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The band members included Gary Stringer on vocals, Kenwyn House on guitar, Jack Bessant on bass and Dominic Greensmith on drums. Their second album, Glow, is ranked at number 26 in Kerrang!'s "100 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die" list.

Although most members of Reef have West Country connections, it wasn't until the four members met in London that the band was formed.

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There are at least five bands called Versus: 1) New York City indie rock favorites Versus evolved from the remnants of Flower, a band led by singer/guitarist Richard Baluyut. In the final months of Flower's existence, the group was joined by vocalist/guitarist Fontaine Toups, who remained with Baluyut in the short-lived Saturnine before the duo formed Versus (borrowing the name from an LP by Mission of Burma) with Baluyut's brother, Ed.

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There are at least three artists with the stage name Becca: 1. Rebecca Emily Hollcraft is an American singer/songwriter and guitarist, also known as Bec Hollcraft and Becca-chan. She released her first full-length album "ALIVE!!" on November 5th 2008 in Japan. Currently her records are only available in Japan but can be imported to the US through various web sites. 2. BECCA is an American country music artist, who released a self-titled album on Nari Records in 2005. 3. Becca is also a female Eurodance artist. Official MySpace;

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1) KuRt is a Japanese Visual Kei indies band that officially disbanded in February 2007. The band’s final line-up consisted of: てんてん (Tenten) on vocals, 伶希 (Ryouki) and 癒マ (Yuma) on guitar, Zill on bass, and 規明 (Kiaki) on drums. Tenten is currently working on a number of new projects, while Zill has gone on to play bass in Moran. 2) Kurt is a German (Post) Hardcore/Noise Rock band formed in 1994. Kurt takes the musical principles of melody and harmony and rips them to shreds. This is noise and this is rock – driving bass beats, crisp and loud guitars, pounding drums and powerful vocals.

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The Hookers

The Hookers (Kentucky)
Hail Satan! The Southern Gods of Satanic Punk started playing in the summer of 1994 in Lexington, Kentucky. Formed By Adam "The Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw" Neal (Blade of the Ripper, Nashville Pussy), Noel "Stoney Tombs" Reucroft and Johnny "Hotrod" Evans. Originally taking a more Johnny Thunders classic punk sound, by the bands own standards they didnt officially become The Hookers until 1996. When they morphed into the satanic punk/metal nightmare they were known for.

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