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Famed lithographer and record/cd artwork cover artist Bruce Licher's mellow psychedelic rock band Scenic is subtle but potent force from the Sonoran desert that inspired much of the music.
Gentle yet dangerous, Scenic create a vocals-free layered guitar soundscape that tantalizes without ever fully satisfying, thereby creating an unfinished story in the mind of the listener.

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In mid 1998 the live music scene in Sydney, Australia sucked!! Rock bands were replaced by indie noodling and angst ridden grunge burnouts who would never admit to loving rock moves or monster lickage. The fools. It was around this time Troy Scerri, Charlie O'Neill and Dave Tomley began to assemble a band with a desire to play the kind of music they listened to at home, but found it impossible to find on the live circuit. They recruited the brutal Mark Mills and doom lord Jason Breitfuss and =DAREDEVIL= evolved.

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- a Finnish band that plays "old school" gothic rock. So far they have released at least one EP, two singles and one full album titled 'The Sleeper Awakes'.
- a Finnish spacesynth project of Lauri Turjansalo. His debut album "Farout" was released in 2009 by Space Sound Records.
- an ambient-didgeridoo project
- A Brisbane-based psych-rock three-piece that released a self-titled EP in 2010.

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The Wizar'd

The Wizar'd is Doom Metal band from Australia (Hobart, Tasmania) formed in 2004. No Swing. No Groove. Get Fucked. Band Members:
~ Ol' Rusty Vintage Wizard Master (Vocals / Guitar)
~ Blackie the Crimson Heretic of a Thousand Eyes (Guitar)
~ Angie Liebling (Bass)
~ Iron Tyrant (Drums) Discography:
~ LIVE WITCHERYVENOMETAL - Doom Metal Horror (Demo) 2004
~ Worship Me! (Demo) 2005
~ Horned Lord (Single) 2005
~ Follow the Wizard (EP) 2006 Rusty Axe Records

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Sons of Otis

Sons Of Otis are a Stoner Doom Metal band, hailing from Toronto, Canada. They formed in 1992 as Otis, which they took from a character in the movie Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer. After their debut EP called Paid To Suffer in 1994, they changed their name to Sons Of Otis. They were signed to The Music Cartel, which ceased its activities in 2005. They are known for their trance-like neuron-firing live performances which included spinning lights and smoke machines. After a lengthy hiatus in April 2007, Sons of Otis released a split with Queen Elephantine on Concrete Lo-Fi Records.

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Windhand is a / band from Richmond, Virginia which formed in 2008. Current Lineup:
Ryan Wolfe: Drums
Nathan Hilbish: Bass
Dorthia Cottrell: Vocals
Garrett Morris: Guitar
Asechiah Bogdan: Guitar Their website is:

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