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Eric Sneo

Eric Sneo started collecting electronic instruments and Synthesizers with the age of 12. After he studied audio-engineering at SAE Frankfurt, he began his work as producer and soundengineer at beatdisaster studios germany.
1992 he started Djing and 1997 he became resident in one of the biggest techno clubs in germany: the palazzo. Also he played big festivals and clubs like: Nature One (2002), U60311 Frankfurt, Cherrymoon, Mayday Belgium, Kashmir Budapest etc.

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There are at least 9 active bands using the name Tundra. 1) Tundra (as Morgan Packard) from Canada, drum'n'bass.
2) Tundra from Canada. Hardcore/Gabber/ Breakcore.
3) Tundra from Italy. Black metal. FKA Afterglow.
4) Tundra from Canada. Progressive House, Leftfield, Techno, Ambient.
5) Tundra from Denmark AKA Sure Miner. Danish Pop/western/country/folk.
6) Tundra from Brighton in UK. Post-rock. AKA Tom de Grunwald
7) Tundra from Norway. Black Metal / Progressive Rock.
8) Tundra from The Netherlands. Deephouse / Techno

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Funker Vogt

When "Funker Vogt" was founded in 1995 by Gerrit Thomas and Jens Kästel, nobody could foresee that, within just one year, it would grow into one of the leading -acts of today. Originally, it had been envisaged as just one more of Gerrit Thomas's many musical projects; however, the project took the world by storm and grew to become his main act. The members consist of Gerrit Thomas, Jens Kästel, Björn Böttcher, Frank Schweigert (who replaced Thomas Kroll in 2004), and Kai Schmidt. They all hail from the town of Hameln, Germany.

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Kr!z story with electronic music started after walking the many genres of music. He didn’t need much time to feel the heat of the vibe: a comparison between his heartbeat and the one of energetic techno. He earned spots on some main events in Belgium: he got invited by Kozzmozz (7th & 10th anniversary) & Fuse, where he still plays on regular basis.
A demo of this solid pumping techno sound was picked up by the national radio show ‘Switch’ whom offered him a spot in the new talents room of I Love Techno.

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There are at least two artists called Maxim: 1) Keith Palmer (born 21 March 1967), best known as Maxim or Maxim Reality, is an MC of the British electronica/rave band The Prodigy. He is known for his fierce style of appearance in both music videos and live shows, often wearing scary contact lenses and kilts. His fierce style is also vibrant in the lyrical sense; in live shows he is known to scream and shout to hype up the audience.

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Andhim – the new boys in town It was spring 2010 when the Cologne natives decided to kick their butts and get out of their studio to show their beats to the world.
Less than 12 months later Andhim made it to the top ten German newcomers of the Groove and Raveline magazines (two of the most respected electronic music media in Germany and not only). Their records could be found in the cases of famous DJ’s and remix requests followed from all over.

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Scott Robinson

There are four (4) artists using the name Scott Robinson. 1) Scott Robinson (USA) - Mule-Hide Records [Ambient/Experimental] (see also Robinson Pool) 2) Scott James Timothy Robinson (born November 22, 1979 in Basildon, Essex, England) is a pop singer and is most noted for having been a member of the boy band Five. 3) Scott Robinson (USA) - Arbors Records, Inc. 4) Scott Robinson (UK) UGLY FUNK - [techno/electro] Free tracks can be downloaded at their offical website, http://www.myspace.

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Cambridge born and London based 27 year old, Ali a.k.a. Perc, Spartak and Votion, could be accused of being a musical obsessive, with a career that takes in spells in rock and indie bands, various DJing residencies, soundtrack work and his final destination as a producer of some of the most innovative yet accessible dance music currently in circulation. After completing 5 years of music business and music production training in Manchester and Newcastle (UK), Alistair spent a brief time at the now legendary Platipus Records cutting his teeth.

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Dandy Jack

A native of Santiago, Martin Schopf has lived in Germany since the late '80s, taking an active role in the scene and contributing to labels such as Pete Namlook's Fax and Atom Heart's Rather Interesting. Whether as Dandy Jack or in a number of collaborative projects (Ric y Martin, Gonzalo Martinez), Schopf hopes to intensify the link between electronic music and Latin sound. With Frankfurt's Pink Elln, he records under the name Sieg Über Die Sonne...

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There are 2 bands with the same Slackjaw name on LastFm! For the Slackjaw blues-rock band go to Slackjaw Blues Band's page -> Slackjaw is an unadulterated entertainer. At the age of 17 he took Perth's premier battle competition, Open Mic Combat. His hunger for the microphone was hard to miss, appearing at the revered Hyde Park Mondays with his endless freestyles and memorable live performances.

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