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Decadence in Berlin

Robert was born first. Then Graham, by an entirely unconnected chain of events. Afterwards, Lucy was born by the same parents as Robert. Everything else is mostly unimportant. In February 2009 the band recorded their first EP, "Setbacks", with Ben Millington of Ever The Joker on production duties. Robert also performs under the name Pygmy King.
Graham also performs under the name Hey Nostradamus!, and has previously played in Lost Property Dept. and drivingblind.
Collectively, Graham and Robert have performed together as Trenchfoot (Mindlube).

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Polly is a French songwriter and singer, known as Daughters Of Albion's guitarist and singer. She has released two cover albums.
Karolis - vocals |
Edit - back vocals |
Marius - guitar |
Tomas - bass guitar |
Justas - drums |
Rimas - management | 3) Polly is also Finnish DJ. 4) Another Polly is the Slovenian hip hop/rap artist, one of the few women in the genre (MySpace).

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Lisa Hannigan

Lisa Hannigan (born February 12th 1981 in Dunshaughlin, County Meath, Ireland) is an irish singer-songwriter who is best known as the female voice from Damien Rice's best selling breakthrough albums "O" and "9". Lisa also appears on backing vocals on Mic Christopher's album "Skylarking", as well as the soundtrack to "Goldfish Memory" A stunning vocalist, Lisa regularly performs live with Damien.

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Dylan Leblanc

Dylan LeBlanc (born 1990 in Shreveport, Louisiana) is an American singer-songwriter. LeBlanc grew up hanging out amongst the session musicians at Fame Studios. By age 7, LeBlanc was already learning how to play a Picking style on the guitar and began writing his own songs when his father bought him a guitar for his 11th birthday. When he turned 15 he began to hone his songwriting by playing live whenever he could, often traveling hundreds of miles on his own to play to just a handful of people. Tags: 
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Lior Attar (born 1976) is an Israeli, independent Australian singer-songwriter based in Sydney. A talented guitarist and vocalist, his sound is defined by the combination of a contemporary roots sound with many Israeli/Middle Eastern and Jewish influences. In early 2005, Lior released his debut album, "Autumn Flow". The album was nominated for three ARIA Awards: Best Breakthrough Artist, Best Male Artist, and Best Independent Release, the album was also nominated for the J Award, presented by youth radio station Triple J for the "Australian Album of the Year" .

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Patty Griffin

Patty Griffin, born Patricia Jean Griffin, March 16th, 1964 in Old Town, Maine, is an American singer. She brought out her debut album Living With Ghosts--a set of demos featuring only Ms. Griffin and her guitar--to critical acclaim in 1996. Her sophomore album, Flaming Red, demonstrated a more rocking, full-band sound. The ill-fated Silver Bell album was never released by her record label, however, and the label terminated her recording contract shortly after that. Many of the songs from Silver Bell were re-recorded for subsequent albums.

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Ed Harcourt

Ed Harcourt, born on August 14, 1977, is a British singer-songwriter from Lewes, East Sussex who has so far released four critically acclaimed albums and has a relatively small but very enthusiastic fanbase. His first instrument is the piano, but he also uses several less common keyboard instruments as well as the guitar. Live he is accompanied by a band typically comprising a drummer, guitarist, violinist and trumpeter. His work is sometimes reminiscent of Tom Waits but still entirely his own, varied and passionate style.

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Singer Songwriter
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Jack McKeever

Once upon a time,outsiders flocked to NY's East Village to forge new
directions in music. This was a time when no one would associate Avril
Lavigne with punk or DYI alternative music with any formula. This time
has mostly passed away except for the modern masters, who still follow
their own artistic muse with complete disregard for the values of the
market place.These highly developed voices still forge their music with
no allegiance outside of the the voice of their muse.
Jack McKeever is one of these entities. Sophisticated, deeply connected

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Emiliana Torrini

Emilíana Torrini Davíðsdóttir. Born 16 May 1977 in Kópavogur, Iceland. Singer-songwriter Emilíana, best known for her international debut album, Love in the Time of Science - a glossy trip-hop affair in collaboration with Tears for Fears' Roland Orzabal. In collaboration with Dan Carey, her second major album release, Fisherman's Woman, signified a major departure from her earlier electronic roots to an acoustic-folk sound; applying the ethereal beauty of her voice in a much more intimate setting akin to fellow countrymen múm's recent endeavours, and folk-royalty Nick Drake.

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As 2008 opens up, Aussie female singer-songwriter Kitto struts the stage barefoot, belting out intense songs developed during a career that’s seen her touring 33 countries around the world. She’s wielded her guitar on stages from Tasmania to the North Pole and shared the bill with acts as diverse as Megadeath, Wilson Picket and Jacque Higgins. She joined Eskobar and Dionne Warwick on the Swedish TV gala ‘Abba The Tribute’ in 2004...

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