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Uncle Jeff

Uncle Jeff are a bombastic, jangly indie-pop band based in Lancaster, England. Originally formed in 2003, as the moniker behind songwriter Stephen Hudson's self-released mini-LP 'Sketches', Uncle Jeff soon evolved into a five-piece live act, surviving several line-up changes, before settling in 2008 with the current cast after the break-up of Hudson's other musical project, Ampersands. They currently comprise: Tom Peters (keyboards, lap steel, vocals), David Hobday (bass), Phil Norcross (drums, vocals), Paul Dobson (guitar) and Stephen Hudson (Vocals, guitar, keyboard).

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Bernard Haitink

Bernard Johan Herman Haitink, CH, KBE (born 4 March 1929) is a Dutch conductor and violinist. Haitink was born in Amsterdam, the son of Willem Haitink and Anna Haitink. He studied music at the conservatoire in Amsterdam. He played the violin in orchestras before taking courses in conducting under Ferdinand Leitner in 1954 and 1955. Haitink became second conductor of the Netherlands Radio Union Orchestra in 1955.

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1. RipTidE is the alias of dutch producer Max Bedeker. His remix of the Jennifer Delano track 'Amsterdam' quickly became one of the hottest tracks of the latter part of 2009 and is a set staple amongst the likes of Aeroplane, Brodisnki, Fake Blood and Switch. Currently working on his first EP, 2010 is set to be a promising year for the young Dutchman. 2. RIPTIDE was a dance-project from Ferry Corsten.

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Ralf was born in 1995 as Ralf Mackenbach in Best in the province Brabant in The Netherlands. Ralf has won the Junior European Song Contest 2009 in Kiev, Ukrain, with a score of 121 points from the public for the song Click Clack, which he wrote himself, about his hobby tap dancing. He stated: "I don't like playing computer games, or watching television."

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Rectal Smegma

Goregrind from Holland Rectal Smegma started late 2003 under the name Carnal Rancidity. After a month or 2 we deceided to continue under the name Rectal Smegma.
After a few line-up changes and some weeks we remained as: Yannic: vocals Frans: guitar, Robin: bass and Walter: drums.
After a load of gigs and the recording of our debute album Licking a Leper Robin left the band due to amputated limbs.

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Dione a.k.a. Erik Ypma started DJ'ing at the end of the 80's at a youth centre. He organized parties at Bubbles in Lelystad and started a radio program at a local station. His first productions were released at Rams Horn Records/5th Gear and appeared on over 50 cd's. His (award-winning) radioshow, "Hakkuh" at New Dance Radio, became Holland's most populair hardcore programme. He started producing and DJ'ing for ID&T (Mysteryland, Thunderdome, Earthquake etc.) Dione played in Finland, Letland, Estland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Hungary and Holland.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Italian horror-themed deathcore band
1) Solo punk project of Vinnie Stigma from Agnostic Front
3) Thrash metal band from the Netherlands
4) Female-fronted death metal band from the Czech Republic
5) German alternative rock band
6) Alternative rock band from Finland
7) Romanian pop-rock band
8) Anarcho-punk band featured on some Mortarhate Records compilations
9) Hungarian hip-hop artist

Read more about Stigma on Last.fm.

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There is more than one band under the name Infuriate. Infuriate was formed as Necropolis in 2001. All of the 6 original members knew each other from the local music scene where they were in different bands, but in 2001 they decided to form a new band. In the first year they wrote a few songs, did some some shows and in 2002 they recorded their first demo called Necropolis. After the demo they played a lot of shows and the longer they played...

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