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Sugar Army

'Summertime Heavy' is the second record from Sugar Army - out now through Permanent Records. Over the past few years, the band have released a critically acclaimed debut album & EP, with singles & videos from both releases dominating media all over Australia and finding support across international waters from UK print to US college radio. In that time they've supported Interpol & Smashing Pumpkins, opened the main stage of the Big Day Out, performed at many of the other major Australian summer festivals & toured relentlessly prior to the commencement of solid writing for the new album.

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Keith Urban

Keith Lionel Urban (born 26 October 1967) is a New Zealand-born country music singer, songwriter and guitarist whose commercial success has been mainly in the United States and Australia. Originally the front man for The Ranch, a three-piece group that released one album in 1997 to critical acclaim, Urban disbanded the group to pursue a solo career. In 2004 his album "Be Here" was nominated for best country album at the Grammy Awards and at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

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Mark Fell and Mat Steel formed SND in 1998 and were quickly placed at the forefront of new digital minimalism. With a series of influential releases on their own label SND and on the now defunct Frankfurt Mille Plateaux, SND pioneered a sound that combined the linear minimalism of Ryoji Ikeda and Oval, with the rhythmic geometry of techno artists such as Thomas Brinkmann or Derrick May. SND promote an approach to the organization of sound, space and form that owes more to origami than any time based medium.

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Late Landing

Late Landing is a hard rocking group from Montrose, Scotland. Taking influence from the likes of Metallica, Led Zeppelin and Fightstar, the band have enjoyed much success since their formation in 2007. After the release of their popular EP "A View From Inside", the band recorded their debut album, "Caught in the Middle" in the autumn of 2011, which was released on Feb 10th 2012.

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Twisted is the home of two artists 1. The Dutch three-piece rockband 2. A german dubstep producer (Twisted aka Goldfinger) on Trackdonalds 3. A five-piece from Bristol, UK; the link I've followed here is from the 2003 album Peace Through Superior Firepower, with the following line-up: Rich Harding - Vox ( user aosunlight)
Alan Pout - Guitar
Chris Peppard - Guitar
Paul Stanway - Bass
Drew Raynes - Drums

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Formed in 2006 with brothers Jonny Brewer and Jai Brewer playing Guitar and Bass respectively, they added Vocalist Ben Draper in 2007 and Drummer Martin Gregg in 2008.
Since completing the line up they have recorded an acoustic ep "Drummer Wanted" and electric ep "Demotologically Tested" (featuring former drummer Joe Sumasar-Rai in 2007). They are currently writing new material and in the studio laying the finishing touches to upcoming 2010 release "Rhymes With..." with 3 tracks available exclusively on

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Mind Over Matter

Six artists exist with this name.

1) Mind Over Matter Mind Over Matter blends various electronic styles (such as Trance, Ambient, Dubstep, etc...) to create a unique style all in it's own. Hailing from the "Dirty South" San Antonio, Texas, U.S. Mind Over Matter consists of composer Corey Stanley, along with production help from Matthew Coyne, to bring a soothing, relaxing, yet get up and dance kind of music to the listeners.

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