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To the North

We are a band from Brisbane, Australia. We have been inspired by lots and lots of different bands along the way and continue to be inspired by new bands and the ones that have been long forgotten. Please download all of our stuff: http://tothenorth.bandcamp.com/
http://tenzenmen.bandcamp.com/album/lustre Members are currently playing in
Quiet Steps, Epithets, Little Shadow, Make More and Still Rain Fell

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There are two artists named Trix: 1.A power fusion combo, the members of Trix are from Casiopea and T-Square. The four person powerhouse plays their butt off. A must hear !!
Personnel: 平井武士 (Takeshi Hirai): guitars
熊谷徳明 (Noriaki Kumagai): drums
窪田宏 (Hiroshi Kubota): keyboards
須藤満 (Mitsuru Sutoh): bass Homepage: http://homepage2.nifty.com/ost-noriaki/
2. The hottest electro-punk-mashup DJ based in Shanghai. Plays regularly at your favourite venue in Shanghai, The Shelter.

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1) This page is currently being shared by the jpop group featuring Saaya Irie, and the person in the default picture. The jpop group is the artist of the song "CHASE ME!" 2) Bill Chase was a virtuostic trumpet player who played in the Buddy Rich Big Band and later led his own jazz-rock group "Chase". He and most of his band were tragically killed in a plane crash. 3) Chase was also a Christian Metal group that put out a CD called "In Pursuit" about 1993/1994 on the label "SALT Inc Music.

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(...)It was 1992 at the Berklee School of Music, and a few high school summer session kids exploded onto the Boston jazz scene with killer chops and bottomless energy. Drawn together at the altar of funky soul, Eric Krasno, Sam Kininger, Adam Deitch, Erick Coomes, Jeff Bhasker, and Ryan Zoidis began taking over local clubs and jam nights on borrowed sound equipment. Brash and precocious, the guys always got what they needed: "Let us borrow your gear." "Let us play one more tune." "Let us crash on your couch." Thus Lettuce ("Let us...") was born, and the funky gospel found another apostle.

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Mike Stern

One of the premier guitarists of his generation, the three-time Grammy nominee was born on January 10, 1953 in Boston. After growing up in Washington D.C., he returned to Boston to study at the Berklee College of Music and got his start as a guitar player with Blood, Sweat & Tears at the age of 22. Following a stint with Billy Cobham's powerhouse fusion band from 1979-1980, Mike moved to New York City and was recruited by Miles Davis and played a key role in his celebrated comeback band of 1981 (which also included bassist Marcus Miller...

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Earth, Wind & Fire

Earth, Wind & Fire is an American band, formed in Chicago, Illinois in 1969. Led by Maurice White, they are best known for their hits of the 19, among them "After the Love Has Gone", "September," "Reasons," "Fantasy" and "Shining Star." Earth, Wind & Fire became the first black performers to headline throughout the world without an opening act, to receive Madison Square Garden's Gold Ticket Award for selling more than 100,000 tickets and to receive the Columbia Records Crystal Globe Award for selling more than five million albums in foreign markets.

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Bubu was an Argentinean progressive band that only existed during some years in the late seventies and that only released one album called Anabelas. Although recorded in 1978, the album was not released until 1983 due to censorship from the dictatorship government at that time.
Bubu´s music is very intricate and original making their style hard to categorize. While Avant garde might be the best description, it still would not be enough, as this band also takes elements from Jazz, Symphonic prog and even some Zeuhl.

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Nick Mason

Nicholas Berkeley ('Nick') Mason (born January 27, 1944 in Birmingham, England) is a musician and the drummer for Pink Floyd.. He also competed in auto racing, e.g. the 24 Hours of Le Mans. He was brought up in Hampstead, London (many online biographies mistakenly cite the street address, Downshire Hill - sometimes as "the Downshire Hills" - as a district of Birmingham) and attended Frensham Heights boarding school, Surrey.

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No Island

There are two bands called No Island: The first is an independent rock band based in Vancouver, Canada; the second is hardcore band based in Glasgow, Scotland that chose the same name 2 years later. 1. Vancouver-based No Island delivers a new brand of rock that blurs the lines between genres and generations. With carefully-crafted original songs and a unique sound complimented by keyboards and saxophone, No Island’s approach to rock is catchy, powerful, and sophisticated all at once.

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