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The Balconies

It’s a birds and the bees sort of question… Or maybe a chicken or the egg sort of question… What came first the rosined violin strings, major falls, classical theory or the smashed guitars, split finger tips and sweaty bodies? To see the Balconies play is nothing short of grasping at science. Even when placed down neatly in a Petri dish underneath thumbs and forefingers – the DNA-code of their infectious pop hooks interweaved with classical sensibility and theory is hard to discern.

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The Dear And Departed

The Dear & Departed rise above the noise. Like a mournful violin melody cutting through a chaotic symphony, the band's dark aesthetic and esoteric approach to their mix of punk and new wave has more in common with The Cure, The Church and Sisters Of Mercy than the increasingly pedestrian sub-par offerings cluttering up the pages of the monthly music magazines. They are a fresh breath in a room filled with stagnant air.

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Quitzow is an electro-pop song-based sonic collage of bass, moog, rhodes piano, cello and violin with soaring vocals, layered harmonies and dark wit. The only member is Erica Quitzow from Hudson Valley, New York, USA. Visit her here: Live line up consist of:
Erica Quitzow: guitar, vocals, moog and korg
Gary Levitt: alternate bass and drums and vocals
Topu Lyo: cello and keys
Heidi Vanderlee: cello
Dylan Wissing: drums
Miles Kennedy: drums

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There are more than 6 bands with the name Arcadia: a British pop band, an Australian Metalcore band, an Italian industrial/thrash metal band, a Japanese power metal band , a Canadian Christian Rock band, a Latin band, a Filipino Metalcore band. 1. Arcadia was the pop group formed in 1985 by Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor of Duran Duran, during a break in that band's schedule. However, Roger Taylor appeared in only a few band photographs and in none of the music videos...

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Rafa Spunky is a spanish music producer and performer. He is well known for producing several techno/electronica spanish acts, but specially for being the backing vocals of Fangoria, in both studio albums and live concerts. He also released a couple of solo albums in english, and an album of cover songs under the name 'Popbitch featuring Spunky'. This year he released an EP entirely in spanish.

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More than one artist called Blackie: 1) Blackie real name is Peter Black and is guitarist and vocals for Aussie band Hard-Ons which are a punk rock band from Sydney that originally formed in 1981. They have been called Australia's most commercially successful independent band, with over 250,000 total record sales. In late 2010 He released his debut solo album called "Break Bread With The Mono Brows". 2) B L A C K I E german minimal synth/wave project, 1981

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There are many arists sharing the same name Da: 1.) underground post-punk/goth band from Chicago in the very early 1980s. 2.) British post-punk band 3.) a spanish pop band 4.) spanish rap group. 5.)The California Christian alternative band Daniel Amos released several albums in the 1980s under the shortened name DA. 6.)The name "da" is also used by the acoustic instrumentalist, Jacob Kimasu, who plays touhou arrangements under the alias Forest306. You can find out more about him and view his latest releases and updates at his blog: http://tohoguitar.

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New Carnival

New Carnival are a 3 piece band from the West of England who play Alternative/Indie music. They are going places - and fast. They formed at the end of 2009 and have been playing sell-out live shows ever since. They record in an attic on an ancient 8-track recorder, keeping their sound as live, clear and direct as their gigs. Music and lyrics are by singer and guitarist, Max, with Billy (bass) and Bertie (drums) completing a powerful line-up. ‘Don’t Miss now - if you want to hold your head up when they play the 02’ - Mark Rowland, CEO Indiemedia

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(a is to b)

After being a Scottish one person (Neil Morrison, The Colours Will Erase Us) project for a year (a is to b) have stepped up to being a duo with the addition of trans continental import Marta Adamowicz (MAdam, Gay and Immigrant). A now more experimental electro act, based in Glasgow. Taking inspiration from Lorn, Boards of Canada, The Knife, Crystal Castles and Aphex Twin. Ep available from Black Lantern Music Youtube

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