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Fire + Ice

Ian Read founded Fire + Ice in 1991 after several years as a member of Sol Invictus. According to their sole website, "The heartlessness of the modern commercial consumer society ruins the lives of many. FIRE + ICE takes the purity and philosophy of early music and melds it into a message redolent with powerful seeds of honour, truth, loyalty and the bond of true friendship." The music reflects Read's keen interests in magic lore, runes, tradition, renaissance medievalism, Nordic mysticism and other esoteric and occult mysteries.

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There are three artists named Lorna 1) A studio project from England featuring Mark Rolfe, Sharon Cohen-Rolfe, Matt Harrison, Andy Bullock and Paul Skinner. Signed to the US label Words On Music. 2) A female rapper and reggaeton artist from Panama 3) A Konkani language playback singer from Goa, India 1) Lorna was originally formed as a studio project in 1997 by Nottingham, England songwriter Mark Rolfe, gradually expanding over the years to a quartet.

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Of Arrowe Hill

Her Majesty's 23rd Psychedelic Battalion DOB: May 1999
POB: London, England (via Liverpool) CURRENT MEMBERS:
Easterbrook, Adam (guitar, vocals)
O'Sullivan, Ian (percussion) PREVIOUS MEMBERS:
Johnsen, Ian
Sabino, Karl
Nicholas, Mark
North, David
Cutting, Michael
Beard, Marc
Wheeler, Chas LABEL/S:
Ouija Board Entertainment/Must Destroy/Open Season/Popt RELEASES: Singles & EPs- A DULL TODAY IS DARKER YESTERDAY'S BRIGHT TOMORROW
(7" single, May 2000, Popt)

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Guarded By Robots

Guarded By Robots are: Miranda Harding – Bass/Vocals Lowell Mills – Guitar/Vocals Matt Smith – Drums/Vocals Guarded By Robots are a Newcastle-based post-hardcore/alt-rock band formed in 2005. The band cite Biffy Clyro, Hot Chip, Arcade Fire and Explosions In The Sky as equally vital influences Mills met Smith when he became bassist in Lowell’s first band Jacknife in 2002. When the band split, Matt took over drum duty and the pair began playing and writing together again in autumn 2005. After pulling a handful of songs together they set about looking for a bassist.

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There are at least three with that name, the first was a power metal band from LA, California the second being a (fucking sick) Beatdown Hardcore band from Preston City in the north west of England , and the third one being an alias of DJ Ruthless, a jump-style DJ from the Netherlands. 1) Ruthless. The name itself describes what the band is all about. Powerful, heavy and aggressive, with no mercy. Ruthless was formed in 1982 by lead guitarist Kenny McGee and lead vocalist Sammy D. Ruthless released a 5-song E.

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Bomb the Bass

Bomb The Bass (formed 1987, in London, England) is the umbrella title for the output of British musician and DJ, Tim Simenon. The band, which has evolved its style over the years, has been classed as or . Bomb the Bass was the creation of the British musician Tim Simenon. His first single "Beat Dis" from the album "Into The Dragon" was a number two hit in the and was one of the first songs to introduce the mainstream to sampling culture (along with songs by Paul Hardcastle, M/A/R/R/S and S'Express).

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Atomic Kitten

Atomic Kitten were an English girl group, first established in 1997 in Liverpool. The original line-up featured, Liz McClarnon, Kerry Katona and Heidi Range (now in the Sugababes), but Range decided to quit and was replaced by Natasha Hamilton. Jenny Frost (formerly of Precious) replaced Katona in 2001. Hamilton, McClarnon & Frost were the final and most successful line-up of the group. Atomic Kitten had three UK number one singles; Whole Again, the fourth best selling single by a girl group of all time; Eternal Flame and The Tide Is High (Get the Feeling).

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