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real life version

Real Life Version are four guys from Slovenia, making music behing stone walls of their rehearsing room since the begining of 2005. Rising from a formerly strong local hardcore scene, they are the new generation carrying on with the same ideals, doing things D.I.Y., playing from their hearts and manifesting strong political views, fighting against apathy, ignorance and repressive hegemonic views present in todays social and political systems.

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nanas revenge

Nanas Revenge are an expeditious melodic punk four piece from the depths of Northern British county, Cumbria. But don't let this geographical conundrum fool you, the band are now dwelling in the London of the North, that is Leeds. Gigging regularly, the band are continuously building up a wealth of experience and dare one say it expert ‘gigging’.
With influences such as NOFX, Propagandhi, Thrice and Strung Out, the band have some intricate sounds going on( which they pull off, triumphantly) coupled with an eclectic use of style to create one powerful performance.

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There are at least six artists/bands named "Saboteur": 1)
Saboteur harkens back to a day in the not too distant past when lyrical intelligence and musical proficiency was not the exception in punk rock. They blend the existing facets of their other musical projects with tough guy pop punk and socio-political lyrics. The songs are loud, well crafted and instantly quotable. Influences range from Gang of Four to Rocket From the Crypt, and they're recommended if you like those bands as well as The Clash, Alkaline Trio and Queens of the Stone Age.

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