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This is a double sharing last.fm page for both artists. 1) MIKE is a punk rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. Joel Edegran - Guitar
Jesper Kassling - Vocals / Guitar
Christopher Wesslen - Drums
Georgios Karvelas - Bass MIKE started in January 2006 by Joel, Fredrik, Viktor and Jesper. The four guys from the southern part of Stockholm/Sweden had all played in different bands for years. Back in 1996 Viktor started a band called No Division with a friend. Jesper joined the band in 2000 (then called Pronoid), where they both played for five years.

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Teenage Bottlerocket

Teenage Bottlerocket is a pop-punk band from Laramie, Wyoming, formed in 2001. The band was formed by twin brothers Ray and Brandon Carlisle after their previous band Homeless Wonders broke up in 2000, and is completed by Kody Templeman and Miguel Chen. The band's music is heavily influenced by Kody's other band, The Lillingtons. The band released their debut EP A Bomb on a Laramie communal label, One Legged Pup, in 2002 and soon after on October 31st 2003 the band released their first album, Another Way, on vinyl only through that same label.

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Greenroom were a punk rock band from Oxnard, California that formed around the year 2001, released their only album Starting Over and disbanded in 2002. Their line-up consisted of Richard Galiguis on guitar, Jordan Sweeney as drummer, Allen Herme on vocals, Jeremy Dempsy as rhythm guitarist and Aaron Ayala as bassist. Members went on to be a part of several other bands including Sky Walker. http://www.myspace.com/greenroomoxnard

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This tag relates to three artists, the Welsh pop-punk band, a Chilean pop singer of the same name, and a Pittsburgh folk rock/rock n' roll band. 1.- Douglas had a knack for writing songs with hooks that could land whales whilst retaining a hardcore sentiment coupled with energy and emotion. Live performances were a frenetic mass of raw energy, chaos and positive belief in what they did, leading to slots on the Warped Tour and supporting Lostprophets on their 2003 UK tour. After their most successful headline tour to date, changing personal priorities lead to Douglas splitting up.

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The Outcasts

There appear to have been at least two groups called The Outcasts. For the Northern Irish punk band: Belfast, Ireland (1977 – present)
The Outcasts were formed in June 1977 in Belfast by the three Cowan brothers, Greg Cowan (vocals / bass), Martin Cowan (guitar/vocals), Colin Cowan (drums) and their friend Colin ‘Getty’ Getgoog (guitar), playing their first gig two months later. ‘You’re A Disease’ / ‘Don’t Want To Be No Adult’ / ‘Frustration’ (It, 1978) is easily the roughest sounding early Outcasts single, ‘You’re A Disease’ stands out as the best track.

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