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This Is Your Captain Speaking

This Is Your Captain Speaking are a instrumental group from Victoria, Australia. The debut album from 'This Is Your Captain Speaking' Storyboard was released independently in Australia in May 2005. Clocking in at just under 66 minutes, the album's seven tracks were recorded live in a primary school library. The first pressing of Storyboard has sold out, but the album is being re-issued on UK label Resonant.
Bandmembers are:
Nick Lane: guitar, mandolin Tags: 
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Mark Edwards

The story behind Mark Edwards' exhilaratingly beautiful debut album, Balance, is as unusual as the record itself. Ten instrumental pieces, lovingly assembled in an almost beat-free style which aligns glassy guitar figures with minimalist keyboard elegance, Balance is a record born out of a private passion.
After a lifetime spent immersed in music, as a journalist, composer and multi instrumentalist, Edwards had pretty much decided against going public with his tunes.

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Lux is the name of at least seven artists: 1) A UK duo of James Bright & Steve Miller (aka Afterlife), with only one album released, to date, "Northern Lights" (2005). Sites: Discogs & MusicBrainz. 2) A noise-pop boy/girl duo from Seattle. They formed in 2010 and have been influenced by The Velvet Underground, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, OMD and Blondie. Sites:

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Jennifer Rene

Jennifer Rene was born with music in her soul.
Singing and performing since she was very little, writing songs since she was 10, those around her knew she was destined to be involved in music somehow for her future. Which is exactly what happened. Ever since her first real club experience in Chicago, Jennifer Rene knew her calling was to be a part of dance music. But not just by doing one part, by doing everything that can be done for this music genre.

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Ed Rush & Optical

Both Ed Rush and Optical are the co-heads of a drum and bass record label called Virus Recordings, based in London, UK. Both have earned acclaim separately, with Optical engineering tracks on Goldie and Grooverider's albums and releasing some excellent solo tunes on the likes of Prototype, 31, and Metro. Ed Rush also has countless releases, notably on No U-Turn, where he and Nico first emphasized the dark era of drum and bass with the masterpiece album Torque, and Metalheadz, where he produced such classics as "The Raven" and "Locust".

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Still Corners

Still Corners (based in London, United Kingdom) write dreamy noir-pop love songs, full of swirling organ, wintry vocals, and big drums. A music inspired by the Spector-esque sound of the sixties and influenced by films and soundtracks of the same era. They've just released their first EP, "Remember Pepper?", available direct at their myspace.

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One of Bristol's hottest club secrets, and championed by the likes of Mr. Scruff, The Scratch Perverts and DJ Derek, are the prodigious party boys and girls, Scubaroots.
At its core, the group is a nine piece live funk, ska, drum and bass act that on occasion swells to include gospel choirs, record geek DJs, Latin percussion outfits and a ton of other party-kinds up for a party.
The band forged on the South West college circuit and now has an ardent following here in Bristol, and wherever they have gigged around the country.

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There's at least four artists under the name "Otto":
1.The composer, singer and percussionist Otto was born in Pernambuco, Brazil, and he was, among Chico Science, Fred 04 and others, a Manguebeat movement creator, that was a revolution to the Brazilian music. 2. aka DJ Toto from Colombia, who has avery nice release on the net-label Corporate Identity ( 3.A Turkish hardcore band from the Istanbul underground music scene To see the German comedian-act, director (and musician too) Otto Waalkes, click here:

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