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There are more than one artist with the name Mangrove: 1) Mangrove is a progressive rockband from The Netherlands.
Roland van der Horst (guitars, vocals) and Joost Hagemeijer (drums, vocals) start in 1995 with the project

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Vanderbuyst is a Dutch Hard Rock band formed in 2008 by guitarist Willem Verbuyst (ex-Powervice). He’s joined by Barry van Esbroek on drums and Jochem Jonkman on both bass and lead vocals. Vanderbuyst are a power trio that advocate a mix of 70s/80s Hard Rock, Classic Rock and early NWOBHM. Inspired by bands like UFO, Rainbow, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Van Halen, and ZZ Top, Vanderbuyst aren’t for you if you’re looking for the latest Nu-Metal and Gothic sounds. However, if you like your Hard Rock old school, Vanderbuyst is all you need.

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There are at least two bands named Curfew: a British jazz band and a British electronica band. Jazz band: Steve Marshall (bass, flute), Martin Lawrie (keyboards), Nick Andrew (guitars), David Bouet (drums). Electronica: They create a unique and magical blend of both synthesized and acoustic
soundscapes with thought-provoking and poetic lyrics, beautiful soaring melodies
and infectious rhythms.
Curfew create a distinctive mix of machinery and musicianship.
Further info on www.curfew20m.com

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Severe Torture

Severe Torture is a brutal death metal band from the Netherlands. They formed in 1997. In 1998 the band released a demo called "Baptized in Virginal Liquid". After that demo Dennis (vocals) joined the band and in 1999 they recorded a 2-track promo. The promo was released as 7" EP by Damnation Records. They then signed with Fadeless Records which was a big boost as this got them to go on tour. Their first tour of Europe with Damnation (pl).

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There are at least two bands called GEM (or Gem): 1. GEM is a rock band from Utrecht, The Netherlands.
2. Gem is a 1990s band from Ohio with members from Guided By Voices, Doug Gillard and Tim Tobias. * * * 1. The four-piece rock band GEM from Utrecht, The Netherlands, was founded in 2003 and plays energetic rock, mixing grit with melody. GEM has released three albums of which NEW (2008) is the most recent.

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Kraak & Smaak

Kraak & Smaak is a DJ/producing trio hailing from the Dutch city of Leiden, consisting of Mark Kneppers (also known as DJ Knuppelhout and one half of retro-party DJ duo DJ Wipneus & Pim), Oscar de Jong and Wim Plug. As owner of a local record store, Mark Kneppers started out in 2003 with sampling all kinds of soul, jazz and funk. With the aid of his friends Oscar and Wim, they produced a demo which got them signed to UK label Jalapeno.

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Overwhelming power hits you in the face when you listen to the MagnaCult's debut album "Synoré". MagnaCult released its first record through Rusty Cage Records in May 2007. The press has been nothing but positive about the album 'Synoré'. And soon the live reputation of the band was growing bigger and bigger with every show that was played. Last year the band toured with, amongst others, the US metal-bands DEVILDRIVER, ILL NIÑO, SHADOWS FALL, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH and Canadian all-girl metal band KITTIE.

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Janine Jansen

Janine Jansen (Utrecht, 1978) is a Dutch solo violinist. Janine Jansen is internationally recognised as one of the great violinists and a truly exciting and versatile artist. Her London debut in November 2002, with the Philharmonia Orchestra and Vladimir Ashkenazy, was quickly followed by invitations from some of the world

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