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The band members included Gary Stringer on vocals, Kenwyn House on guitar, Jack Bessant on bass and Dominic Greensmith on drums. Their second album, Glow, is ranked at number 26 in Kerrang!'s "100 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die" list.

Although most members of Reef have West Country connections, it wasn't until the four members met in London that the band was formed.

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1. French stoner/ hard rock/ hardcore band Denizen formed in south of France between Montpellier and Sète in 2003. After a first demo / EP and a first album, 'Far From Common Strategy' (2006) issued on the label Prototype Records, the group participates in a split tribute to Black Sabbath with the bands Illtemper and Stuntman. Denizen then appears on a compilation produced in collaboration by Prototype Records and the Temple of Noise fanzine which found among other Tantrum, Basement, Marvin or Year Of No Light.

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Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge is an American rock band formed by Brian Marshall (bassist), Scott Phillips (drummer), Mark Tremonti (guitarist) (members of Creed) and Myles Kennedy (lead vocals, guitar, and formerly of The Mayfield Four). Alter Bridge released their debut album One Day Remains in 2004, with the first single Open Your Eyes. Alter Bridge prefers to think of themselves not as "Creed with a new singer", but as an entirely new band. The name "Alter Bridge" comes from a bridge in Mark's childhood. Their studio album Blackbird, was released on October 9, 2007, with the single Rise Today.

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Swarathma is an Indian folk-rock band from Bangalore, India. The sound is rooted in Indian folk traditions while drawing on rock, blues and reggae motifs. Swarathma's live act is all about infectious on-stage energy. Their act is high on interactivity with sing-along sections, ad-libbed repartee and the occasional couplet. It also features faux folk-horses
and band members sporting Nehru Topis.

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Early 2004 in Zeist, Netherlands, Thomas Kalksma and Koen Romeijn from renowned Dutch Death/Thrash metal band Detonation came up with the idea to form a new band. But not just another band, the general idea was to form a band in which both guys could experiment with more mellow music and rock-oriented ideas. The decision to search for a "clean singing" vocalist was clear. The first ideas and song structures that were written, were obviously way too laid back for a brutal metal vocalist.

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Melodic rockers D'Nile formed in 2006, not taking long to create a huge impact in North Yorkshire, England. Drawing fans in from around their region by word of mouth, they've already played Harrogate Royal Hall sellling a thousand tickets and leave several hundred more disappointed. They are Liam Gray (vocals), Steve Mosby (guitar and backing vocals), Jason Baldwin (guitar), Andy Mosby (bass) and Andy Kearns (drums and percussion).

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The Accelerators

There are four bands with that name: 1) The Accelerators were a rockabilly band from the USA. Their lineup consisted of: Gerald Duncan - Vocals, Guitar
Chris Moran - Lead Guitars, Vocals
Skip Anderson - Bass
Doug Whelchel - Drums
Mitch Easter - Acoustic Guitar
2) The Rotterdam, The Netherlands based punk rock band should be tagged as Accelerators 3) The Accelerators is a rockabilly band from Scotland 4) The Accelerators is a blues band from the mid-Wales area

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