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Overwhelming power hits you in the face when you listen to the MagnaCult's debut album "Synoré". MagnaCult released its first record through Rusty Cage Records in May 2007. The press has been nothing but positive about the album 'Synoré'. And soon the live reputation of the band was growing bigger and bigger with every show that was played. Last year the band toured with, amongst others, the US metal-bands DEVILDRIVER, ILL NIÑO, SHADOWS FALL, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH and Canadian all-girl metal band KITTIE.

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Naisian is a Sludge band from Sheffield in the UK. They have two EP's and one Split at the moment: Tears of the King (February 2008):
1. Hold Back the Tide (Tears of the King Part One)
2. Tears of the King Part Two Naisian EP (November 2008):
1. Mile Upon Mile
2. The Shore
3. Oppenheimer
4. Elif Naisian/Bleaklow Split EP (March 2009) 1. Bleaklow - Anchorage
2. Bleaklow - In Vineland
3. naisian - Bblack Skies
4. naisian - Tears of the King III
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Bleeding Oath

1) Bleeding Oath are an Opeth cover band from London, England. They have also been known to cover Enslaved, and due to their vocalist's damaged vocals, they often incorporate the autotune found in the music of Cynic. Members:
Robin Hay - autotune, morbid shell, corpsepaint arrangement, looking depressed in front of boats
Misha Mansoor - rhythm guitar, ghost, stone, drunken harmonies
Harrison 'Mike Porn Toy' McWhirter - marketing, fog machine

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Artist disambiguation:
1) Sadist is an Italian metal band.
2) Sadist is a Japanese doujin music producer who is affiliated with the Strawhat label. The beginning of SADIST takes us back to 1991, when guitarist and keyboards player Tommy and drummer Peso start auditioning musicians for a brand new project. These auditions lead to the first band

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From Manticora official site: Hi metal fan! Thank you so much for reading this biography/history of Manticora. I guess the writing of it wasn’t in vain after all :-). I hope you’ll enjoy it. Kristian Larsen, Manticora
* Fear Itself *
Our history begins back in ´92 with Lars and I playing in a band called Fear Itself, together with three other guys. Most of the time we played soccer indoor right next to our rehearsal room (it was more fun than being serious and creating music, I guess), but we managed to pull ourselves together, in between the chaos, to play heavy metal.

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Mastodon is one of the new breed of metal bands from the US. They created waves in the metal community with the EP Lifesblood, released in 2001, just over a year after the band's formation in 1999 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The band appeals to fans of both hardcore and extreme metal, while combining elements of progressive music and beyond. Mastodon was first signed to Reptilian Records in 2000, shortly after recording their demo.

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There are 11 artists using the name "Manifest": (1) Norwegian technical-thrash/death metal band.
(2) heavy/power metal band from the USA.
(3) Russian rap artist.
(4) Korean-American rap artist from Virginia.
(5) Manifest is also the alias of a Dutch drum 'n bass dj.
(6) Hardcore punk band from Romania
(7) Death Metal band form Switzerland
(8) Death Metal band from The Netherlands
(9) Hip-Hop band from Slovakia
(10) All-Male Chorale group from the USA

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