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Light Syndicate

Light Syndicate are one of the most musically creative young bands to emerge from Manchester in a long time. Choosing to be outside of any current scene or trend, Light Syndicate stand out from the crowd. Coming from an indie background light syndicate have spent two years locked away in an old mill somewhere in Manchester progressing and moulding their music to create a genre defying sound. An impressive culmination of contrasting dynamics...

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Sleep Parade

Sleep Parade are a band from Melbourne, Victoria that formed in 2004. With the release of 'Things Can Always Change' Sleep Parade have evolved into a heavyweight contender on the Australian prog-rock scene. A Flawless, world-class album".
Nick Snelling Beat Melbourne three-piece Sleep Parade's debut album Things Can Always Change was released in April 2008 through Shock Records. The bands plans include spending the rest of this year and through till the end of summer touring the album and playing to crowds Australia wide.

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From Great Height

From Great Height are a four-piece band hailing from Enfield, North London. Formed In the summer of 2007 with the goal to create a distinctive, yet familiar style of rock music. Drawing influence from the heavier, more progressive bands of the 70's, the epic synth sounds from the early 80s and contemporary songwriting styles. The results are a dynamic and melodic sound. Contact us: Follow us on twitter:

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Indica ritual

Indica Ritual are a five piece band from liverpool who make intricate and progressive pop music. Their style encompasses elements of avant/math rock and synth pop resulting in a brightly coloured and hyper-active vision of pop music Their first release was an ep, "Four blockheads go pop", at the beginning of 2006, with a single, "Tradeshow / Looking for Derek" in october 2007, both self-released. Last year saw Indica Ritual take to the stage with everyone from 2manydjs to Ponytail. An album is slated to appear in summer 2009.

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There is more than one band with the name Geist: 1.) Geist, (
2.) Geïst, from Germany (
3.) Geist, an / project from Alsace in France:
4.) Geist, (
5.) Geist, The group's music features percussion, harp and Chapman Stick.
6.) Geist, from Israel (

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