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There are at least six bands called Orchid:
1. A hardcore band from Amherst, Massachusetts
2. A doom metal band from San Francisco, California
3. An indie-pop band Poznan, Poland
4. A rock band from Halifax, Nova Scotia
5. an alias of Alexander Tooth
6. a "post-prog" band from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
1. Active from 1998 to 2002, Orchid was first and foremost a hardcore band. Orchid combined a post-modern aesthetic with hardcore punk...

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Yes, another Swedish 70’s inspired hard rock band! I guess Sweden ranks no. 1 in the world when it comes to this genre. Horisont picks up where Witchcraft and Graveyard laid down the cornerstones and they are out on Crusher Records who also nurses Dead Man. So if you’re a sucker for music inspired by Pentagram, Blue Cheer and what not ….. and you dig denim and long haired guys this is a kick ass record. Horisont is all about blues rock and boogie with heavy riffing and long guitar solos.

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First formed back in the 1990s, UK based artist "Macrocosm" (Mike Letchford) started life producing ambient music, but moved into experimental "intelligent" dance music and a period of drum and bass. Featured as "demo of the month" in April 1996 edition of Future Music magazine (with the song "Choral Reefer", he joined the label Protean Vision Quest in 1997 (along with artists like Gnomadic) supplying music for the "Ancient Alien" video, and regularly performing in Brighton and as part of a UK "Ambisonix 3D Sound" tour (along with the band Quanta).

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Heavy, progressive Swedish spaced-out 70's-style fuzzrock. The band was formed in the winter of 2003-2004. Releases: "Demo 2004", "Ep 2005", "Asteroid & Blowback" (Fuzz Split 2006, Release April 2006 by Fuzzorama Records), "Asteroid" (2007), II (2010). ASTEROID II Fuzzorama records 22:th of Jan 2010 The history of Asteroid is a psychedelic space saga, timeless and endless, with no upside or downside, but with a beautiful ending. The band, formed during the winter of 2003, has undertaken a long musical journey and developed a sound well fit to the trio constellation.

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There are two bands with the name Bionic 1) The first is a Montreal based punk rock band spearheaded by guitarist Jonathan Cummins after he left legendary A&M recording artists The Doughboys. Bionic released their self-titled debut co-produced by Glen Robinson (The Ramones, Voivod) to critical acclaim. After years of touring across Canada, Europe and the States alongside such artists as Tricky Woo, Priestess, Nashville Pussy, Danko Jones and even KISS, Bionic released their second album Deliverance to even greater praise.

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Disco Ensemble

Disco Ensemble was formed in in Pori, Finland. For many years the band has been in the basements and underground-venues, writing songs and playing shows that would have put any band in the limelight to shame. From periods ranging from progressive hardcore to more accessible punk rock, childhood friends Mikko (drums) and Jussi (guitar), bassist Lasse and vocalist Miikka have been Finland's best kept secret for too long.

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In the history of heavy rock and roll, the greatest line-up is the three piece power trio. Think of bands from The Groundhogs, to classic Motorhead, from Cream or The Jimi Hendrix Experience, to Sebadoh and Nirvana. There’s something about the structure, the economy, the mutual support of that three piece guitar, bass and drums line-up that makes everything possible. Winters are in that classic rock tradition: an undeniably heavy band but one rooted as much in the pop art tradition of post-mod rock rather than traditional heavy metal.

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Took from Brabazon myspace:
BIO Back in the days when there was nothing to do but hang around street corners or the local skate park, two friends Stuart Harris (Stoo) and Mike Griffiths got together to form their first band 'DRUID' in 2004, bringing in a bass player and rhythm guitarist. Things didn't quite work the way they wanted with musical differences at the forefront of the breakup, the two friends stayed together jamming away in Mike's parents garage, so with Mike on drums, Stoo vocals and guitar they needed a bass guitarist...

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