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Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen

Musically acclaimed and immaculately dressed, the Australian cabaret group have been wowing audiences worldwide with their theatrical blend of Waits' lyrical proficiency, Tiger Lillies' instrumentation, and a fresh injection of frontman Mikelangelo's dark semi-faux-Croatian humour.
Formed sometime in 2000, many artists have recorded versions of their super mega hit single, 'A Formidable Marinade', including The Herd's Unkle Ho, Men Who Drip with Germs, Canberran duo Cam & Rye among many more.

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Kate Daisy Grant

Born in London and raised on a strict diet of Bagpuss and The Beatles. She started playing the piano as soon as she could reach the keys. Gigs followed, all over London...then one evening, while singing for her supper at Maison Bertaux (London's oldest cake shop featuring the most out-of-tune piano ever heard) she met Ken Rose. Producer/ songwriter and lion-haired wizard, Ken had just returned from a tour playing guitar with Marianne Faithfull.

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Inland Sea

Acoustic/Folk/Pop band from Brisbane, Australia comprised of 10 members, Alastair McRae,
Beau Frith,
Chloe Richardson,
Claire Whiting,
Danielle Golding,
Dani Marano,
Jack Gleeson,
Jeremiah Hunter,
Steele Chabau,
Tahlee Frith. Featuring five-part harmonies interwoven with varied instrumentation. As of 2010, they have released one EP, Traitor Tags: 
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One String Loose

Celtic Fusion tune masters from Wales Band members: -Scott McKeon: Fiddle, Banjo
-Joe Brady: Whistles
-Jack Stewart: Guitars, Bodhran
-Baz Barwick: Bass
-Owen Emmanuel: Drums

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The Paper Tigers

Formed in early 2006, The Paper Tigers arose from a couple of rockers' desire for something a little different, something that would stand out from the crowd. Inspired by an eye-opening stint in the bluegrass mecca of British Columbia, founding member- and Tragedy of the Commons frontman- Jeremy Wishart (vocals, guitar, mandolin) recruited ex bandmate Greg Brown (guitar, vocals) to write and perform a few songs.

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Bowerbirds are Beth Tacular, Phil Moore and Mark Paulson from North Carolina. They make leafy folk-pop with guitars, accordions and violins. They self-released their debut EP Danger At Sea in August 2006 and were signed to Burly Time Records later that year. Their first full length album, Hymns for a Dark Horse, was released in Spring 2007 on Burly Time Records. Their fluent, characteristic style, marked by wonderfully skilled songcraft and bucolic imagery, has since earned them several positive reviews.

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Bruno Merz

Alternative folk, indie, singer/songwriter Bruno Merz was born in New Zealand. He has lived in France and the Netherlands and currently resides in the United Kingdom. Bruno Merz started posting a few home-recorded songs online and word quickly began to spread thorughout the world. He has been compared to the likes of Nick Drake, Iron and Wine and Sufjan Stevens due to the breathy, intimate nature of the vocals and the deeply personal songs. Notably, the song, 'Nine Sixteen' was chosen as Starbucks Pick of the Week and was distributed throughout the U.S. as a free iTunes download.

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