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There is more than one artist with this name. 1) Callisto is a Finnish experimental metal band (Turku, Finland 2001-present). Trying to fit the post-metal outfit Callisto into one single category hardly does the band justice. Founded in 2001, the sextet play a timeless, downbeat yet melancholic style of music that is rich in nuances, draws from numerous sources and doesn't really have any obvious fellow creatures or points of comparisons.

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Treasure The Moment

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Founded: September 2012
Location: Northwest England
Genre: Progressive Metalcore | Djent | Groove
Bookings | Contact: Joshua Daniel Price: Band
Callin McLinden >> Vocals
Casey Ramsden >> Guitar
Nick Midmore >> Drums
Danny Woodhouse >> Bass About
Treasure The Moment begun in September of 2012. Since then we have constantly evolved our sound to bring a groovy, heavy and technical twist to the scene.

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In early 2008, a musical experiment was put in motion between friends and acquaintances. The idea was to put together four musicians from diverse musical backgrounds and see what could happen. Within a few months, Jurojin was born. Featuring a rock singer, a classical Indian tabla player, a jazz bassist, and a metal guitar player, this unlikely combination has been gathering attention and critical acclaim since their live debut in June of 2008 at London’s Borderline club.

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My Riot

My Riot is a polish band formed in 2009 as a colaboration between Glaca (leader of band Sweet Noise) and breakbeat producer from Sopot, hiding behind the nick Hacker. After two years of cooperation, My Riot issued the first album. Glaca in the new project use all his experiences gained during stay in Los Angeles, where worked inter alia with Toshi Kasai (producer of Melvins, Fripp, Adam Jones) and Steve Duda (producer and programist co-working with Nine Inch Nails, Tom Lee and deadmau5)

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There are eight artists by the name of Vex. 1) Vex hailed from South East London / north west kent area and formed in the very early eighties, the 'Sanctuary' 12" and 'It's no crime' on the Mortarhate compalation 'Who?What?Why?When?Where?' were their only releases.
Sanctuary was issued on Fight Back, a sublabel of Mortarhate, run by the people of Conflict. Vex also played gigs with Conflict, so they were more associated with the anarchist punk scene than the Batcave fair. But contrary to most anarcho-punk bands from that time, they were not influenced by CRASS or Conflict.

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Moonsorrow is a band formed in Helsinki, Finland, in 1995. Musically, the band incorporates elements of and in their sound. The band call their sound "" and try to distance themselves from the term "". The group's earliest formation consisted of cousins Ville Sorvali (vocals and bass) and Henri Sorvali (guitar and keyboards; also keyboards for Finntroll, Barathrum, and session member of Ensiferum) who released various demos that were much more characteristic of than future releases.

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To The Wind

Emerging from Seattle, Washington in 2008, To The Wind is a Melodic Metalcore/Hardcore band bringing energy & passion to any stage they can land their feet on. They have self re-released two EP's; one of them, "No More Than This" was re-released by Pure Noise Records. Recently, they came out with their debut full length, "Empty Eyes" which was released on May 7th, 2013.

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Thingvellir was formed fall, 2005, by Freyr Flodgren. They haven't recorded any albums or singles yet. In spring 07, the drummer and the singer left the band.
The remaining members recruited a keyboardist, a new bassplayer, a new leadguitarist and the former vocalist/leadguitarist grabbed the microphone with both hands. A new Thingvellir saw the first daylight.

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