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The Pockets

Formed in 1975, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. Later based in Los Angeles, Pockets were proteges of Earth, Wind & Fire. The group consisted of: Albert McKinney (keyboards / vocals) Gary Grainger (bass / vocals) Larry Jacobs (vocals / percussion) Charles Williams (trumpet / vocals / percussion) Irving Madison (sax / vocals / percussion) Kevin Barnes (trombone / vocals / percussion) Jacob Sheffer (guitar / percussion) and George Gray (drums / vocals / percussion) Pockets were originally signed to Maurice White's label ARC (via CBS).

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The Paradise Motel

The Paradise Motel are an Australian band originally active from 1995 to 2000, who reconvened in 2008. Current band members (2008-)
Charles Bickford (guitar, organ), Matthew Aulich (guitar, organ), Merida Sussex (vocals), BJ Austin (guitar, organ), Esme MacDonald (bass), Campbell Shaw (violin), Andy Hazel (drums) - replaced Damien Hill following Hill's death in December 2008. The band formed in Hobart, Tasmania but then, soon after Bickford, Aulich, and Bailey in 1995 moved to Melbourne.They found their new lead singer, Merida Sussex, working in the St Kilda Public Library.

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Piano Circus

pianocircus formed in 1989 to play Steve Reich's Six Pianos, and has since created a repertoire of over eighty works; the majority are written specially for the ensemble and include pieces by Kevin Volans, Graham Fitkin, Brian Eno, Louis Andriessen, Erkki-Sven Tuur, Terry Riley, Nikki Yeoh and Heiner Goebbels. pianocircus has released seven CDs with Decca and now has three CDs available on its own label. members

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Thousand Fingers

After being formed in February in the town of Monmouth in the Newport area, Thousand Fingers were formed through a meeting at a night out in a pub. Charlie Whaley and George Morgan came together on an idea of forming a Melodic-Post-Rock sound. After a few band practices and idea sessions, they would write their first two songs "Soldiers" and "The Element". It took a while to solidify the band, as they needed a drummer.

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Natureboy, the musical project of Sara Kermanshahi, has been leaving local music fans in a state of aural bliss for the past few months. From a slew of packed Brooklyn loft shows to an intimate candle-lit performance at Bushwick’s Eastern District during the neighborhood arts festival, Natureboy’s fragile-yet-powerful folk and pop songs have transfixed everyone. Each song is a bittersweet slice of longing...

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