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Chimp Spanner

Worldjent Like Chimp Spanner is a solo progressive/ambient metal project from Essex, UK. All composition, instrumentation, recording and production is done by Paul Ortiz, a 25 year old multi-instrumentalist (but primarily a 7 and 8 string guitarist). He currently has two 'home pressed' CDs available, "Imperium Vorago" (2005), and the recent album "At the Dream's Edge" which was released on the 8th December 2009. More info:

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Progressive metal band formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1994. So far they have released four full-length albums, an EP and a demo. Discography:
Edge of Existence, full-length, 1996
Dawn... A New Beginning, EP, 1999
Promo, demo, 2003
9 Elements of Inner Vision, full-length, 2004
A World Full of Grey, full-length, 2007
The Unseen, full-length, 2008

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About Dordeduh To start understanding the essence of the band is to first delineate the two Romanian words that its name is composed of: “dor” and “duh”. Having a deep, unique meaning in Romanian, “dor” is thought to be untranslatable in any other language using only one word, its sense being of “longing/yearning for something”, “missing something”. It can be something palpable, well-known and familiar (a place, a person, a taste) but it can also be a nostalgic feeling brought up by something vaguely known, dwelling in an old chamber of one’s soul.

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Sacred Legacy

The Band Sacred Legacy was formed in the early 2006 with Shahyd as the key person of the band, After the performance in His 1st band “Syn” in the early 2004 he started his own Guitar solo career. After quitting the band Syn, he started experimenting with many genres of music and got inspired by Thrash, Melodic and Progressive Metal and neo Classic. He also got inspiration from Japanese Anime soundtracks .One main reason Shahyd plays music is because of his daughter Mishka, who also inspires him to keep on going.

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Mick Barr (Crom-Tech, Octis, Ocrilim, The Flying Luttenbachers, Quix*O*Tic, angelblood, Krallice) on electric guitar and Josh Blair (Supersystem, ABCs, WWWIII) on drums are Orthrelm, an avant garde rock duo formed in Washington D.C., United States in 2000. They play complex, structured music, with influences ranging from Heavy Metal and Prog Rock to Avant-Garde Jazz.

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Skyclad is a British band with strong folk influences in their music. They were formed by former Sabbat vocalist Martin Walkyier, and Satan / Blind Fury / Pariah guitarist Steve Ramsey in 1990 to represent the "ultimate band". From the start, they have incorporated a diverse range of influences from British folk music to German which has fed their constantly evolving sound. They are widely considered the inventors of .

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Lest We Forget

Formed in Early 2005, Lest We Forget consists of Matty, Mike, Dave, Jimi, and Fox. Right out of the gate, Lest We Forget has been making waves in the music scene. Opening for such major acts as Static-X, God Forbid, A Day To Remember, Emmure, Bury Your Dead, Alesana, The Chariot, Endwell, Sky Eats Airplane, and Our Last Night, they established themselves as one of the most sought-after bands in Eastern Pennsylvania.

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Kapok is currently a four piece Alternative/Rock band based in Norwich containing members:
• Joe Mazzei – Guitarist/Lead Vocalist
• Marcus Gooda – Bassist/Backing Vocals
• Olly Kirby – Guitarist/Pianist
• Alex Munford - Drums
Kapok formed in late 2007 as a three piece band with members Joe Mazzei, Marcus Gooda and Richard Crosby (Drums) playing original music.

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There are five bands using this name: 1) A / one man band from Malta. Sauron composes all of the music for Apotheosis. Although the band was formed in autumn of 1993, it wasn't until 2002 that Sauron released a full length, the four track epic Farthest From The Sun. 2) A two piece band from Toledo, Ohio. Their first album, 'Husk', was self-released in 2011 and they are currently (9/12) completing their second release, 'Bane'.

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In late 2004, Tobias Weinreich (Bass), Sebastian Scherrer (Keyboards), Marco Schomas (Vocals) and Simon Schillinger (Guitar) founded Finsterforst. They were still seeking more members however, so instead concentrated purely on songwriting. As a result, they created many songs without being able to perform them until later on. In spring 2005 the band decided to introduce an accordion player (Johannes Joseph) into the mix, a choice which has helped to shape their unique sound.

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