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Cask Thomson

Cask Thomson is a UK born musician who is best known for his session work with multiple Australian artists such as Operator Please, Hillsong United, Stan Walker and his upcoming project " CURSED/LEGΛCY ". He currently runs a political affairs website. Thomson received little success with his self-titled debut due to "dissatisfaction with the result" and was terminated from his record contract after criticizing the label for their persistent attempts to make him "radio friendly"

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Jim O'Rourke

American indie rock and avant-garde musician, composer and producer Jim O'Rourke has been a key component in the increasing overlap of the American and European music , working in everything from and to and and building many a bridge in between. A Chicago native, his work has found equal luck with experimental jazz and fanatics, room denizens, and bedroom experimentalists, and has had the resultant effect of cross-pollinating many otherwise isolated compositional communities.

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Thanos Grigoriou

Thanos Grigoriou (born Athanasios G. Grigoriou), was born in Larissa, Greece on March 10th, 1986 and is a founding member to the band Phase The legitimate fosterling of some rock n' roll stars, Thanos Grigoriou is travelling the wor(l)d, whenever his beloved band-mates are busy taking care of their other commitments, spreading the message “Phase” is bearing, as well as his unique perception on how art should be, narrating the impressions of his trips, mental and actual, as he's also sharing the content of the musical discussions he's been having with the rest in Phase...

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Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts is an American / band founded in Columbus, Ohio. Since its inception, Rascal Flatts has been composed of three members: Gary Levox (lead vocals), Jay Demarcus (bass guitar, keyboards, vocals), and Joe Don Rooney (lead guitar, vocals). DeMarcus and LeVox are also second cousins. Rascal Flatts has released six studio albums and a greatest hits album, all on Lyric Street Records.

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Brokenflower is the new name for Thom Lyons Band. The band consists of Thom Lyons (Vocals and Guitar, Thomas Quillfeldt (Bass and vocals), Oli Felton (Guitar and Vocals), Andrew Shannon (Drums)
& Emily Rice (Cello) As Thom Lyons Band they released 2 EP's; "Make It Up As We Go" and "This Is How It Goes". Both are set to be rereleased as a compilation under the new name "9 Songs", and a new record will be released later in the year.

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The Deadly Syndrome

The four members of The Deadly Syndrome are Chris Richard, William Etling, Mike Hughes, and Jesse Hoy. The first time I met Mike from The Deadly Syndrome, he was throwing up on my couch. He had been out drinking the night before with Will, tore the head off a paper mache dummy, wrestled it across a stranger’s front lawn and then stumbled up to my house (I was living with Will and Jesse, and soon Chris would move into the garage) where he puked all over everything and passed out.

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Hank Green

Hank Green (May 5, 1980) is one of the two founders of the video blog project Brotherhood 2.0 that inspired the community of cool nerds known as Nerdfighters. Hank wrote many of his songs for his Brotherhood 2.0 videos. He and Alan Lastufka co-own DFTBA Records, a label that signs successful YouTube-based musicians. Both Hank and John Green continue to make videos and their joint YouTube account can be found at Hank's music can be found at

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Zakk Wylde

Jeffery Phillip Wiedlandt (Born January 14, 1967 in Bayonne, New Jersey), better known as Zakk Wylde, was the lead guitarist in Ozzy Osbourne's band and has also found success playing lead guitar in his own band, Black Label Society, who have been a part of the Ozzfest tour many times, having guitarist Nick Catanese on the rhythm section. Zakk has been voted "Most Valuable Player" for three successive years in the "Guitar World" (US) magazine polls.

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