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The band members included Gary Stringer on vocals, Kenwyn House on guitar, Jack Bessant on bass and Dominic Greensmith on drums. Their second album, Glow, is ranked at number 26 in Kerrang!'s "100 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die" list.

Although most members of Reef have West Country connections, it wasn't until the four members met in London that the band was formed.

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Bill Nelson

Bill Nelson (born William Nelson on December 18, 1948) is a prolific guitarist, songwriter, painter and experimental musician from Wakefield, Yorkshire, England. Nelson was educated at the Wakefield College of Art, where he developed an interest in the work of poet and filmmaker Jean Cocteau. At this time he was also developing as a musician, drawing upon Duane Eddy as a primary guitar influence.

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There are at least two bands who have used or are using the name Pacer. 1) Pacer, a melodic modern rock band from Montreal was formed in 1997. Since then, the band has gained a sizeable and loyal following through numerous live performances, local press, and radio. Drawing from a wide range of influences, Pacer has amassed a formidable repertoire. The band has worked tirelessly to promote their debut EP “Involuntary Movement” and has shared the stage with various signed acts (Trapt, Dredg, Greenwheel, Projet Orange, Pulse Ultra) along with being featured at the Vans Warped Tour in Montreal.

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Powerage was one of the first punk bands to come out of South Africa, with songs against apartheid, the a.w.b., and everything that they saw wrong in the world. Through the time Powerage was together the line up changed several times. This is defenitely one of the bravest punk bands to have come out of the 80s
Powerage is also the name of a Scandinavian band.

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Turbonegro (known as Turboneger in Norway) is a Norwegian punk rock band from Oslo, formed in 1989. The band describes themselves as "death punk." The band started with Thomas Seltzer (the bassist, Happy-Tom as he is also called) setting up a band with some friends, called Akutt Innleggelse. They played some local concerts, and made an EP, including 3 songs, "CIA/KGB", "Supertstjerne" and "Lovesong", written by Thomas. The EP was named "Echoes From the Asylum". The cover art is a drawing of a skeleton, which Thomas found in his mothers book about the Scottish psychologist R.

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Cities Between Us

Cities Between Us houses three Icelandic/Kiwi brothers Stefan, Jo, & Valdimar Einarsson along with Canadian Joshua Cottreau, And Kiwi/Sri Lankin Nimal Fernando. The band Formed in May 2007 in Toronto, Canada and is now located in Leeds, UK. Their sound is best described as 'Progressive, Aggressive, Rock' Influenced by acts such as AC/DC, Motley Crue, Muse, & Rise Against. The band sum themselves up best in their own words "We're not only passionate for the music we create but the music industry as a whole.

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There are at least four groups named "Autobahn" 1) A band from Brazil, singing in German
Band Members ::Claudinha Bukowski: drums, vocal - Cristian Dieterich: guitar, vocal - Bertrand Morane: bass, keyboard - Luli Franco: guitar, bass
Influences ::Fassbinder. Lauren Bacall. Fritz Lang. Orson Welles. Joy Division. Kraftwerk. Jesus & Mary Chain. Pulp. David Bowie. Suede. Sonic Youth. 2) A rock band from Datteln/Germany.

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