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The band members included Gary Stringer on vocals, Kenwyn House on guitar, Jack Bessant on bass and Dominic Greensmith on drums. Their second album, Glow, is ranked at number 26 in Kerrang!'s "100 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die" list.

Although most members of Reef have West Country connections, it wasn't until the four members met in London that the band was formed.

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The Graduate

The Graduate was an American indie/emo band from Springfield, Illinois. The Graduate formed in central Illinois in November 2005, after the breakup of two other local bands (Best of Winter from Quincy, Illinois and Jack from Springfield, Illinois) whose members began playing shows together. Lead singer Corey Warning said of the band's name, "None of us graduated from college. Well, we all graduated from high school, but none of us from college, so the name's kind of ironic.

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Big Wave Riders

Big Wave Riders hail from Helsinki, Finland. They are inspired by waves, echoes and experimental rhythms with an electronic touch. Big Wave Riders are influenced by the music that touched them most when they were teenagers. To quote Big Wave Riders : “Our music is not trying to fit into any certain genre. We make music without mathematics or accurate calculations. The songs are fast, slow, rhythmic and with variety”

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EF is a five-piece band from Gothenburg, Sweden. It all started in May 2003, and soon they stood in a small basement and created quite heavy music. It didn't take long for them to find that melodies, emotions and explosions were more interesting. During the first 3 years they recorded and released 4 CD-R demos and began playing in various locations around Sweden. In the summer of 2005 they were contacted by US label Raise The Red Flag. They decided to co-op, and a full length album was released during 2006.

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Roman Android

We're Roman Android, a fresh new band from Sheffield.
It's quite hard to define our genre, it's pretty much everything you like combined into one.
Have a listen and make up your own mind.
We consist of:
Jess Gavelle: Lead Guitar / Vocals
Chris Hill: Guitar / Synth / Vocals
Alex Stockham: Bass
Stef Baranowski: Drums

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Taking the Fall

Taking the Fall formed in early 2005 and have since performed extensively in the Dunedin music scene. They play a blend of alternative rock infused with metal influences. Taking the Fall have built up a solid fan base by playing with many talented local bands, as well as supporting numerous touring acts such as Blindspott, Cold By Winter, Streetwise Scarlet, Not Quite Right, and American punk heroes Strung Out.

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There are at least seven artists with the name Vice: 1) Vice is a rock/pop band composed of Stanford students Brodie Jenkins (vocals), Grahame Lesh (guitar), Mac Parish (bass), Jesse Engreitz (keyboard), and Eric Saar (drums) 2) Vice is Jay Denham, a producer of minimal techno from Kalamazoo. 3) Vice are a dutch 'Wave' band from Nijmegen who released an eponymous EP in 1982 and the album 'A Plain Reprise' in 1984. Also: 4) Romanian indie-alternative band; their debut album, "My Love, My Depression" was released independently in 2007.

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There are currently two artists with the name Linden. 1. A band from Menomonie, WI, fronted by Kara and Cassi Carlson that plays an infectious brand of pop-rock. Their line up at present consists of the aforementioned sisters on vocals, and keys/backing vocals respectively, Steven Keller on Bass, Aaron on guitar, and Billy on Drums. Their debut EP "The Future Is..." has garnered great reviews from local press, although, thanks to their myspace and purevolume presence, they have a fanbase that is spread internationally.

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