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Distal is a DJ and producer from Atlanta, Georgia. He's founder of the label Embassy Recordings, producing a wide variety of bass music. His debut vinyl release was on soul jazz records alongside Mala, Coki and Ramadanman, and followed up with a release on SureFireSound. Distal plays in a variety of international scenes including the / community, as well as the scene. Soundcloud:
Embassy Recordings:

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Branch Arterial

Branch Arterial exploded onto the scene with their debut EP "Voices Unknown", bringing with them an intense and breathtaking live show. Having formed in 2009, they have created a unique sonic take on modern Australian progressive rock, and have cemented their place in the Melbourne live scene. With their powerful and mature sound, and aspirations to spread their music abroad, the local scene will be unlikely to hold these very ambitious musicians down.

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Heroes of Switzerland

Heroes of Switzerland are from Nottingham England and on more than one occasion have been described as "Guitar Messiahs". HoS we're first noticed back in late 2005 with the release of the Disposable Fiction EP, this saw them briefly classed as part of the whole "Nu Gazing" movement and compared to local bands like 'Amusement Parks on Fire & other UK bands in and around the Club AC30/Goonite scenes. The band supported :Lift to Experience mainman Josh Pearson in 2005 at a Club AC30 gig. The band released a single Wish It Away on AC30 in 2007.

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The Crave

Back in a simpler time there was no indie, no emo, no nu-rave. No post-this, post-that, post-whatever the hell else. There was just riff-laden, ballsy rock ‘n’ roll; huge songs, life-changing gigs and a whole world of noisy, gutsy fun that took people out of their dreary everyday lives and made them feel truly special. It’s from this effervescent historical well that the UK’s most charismatic young band draw their inspirations. But this is no retro pastiche, these boys are young, hungry and bringing classic rock songwriting flailing and wailing into the 21st century.

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There are more than one band named Amulet;
1) Norwegian Band
After a week of borrowing each other's records, Amulet recorded their first demo in September 1993. Little did they know that this was the beginning of a working relationship spanning over a decade. They formed as a three piece with Lars Rasmussen on guitar, Torgny Amdam on vocals/drums and Arne Haabeth on bass. The two first official releases dabbled in teenage sentimentality: the self-titled debut and the Engrave EP were before emo achieved genre-status.

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There are several bands by the name of Sugar:
(1) Project of former Hüsker Dü member Bob Mould.
(2) is a Korean girl-pop group with releases in Japan and Korea
(3) is a Japanese visual-kei group (Sugar).
(4) is Australian psy-trance producer / artist Felix Hamer, on the Green Ant label from Melbourne, Australia.
(5) is a rockband from Den Bosch The Netherlands. Sugar (1) was formed by Bob Mould after the breakup of Hüsker Dü, and conceived as having a similar sound, though with Mould as the sole leader.

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Emerging from the suburbs of provincial Warlingham UK, but founded in Africa, esOterica have already enjoyed much success - recently playing the KERRANG! Tour and supporting HIM at a sold-out Hammersmith Apollo, being play-listed on commercial radio shows (XFM Rockshow, Bruce Dickinson on 6Music, Total Rock etc) and fanatical support from the hoards of fans they have picked up in the last two years of relentless groundwork. Debut album 'The Fool' has been released...

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Karmin are Amy Heidemann (Vocals/Guitar) and Nick Noonan (Vocals/Cajon) from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The Brokenhearted Songfacts reports that their name derives from the Latin word 'carmen,' meaning "song," with a slightly altered spelling to "hint at karma." The pair first gained recognition from their covers of popular Hip-Hop and Pop songs posted on YouTube. After offers from various record companies, the duo signed with Sony and Epic Records in June 2011.

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