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The Duke & The King

Whereas Simone Felice and his brothers tapped into one of the richest veins of America’s folk tradition on their last three albums; for his debut with new band The Duke & The King, Simone and old friend and new partner Robert Chicken Burke together now combine elements of blue-eyed soul, Topanga Canyon and even Bolan-esque inspired acoustic musings. Their first album “Nothing Gold Can Stay” was recorded in splendid isolation in a makeshift studio in Bearsville...

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Freya Hollick

Freya Hollick is a singer-songwriter from the country town of Ballarat, Australia. She records lo-fidelity songs and sings in a voice of ethereal beauty. The themes of her lyrics span from psychedelic imagery and fairytale characters to personal experiences, and those of friends and acquaintances. Freya's music is largely influenced by the Beatles, Nick Drake and the Velvet Underground, while she also takes inspiration from Syd Barrett, and more contemporary indie artists such as Eels and M. Ward. She is sometimes compared to Emiliana Torrini.

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The Portlands

The Portlands' Bio The Portlands formed in 2009 in the north-west of England, Manchester, and have toured the world with their distinct brand of Folk Rock 'N' Roll. After sharing studio time with Elbow only three months into their formation at Blueprint Studios, they went on to play some of the most prestigious venues in the country on their first UK Tour, and finished with a 15,000 capacity crowd festival date at the end of summer 2010.

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There are at least three bands called Artisan. One was an acappella vocal trio, comprising Brian Bedford, Jacey Bedford and Hilary Spencer. They disbanded in 2005. The other performs rich vocal harmony, with intricately-plucked guitars, double bass and spliced drums. Formed in a small mid-Devon village, now based in London, (the second) Artisan have been described as a cross between Simon & Garfunkel, Radiohead and The Coral. They've had recent airplay on both Radio 1 and XFM, and a new made-in-a-cupboard EP is rumoured for eminent release.

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There are at least 2 artists/bands called Zola:
1. a south african musician; 2. a spanish indie pop sextet from Barcelona. 3 a British math pop group
1.Bonginkosi Dlamini, aka Zola, is a South African poet, actor, and kwaito musician. He also presents Zola 7, a television show named for him, on SABC 1.
Born in the Soweto ghettos of Johannesburg, South Africa, Dlamini spent his formative years in one of the roughest and notorious ghettos around, Zola, hence his name. Unemployment, alcoholism, and single parent families are the norm in Zola.

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Padang Food Tigers

UK duo consisting of S. A. Grady and S. J. Lewis (two thirds of Rameses III), based in the London area, Padang Food Tigers offers here a debut release as a short ep of three instrumental tracks for a total length just below the ten minutes mark. Soft, bucolic, instrumental, intimate, folk, using banjo, piano, organ and bells, including nature field recordings, Padang Food Tigers build delicate atmospheres with a special attention towards the tiny detail. The beauty of their compositions and textures is simply disarming.

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