthetics (numerous melodies and harmonies in the guitars, growling vocals, etc.), they incorporate synthesised sounds into their music. Their lyrics are themed towards astronomy, philosophy, mysticism and inner struggles. The band's third album "Holographic Universe" was released on June 20, 2008.

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Sonic Syndicate

Sonic Syndicate is a six-piece melodic death metal/metalcore band from Falkenberg, Sweden who have strong influences from Swedish bands such as In Flames and Soilwork. Originally formed in 2002 under the name Fallen Angels, by Richard, Roger and Robin Sjunnesson they recorded three demos, Fall from Heaven, Black Lotus and Extinction. In 2005 they changed their name to Sonic Syndicate, signed with Pivotal Rockordings, and recorded their debut studio album, Eden Fire.

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