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Natasha Bedingfield

Natasha Bedingfield (born November 26, 1981) is a British singer, and sister of pop singer, Daniel Bedingfield. She also has a younger sister, Nikola Rachelle. Her debut single, "Single", was released in 2004, followed by the worldwide hit "These Words", which charted at #1 in the United Kingdom. She also released "Unwritten" and "I Bruise Easily" from the album, both of which were top 20 hits. Her debut album Unwritten went triple platinum in the UK, and has since found huge success in the USA.

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matthew hidden

matthew hidden is a pop duo / 5 piece, based in Manchester and London simultaneously, matthew hidden claims to owe it all to a highly complex system of tubes (presumably, they mean the trains). “We often combine music and lyrics to make songs,” so goes the claim of the band, whose debut single, A Berry Bursts, was played on XFM within one week of its release: "The truth of the matter is that I love their latest tune." - Hattie Pearson, XFM Radio matthew hidden’s music has been featured on the NME blog twice, and has also been upvoted by numerous Hype Machine critics:

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Andrew Lloyd Webber

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Baron Lloyd-Webber (born 22 March 1948) is a highly successful British composer of musical theatre. He has arguably been the most popular theatre composer of the late 20th century, with multiple showpieces which have run for more than a decade both on Broadway and in the West End. Throughout his career he has produced 16 musicals, 2 film scores, and a Latin requiem mass. He has also accumulated a number of honors, including seven Tony Awards, three Grammy Awards, an Oscar, an International Emmy, six Olivier Awards, and a Golden Globe Award.

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Of Arrowe Hill

Her Majesty's 23rd Psychedelic Battalion DOB: May 1999
POB: London, England (via Liverpool) CURRENT MEMBERS:
Easterbrook, Adam (guitar, vocals)
O'Sullivan, Ian (percussion) PREVIOUS MEMBERS:
Johnsen, Ian
Sabino, Karl
Nicholas, Mark
North, David
Cutting, Michael
Beard, Marc
Wheeler, Chas LABEL/S:
Ouija Board Entertainment/Must Destroy/Open Season/Popt RELEASES: Singles & EPs- A DULL TODAY IS DARKER YESTERDAY'S BRIGHT TOMORROW
(7" single, May 2000, Popt)

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