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Hossein Alizadeh & Djivan Gasparyan

Djivan Gasparyan, born 1928 in Solag, plays the duduk, an Armenian double reed woodwind instrument related to the oboe. Djivan Gasparyan is widely known as the "Master" of Duduk. For "Endless Vision," he collaborated with Hossein Alizadeh, a distinguished Iranian composer, Radif-preserver, researcher, teacher, and excellent tar and setar instrumentalist and improvisor, dubbed by many as an Ostad (Master) of Persian music. Endless Vision
Genres : Persian world
Released : 2005 | Label : World Village | Length : 1h00' 28''

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Dublin City Workingman's Band

Dublin City Workingman's Band born kicking and screaming dragged into the drink fuelled world of ballad driven Trad sticking a large middle finger up to the vapid manufactured advertisement driven live music scene jumping from faster jig to faster ballad you can feel the salty brine pouring over your head when they're singing South Australia or maybe its Ciaran's perspiration or maybe its his bodhr

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Shaskeen is a traditional Irish band formed in London in 1970 by Tom Cussen who plays banjo and mandolin. They recorded their first album in 1974 and quickly followed it with albums in 1975, 1976 and 1978. By 2008 they released Walking up Town as their 15th album.

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James Kelly

There is more than one artist with this name. James Kelly, a native of Ireland, is one of the greatest Irish traditional fiddlers alive today. He learned his music from his father John Kelly, the renowned fiddle and concertina player from County Clare. After years of careful study and practice, James began his recording and touring career at age sixteen. That year he won first place in the prestigious "Fiddler of the Year" competition and recorded his first album, a duet with his brother John.

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Jo Philby

Jo grew up in the south of England and ever since she can remember she heard folk music around her. She was encouraged to play music at school and went on to play classical flute. For many years her family holiday was spent at 'Sidmouth Folk Festival', so she was exposed to varied folk music at a young age. It wasn't until her late twenties that she developed a love for traditional Irish music after meeting Roger and friends, Sara and Les Daniels. Through this meeting Jo was encouraged to sing. Tags: 
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