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Cirith Gorgor

This Dutch black metal band was formed in late 1993. Cirith Gorgor is the "pass of death" in Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" series. Current Line-up:
Satanael - Vocals
Marchosias - guitars
Inferno - guitars
Lord Mystic - bass guitar
Levithmong - drums The band's name is taken from The Lord of the Rings. "Cirith Gorgor," called the Haunted Pass, the point were the mountain ranges of the Ered Lithui and the Ephel Dúath met, to the northwest of Mordor.

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There are at least six artists by this name. Kismet is an indie rock quintet originated from Utrecht, Netherlands. Influenced by the likes of Cursive, Depeche Mode, Blonde Redhead and The Get Up Kids, the group was founded in the winter of 2002. After releasing two E.P.s the bands line-up solidified in 2006 and started focussing on a debut full-length album. Kismets sound is characterized by their dynamic compositions, combining complicated songstructures with a seemless melody and catchy vocals.

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There are various bands with this name: 1. The Rotterdam, The Netherlands based punk rock band Accelerators is influenced by classics such as Ramones, Screeching Weasel, Dwarves and Rancid. They’ve been around since 2003 and played all around Europe. Ox Accelerator -vocals/bass
Marlon Stringslayer - guitar/vocals
Sander Wander- guitar/vocals
Erik A.C. - drums Discography:
2009 S/T LP/CD - Squinty Joe/Stardumb Records
2008 Zatopeks / Accelerators Split 7" - Squinty Joe Records
2007 My Baby Is An Undertaker 7” - Squinty Joe/Skintight Records

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Reason to Kill

Reason to Kill found life early 2005. With nothing but experienced members in the squad, this band is ready to bring the music to you. Brutal songs and an astonishing live performance, influenced by bands such as Machine Head, Killswitch Engage, E-town Concrete and Soilwork. After the release of their demo EP 'Newborn Tragedy' in March 2006, the band quickly established a solid live performance. This resulted in several live shows through The Netherlands and Belgium. In December 2006 RTK recorded their new offspring; 8 tracks of hardhitting metalcore entitled 'Renewing the Chapter'.

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There are at least 2 Bands called Solution.
1.) Jazz-rock group Solution started out in 1966 as an R&B-band, Soulution. In the beginning, this group from Groningen consisted of Tom Barlage (sax and flute, started in 1964 in the Rene Five and Keys), Willem Ennes (keyboards, ex-Roden Rockers), Ad Kooi (bass, in 1970 to Railway and replaced by Peter van der Sande, ex-Focus, to Lynx, himself replaced by Gus Williams), Ap Alberts (s, ex-Keys, later in Nicky & Shouts, only 1966)...

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The Devil's Blood

The Devil's Blood (http://thedevilsblood.com) is an occult rock band from the Netherlands formed in 2006. "We will serve you with what can best be described as a Satanic Ritual in which crowd participation becomes pivotal. You will wear our blood, you will taste our hunger, you will devour our spiritual release. Although far above you and unattainable for you in the current stages of your evolution, We, the acolytes of His immortal will, welcome you to join us in a night of violence, substance abuse, love and hate.

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There are more than one artist with the name Mangrove: 1) Mangrove is a progressive rockband from The Netherlands.
Roland van der Horst (guitars, vocals) and Joost Hagemeijer (drums, vocals) start in 1995 with the project

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Dutch vikingrock / streetcore band! New pioneers in the genre.
Great melodies, agressive power, relentless vocals... Their motto:
"Many people say violence is not the anwser,
but it's a language people understand..." Check for their latest album "The sword of our ancestors"
Release date: December 2008. Earlier work:
"Born immortal", Rebellion Records 2004: Raw, agressive, but very melodic debut. A fresh wind in streetrock. Mandatory!

Read more about Discharger on Last.fm.

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Mondvolland stands for black metal with a unique and non-typical character, combining both scream, lower grunt and different styles of clean vocals. The lyrics and atmosphere of the music bring back olden times of the birthplace of its founding members. Having started out as a more folk-focused concept in 2006, Mondvolland, since 2010 a solid foursome, stands for a more atmospheric and layered side of black metal. For live shows, energy and dedication are keywords.

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1) Phantoms are a new Sydney hardcore band featuring ex-members of Rex Banner, Jack Napier and Rowan of Bury Your Dead 2)Seattle-based rock band, phantoms, was born in June of 2009, when singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Johnny (25), formerly singer/songwriter for Dating Delilah, decided it was time to abandon the power-struggle that came with collaborative songwriting within a band framework. Weary of egos, and indecision, Johnny decided to start a project in which he could express exactly what he heard in his own mind, heart and soul.

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