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There is more than one artist by this name. 1. A dubstep producer from Brighton, UK. Part of Gangoon Dubz. 2. A thrash metal band form Rosemead, California, USA. Formed in 2006. Line up: Relentless Warrior (Adam) - Vocals, Bass
Morbid Reaper (Frank) - Guitar
Unholy Molester (Gio) - Drums

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The Soulless

The Soulless is a UK extreme metal band, formerly known as Ignominious Incarceration... The band explains: "The band started in the pits of hell that was Sam's basement. We were just playing heavy music and having fun. When we decided on the name Ignominious Incarceration, we never anticipated the level we would get to. Had we known, I'm sure we would have chosen a simpler name. The band started to get gigs and we started to take the band way more seriously as we discovered how much fun we could have.

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There are 3 Bands named Ichor: 1) ICHOR is a german deathmetal-band from Trier; 2) ICHOR was/is an american gothrock/industrial Band from california; 3) ICHOR is a down 'n' dirty rock 'n' roll band from Manchester, England 1)
Eric - Vocals
Alex - Guitar
Daniel - Guitar
Chris - Bassguitar
Dirk - Drums Ichor, a death metal band from Trier, Germany’s oldest city, was founded in April 2008 by members of other established local bands. It was their ambition to make pure death metal that mixes technical, melodic and modern elements.

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Gallows for Grace

Gallows For Grace is a band from Perth, Australia. Formed in early 2006, Gallows for Grace is the creation of five like minded musicians aspiring to produce a new sound. As a result, their music has evolved into an original, energetic, brutal and melodic blend of , and with an extremely dark undertone.
A blazing onslaught of technical riffery, lightning fast drumming and crushing guttural vocals, GFG's debut EP attempts to push the boundaries of by blurring the line between traditional and modern styles.

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There are two bands with the name Infinitum
1. A Technical Death Metal Band
2. An Ambient Music Band Infinitum is an Australian brutal/technical death metal band. The band formed in 2005, arising from the ashes of two of Canberra’s most prominent metal bands; Psychrist and Dehuman. After the demise of Dehuman, and Psychrist, some of the band members still shared a common desire to create music that composes of brutal death metal and technical death metal, so work began on some inital tracks.

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Kartikeya is a Blackened Death Metal Band with Indian influences (in both lyrics and instrumentation) formed in Moscow, Russia in 2004. On June 22, Kartikeya released their single "The Horrors Of Home" (featuring Keith Merrow & Aleksandra Radosavljevic) from their upcoming album titled "Samudra". Current Lineup:
Mars - Vocals
Arsafes - Guitars, Clean Vocals, Ethnic Instruments
Rinat - Guitars
Alexander - Bass
Alex Smirnov - Drums
Dmitriy - Percussion

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Melodic death metal from Poland. Band History The band was founded in 1996/1997 by Ivy - bass, Chriser - guitar and Seba - drums. In 2000, after several line-up changes the band recorded their first MCD entitled "...and the Angels Descended to Earth". Musicians who took part in the recording session were: Crow - vocals (ex-Cold Passion), Chriser - guitar, Sworn - guitar, Ivy - bass, Trichiasis (Asgaard) - synthetizers, Xen - drums.

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Pyrexia is an extreme death metal band from New York.In 2001, the entire then-current lineup teamed up with ex-Obituary guitarist Trevor Peres to form Catastrophic. After an album was recorded, Chris Basile (the one constant Pyrexia member throughout their career) left that band, and has since recruited an all-new Pyrexia lineup. A new CD, Cruelty Beyond Submission, featuring eight remastered older tunes and three brand-new ones) was released in 2004.

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