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There are two artists with this name: 1. Jess is a Dutch singer/songwriter. Jess (real name: Janneke Steffens) was born on March 7th, 1982 in Breda, The Netherlands. The artist name Jess was created using the first and last letter of her fullname. Jess' band consists of six people:
- Edwin v/d Burgt - Drums
- Pitt de Jongh - Bas
- Bart Meuwese - Electric Guitar
- Joop Janssen - Acoustic Guitar
- Irma van Pamelen - Backing Vocals
- Chantal v/d Steeg - Backing Vocals

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Gilo, based out of The Netherlands, homeland of symphonic metal bands such as Within Temptation and After Forever, Gilo is all but that!! Gilo plucks from many different musical influences and genres to create an inspiring blend of metal that is purely their own. With their latest 6 track EP: Blood In Blood Out, Gilo shows their ability to play violent metalcore songs with a relatively large amount of electronic sounds. On a manner that does think of Slipknot, Chimaira, Machine Head and that even agreements calls up with Soilwork and Divine Heresy.

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Hero are a newly formed Brighton 4 piece, who 6 months after forming are ready to unleash there take on Rock, Pop and Electro mash-up onto
the world. Think Paramore sparring with Katy Perry.

Having met out of previous bands touring together- Mimi Soya (Hero) and The Auteur (Kerry, Joolz and Alex). The foursome struck up a bond and vision that would see them leave previous bands to concentrate solely on Hero.

Having been locked down for the past 3 months writing and recording there debut album, this is your first chance to see Hero live in small venues, and one that should not be missed!

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Pony Pack

Pony Pack is an Amsterdam-based indie punk band headed by vocalist and bass player Jane Mack. With a range of influences from seventies punk, post-punk, new-wave, psychedelia and grunge, Pony Pack make music according to their own impulses. The result is direct and uncompromising songs that are as dirty and satirical as they are sweet and sincere. Pony Pack was formed by Jane and Robert Fischer after a chance encounter in November 2005.

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There are at least seven artists with this name:
1) Surrender is a political peace punk band from Oakland/Berkeley, California, USA.
They have one self-titled 7", an full length LP titled "Paper Thrones", a live tape recorded at 924 Gilman, and a split with Acts of Sedition. 2) Surrender is also a well known band from Zeeland (a province of the Netherlands). They play solid dialectrock in "Zeeuwsch dialect".

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According To You

In the summer of 2003, Hubert and Roald decided to start a band.
The Sketnicks, a band with funny punk songs, was born. In a short period of time, Tim, Maikel and Niels also joined the band.
In a period of two years, the Sketnicks played a lot of gigs with bands like For The Alliance and It Takes Two.
Niels decided to quit the band in the spring of 2005. As the rest of the band wanted to continue, According To You was formed.

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