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1) Progressive rock band, 1970s, France With endless comparisons to King Crimson, Shylock remains one of the premier French symphonic bands. Other comparisons are made to Arachnoïd and Pulsar. Darkness is the key here. Their influence can be felt in such bands as Xaal, Minimum Vital, Tiemko, and Änglagård. 1977's "Gialorgues" was recorded with the primary membership consisting of drummer André Fisichella, guitarist Frédéric l'Épée (who went on to play with Philharmonie), and keyboardist Didier Lustig.

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Hello Jackie

Hello Jackie is a four piece band from Dublin - Ireland founded in 2008 by sisters Aska and Zuza. Over the years the band has created its unique experimental sound.Psychedelic backgrounds in combination with modern heavy riffs and the powerful vocals have impressed crowds across Ireland and beyond. With recent appearances in The Academy , Fibber Magees, An Cruiscin Lan , festival "Rock by Night" in Edinburgh seeing the band go from

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Tiffany Page

Tiffany started writing music at the age of 14 when she received her first guitar. Since then she has been writing songs about different periods in her life. Tiffany has been gigging around London for the last year at many different venues.
She has also recently been featured on Channel 4's 'Homemade' programme.... Check it out on the Channel 4 web site

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From Manticora official site: Hi metal fan! Thank you so much for reading this biography/history of Manticora. I guess the writing of it wasn’t in vain after all :-). I hope you’ll enjoy it. Kristian Larsen, Manticora
* Fear Itself *
Our history begins back in ´92 with Lars and I playing in a band called Fear Itself, together with three other guys. Most of the time we played soccer indoor right next to our rehearsal room (it was more fun than being serious and creating music, I guess), but we managed to pull ourselves together, in between the chaos, to play heavy metal.

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Within The Ruins

Recognizing the talent and passion of Massachusetts natives, WITHIN THE RUINS, it’s no wonder Victory Records added them to its growing roster. This quintet is armed with a unique take on blending technology and metal together to write music that sets their band apart from the numerous metal bands today. WITHIN THE RUINS have mastered their technique of bringing breakdowns, riffs, tempo and a dash of personality together in order to form one cohesive entity.

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Acolyte is the forward thinking black metal band from Manchester, formed in 2008 and soon to explode onto the national and international black metal scene, picking up the baton from now previous luminaries such as Enslaved, Vried, Emperor, Virus.... Listen to the beginnings of something special on their myspace- The name is also shared by a Greek heavy metal band and a Danish rock band.

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There are more artists called Fracture 1) A punk band in which Adam Goren (Atom and His Package) played
2) an electronic artist from Luxembourg
3) A drum + bass/dubstep artist, one half of Fracture & Neptune.
4) A post-punk/gothic rock band, active in early 80's.
5) a metal band from Norway
6) a hip hop duo (Sepalot & Frank Nitty)
7) a metal band from Mainz, Germany (1982 - 2007) About 1)
Fracture was a Philadelphia-based punk band active in the mid-90's About 5)
Fracture plays Metal with melodic composed vocals and lead melodies, on a bed of rough and hard edged accompaniment.

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From Death Till Rebirth

Formed In: August 2010 - Present
Location: Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Genre: Progressive Metal/Death Metal/Math Metal Band Lineup:
Stuart Robertson - Vocals
Kyle Thompson - Drums, Percussion
Scuz - Guitars
Sancho Gobsickle - Bass
Padraig O'Brien - Guitars Biography
A five-piece progressive metal band from Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

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