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Technical Death Metal

Mass Infection

Mass Infection is a brutal death metal band hailing from Greece(Livadia).Formed back in 2003,they released their
debut album called "Atonement for Iniquity" in 2007 by the Austrian label Black Edge Records.After some line up
changes the following second album called "The Age of Recreation" was released in 2009 by Pathologically Explicit
Recordings(Spain).This new effort delivers 9 songs of fast and aggressive blasting death metal mainly based in
the U.S. scene and bands like Hate Eternal,Origin,Unmerciful,Deeds of Flesh and Severe Torture.

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Aeon Of Horus

Aeon of Horus is a progressive/technical death metal band formed in Canberra, Australia in 2006. Their style consists of of fast and heavy technical riffs, blasting drums and powerful growls. Aeon of Horus have released one self titled demo/EP and one full length album entitled, "The Embodiment of Darkness and Light" to positive acclaim. In June 2011 the band announced a new EP entitled EXILE. The EP will feature rerecorded and reinterpreted songs from the band's 2008 release The Embodiment of Darkness and Light as well as new tracks and some remixes.

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There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Exhumer is a Brutal Death Metal / Grindcore band from Italy founded in 2004 by Marco "Furiogrind"Aromatario who had been active as a guitarist in the italian scene for years in several bands (He still plays for Corpsefucking Art among others). Their first demo "Sick Deviance" is released in 2004 and makes it onto several compilations. After a couple of lineup changes with the consistency of Marco and Fiore on guitar and vocals they record their debut album "Bloodcurdling Tool Of Digestion" in 2008 with: Alyosha Danisi (bass)...

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Gorod, formerly known as Gorgasm (not to be confused with the US death metal band) is a technical death metal band from France, formed in 1997. Initially started as a 3-piece, when it came time to record a demo in 2000, a second guitarist was added. Their debut full-length, Neurotripsicks, via Willowtip Records was released in 2001. This is extremely technical death metal at its absolute finest, with the follow up to Neurotripsicks, Gorod have number-crunching spider-fingered death metal sweepstakes with Leading Vision released in 2006 on Willowtip records.

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New Blood

Death Metal band from Wollongong, Australia.
Formed In: August 2008
Hometown Location: Wollongong, NSW, Australia
Genre: Heavy/Technical Death Metal/Grindcore Band Lineup
Stampy - Vocals
Shannon Zivkovic - Guitar
Danny King - Guitar
Ryan Caulfield - Bass
Luka Grgurevic - Drums Biography
5 Piece Death Metal band from the Wollongong, NSW, Australia. Since releasing the their debut EP 'Paradise Disintegrates' in 2008 the Death Metal

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Hadal maw

Hadal; The hadal zone (named after the Greek god, Hades, god of the Underworld), is the delineation for the deepest trenches in the ocean. Maw; the symbolic or theoretical center of a voracious hunger or appetite of any kind. Hadal Maw is a Death Metal band based in Melbourne, Australia. Two promo tracks are available for free download, however you are welcome to donate any funds at our Bandcamp page or via Paypal at as our first album will be self funded and any contributions are appreciated.

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Led Astray

Utrecht, Utrecht Province, Netherlands (2002 - 2009) Utrecht based metalband Led Astray simply plays metal the way the bandmembers themselves like to hear it: a dynamic hybrid of death and thrash and although the band is not religious, there are undercurrents of spirituality in their lyrics. Led Astray was founded in 2002 by guitarists Martijn and Rogier with the intention of creating a refreshing mix of death and thrash in which the two styles complement each other seamlessly without sounding generic or attempting to be original.

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