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The band members included Gary Stringer on vocals, Kenwyn House on guitar, Jack Bessant on bass and Dominic Greensmith on drums. Their second album, Glow, is ranked at number 26 in Kerrang!'s "100 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die" list.

Although most members of Reef have West Country connections, it wasn't until the four members met in London that the band was formed.

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There multiple artists with this name: 1. After eight years of existence, Klone has reached a personal and studied musical style. Today, the band releases a new inspired album, with various influences: , , , , , . Klone finds its identity in going deeper in the command of each musical style. "All Seeing Eye" uses well-orchestrated arrangements, uncommon in Metal, like the use harpe, the saxophone, the chinese flute and various electro tones.

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Scarlets Wake

The ultimate dirty, filthy, rock, metal 4-way... Emma Gunn (Vocals), Adam 'Stoney' Stone (Guitars), Amy Nairn (Bass), Adam Jones (Drums) Passionate, raw, and intense Scarlet's Wake are an angry new breed of musical monster! Explosive vocals, brooding lyrics, growling riffs and thundering rhythms fused together and erupting with a furious, devastating effect. The creative masterminds behind the haunting 2008 EP 'Blood, Sweat and Fear' and the ferocious 2009 album 'Dirty Filthy Rock Metal' (available to purchase from gigs or online from www. Tags: 
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We Were Kings

After a short run with Virgin Records, 6 years with a touring band, and 3 years underground, We Were Kings emerged from what Nate Ihara had originally planned as a solo effort. Ihara formerly fronted the now defunct D.C. based band Welbilt before picking up the bass guitar for The Blackjacks, another popular band from the area currently by way of Nashville, TN. With himself fronting the We Were Kings project, the official lineup additionally consists of Mike Smirnoff (Spirit Animal...

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Endless Dark

Endless Dark is a Screamo, Rock band from Ólafsvík and Grundarfjörður, Iceland. The band consists of Daníel(Danni) Hrafn Sigurðsson(drums),
Hólmkell(Keli) Leó Aðalsteinsson(bass),
Guðmundur(Gummi) Haraldsson(Guitar),
and three brothers,
Viktor Sigursveinsson (Vocals),
Atli Sigursveinsson (Guitar),
Egill Sigursveinsson (keyboards,vocals)... The band participated in the Global Battle Of The Bands in London,England in April 2010 and won 2nd place.

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There is more than one band or musician with this name. 1. Field is the experimental solo effort of Torche drummer Rick Smith. With Field, Rick incorporates drone, doom, industrial, harsh noise, samples, and tape loops into massive, hypnotically repetative, dark and depressing structures. 2. Field is an independant electronic musician looking for a label. He is a game developer in San Francisco, CA, and has been writing music since '92.

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