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EMF were an / band which formed in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England in 1989 and best known for their 1990 hit "Unbelievable". The band consisted of James Atkin (vocals, guitar), Ian Dench (guitar, keyboards), Derry Brownson (keyboard, samples), Zach Foley (bass) and Mark Decloedt (drums). The band originally disbanded in 1997 and reformed in 2001. Foley died of a drug overdose in January 2002 and the band only played four more shows that year before disbanding once more. The band re-formed for a second reunion in 2007, which ended in May of 2009.

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Serendipity (1981 - 1981) Serendipity was a rock based, ensemble from Leicester, United Kingdom. Created in response to raise money for the ‘Menphys’ charity organisation, members from various outfits joined together to perform. Members were: Sid & Kelv from Companionable Ills, Dave Brown of The Attitude fame, Steve Hutchinson on keyboards and Chris Owen on guitar and vocals.

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October Sky

An uplifting adventure, October Sky has the power to propel explosive lights and sound with an interactive spectacle over airwaves of unique creativity. With strong comparison to Muse, Radiohead & Coldplay, but with an edge to make people jump off their feet and experience the higher limits of musicianship. October Sky's strengths lie in their determination and hard work, everything they have accomplished thus far has been all self-produced.

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Ian Livingstone

Ian Livingstone (born July 4, 1969 in London) is a prolific British video game, advertisements, TV and films composer. He was trained composing in age of 5. He usually composes fully orchestrated music. Livingstone works with Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Slovak Philharmonic and Utah Symphony Orchestra. Livingstone does music with his Dolby Digital company. His clients include Disney, EA, Activision, Saatchi, DreamWorks, Fox and Warner Bros.

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Koji Kondo ( b. August 13, 1961) is a Japanese composer and musician best known for his scores for various video games produced by Nintendo. Biography Kondo was born in Nagoya, Japan. He took to music at an early age, writing simple tunes for fun even as a small child. At seventeen, he decided to pursue music professionally. He undertook classical training, and he learned to play several instruments.

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Richard Harvey

More than one Richard Harvey is noted as a musician. The first is a graduate of the London Royal College of Music, mutli-instrumentalist, founder of the band Gryphon, interpreter of Medieval and Renaissance music, and composer of soundtracks including Death of a President (2006), Luther (2002), Animal Farm (1999), and a collaboration with Hans Zimmer on the soundtrack to The Da Vinci Code. This Richard Harvey is currently touring as a duo with John Williams, playing recorders, pan pipes, percussion...

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