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Deep Sleep

There are at least 3 artists called Deep Sleep: 1) 2) Deep Sleep are a hardcore/punk band from Baltimore,MD. 2) Deep Sleep are a Indie Electronica / Pop band from Portugal. 3) Deep Sleep are a Hard Rock band from the small town of Kokemäki, Finland. The biographies for each are listed below: 1) Deep Sleep are a hardcore/punk band from Baltimore, MD. They pride themselves on playing some raw, spiteful, in your face hardcore punk rock.

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The Authorities

(original name: The Defectors) Stockton
1978-1986 members: Brian Thalken, guitar
Nick Kappos (aka Big Nick Slurb), guitar, bass
Dexter (Neil Schafer), first singer (kicked out for pulling a knife on other members)
Casey Wiss, drummer
Curt Hall, vocals
Mark Bramwell, drums (also kicked out)
Tom Anderson, drums
Moe Ron (Ron Coppetti), bass
Rondo (Ron Carson), second guitar
Dave Kambestead, drums
Tony Smith, bass
Victor Johnson, drums
Jeff Carson, guitar & vocals
Chris Isaac, tried out for band but couldn't play guitar fast enough

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1. Transgression is a heavy crustcore band from Washington DC/Maryland formed in late 2008. Their lineup was finalized in April of 2009 with the addition of Alexia on bass. They play fast, heavy crust in the vein of His Hero Is Gone and Dystopia. The band consists of: Maddy Strassler: Vocals
Zack Chumley: Guitar/Vocals
Alexia: Bass
Ian Durkin: Drums www.myspace.com/transgressiondc 2. Transgression is a Old School Death Metal band from Leverkusen, Germany.

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There is more than one artist named Collapsed: 1. A melodic hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia.
2. Collapsed is trash metal band from Texas openly influenced by such bands as Trap Them, Thumbscrew, Modern Life Is War, Orchid, and American Nightmare
3. Collapsed is a five-piece metalcore band and is trashing turmoil in the Tielt Area (Belgium). Since the start in February 2005 Collapsed played mini festivals and small clubshows, in their first year Collapsed shared stages with bands such as Arkangel, Morda, Severance, Liar, Flatcat, Chimeara and The Setup.

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Family Man

There are multiple artists with this name: 1) FAMILY MAN is a hardcore punk band from Berlin/Germany. It was founded in December 2005 in order to revive a more archaic, original style of hardcore punk. With the main trend in hardcore then being "play fast or die", FAMILY MAN set out to bring a certain heavy rock feel back into the music, as bands like Black Flag and Poison Idea have done before.

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GATTACA is a DIY epic crust band from Czech republic. They've been around since 2009. Members play/ed in Lakmé, xNIDALx, Remek, Marnost, Dakhma, osawatomie or Abstinentia. Their lyrics are heavily inspired by politics, human and animal rights etc. The band often promotes veganism. Releases:
Split CD-r w/ Abstinentia (2009, self-released)
Demo CD-r (2009, self-released)
Split 12" LP w/ Clamant (2010, label cooperation)
Split 7" EP w/ Flowers for whores (2011, Damage Done Records)
Split 12" LP w/ Axidance (2012, label cooperation)

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