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M.A.N is an industrial metal band from Sweden, notable for their adoption of the "full scale quarter tone system": "M.A.N is very proud to declare to be the very first metal band ever to have incorporated what we call the "Full Scale Quarter Tone System" into our music - and metal music genre on the whole, resulting in the upcoming album "Massive, Audio, Nerve" by M.A.N. Full Scale Quarter Tone Systems means that there are 24 quarter tones, instead of 12 "ordinary" semi tones...

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DEATHGAZE (typeset as simply deathgaze from 2004 to 2006) is a Japanese / band formed in July of 2003 in Nagoya. The band's current-line up hasn't changed since 2009, and its only founding members still in the band are vocalist Ai and drummer Naoki. Current line-up:
藍 (Ai) - Vocals (2007-present), guitar (2010-present), bass (2003-2008)
貴樹 (Takaki) - Guitar, backing vocals (2009-present)
孝介 (Kosuke) - Bass, backing vocals (2008-present)

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Saints of Eden

Following his departure from UK band Nefilim, Cian Houchin went on to form Saints Of Eden.
SOE have released four albums, The Other Side, Proteus, Overload and the NEW ALBUM FORBIDDEN PLEASURE.
The current band members are:
* Cian Houchin (vocals)
* Ross Anderson (guitar)
* Andy Kendle (bass guitar)
* Flow (drums)
* Dave XM (guitar 2)

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Layered, complex industrial metal. The perfect balance between inhuman electronics and subhuman metallic rage. Beauty is noisy and quiet. It's chaotic but well-organized. It seamlessly bridges "electronics" and "metal." "Beauty is what I do. It's noisy, it's quiet, it's chaotic yet well-organized. Some background on Automatic Killfest: I finished Killfest in mid-1997 and put out a second demo, Buried With The Sky, to shop the album to labels. Nobody was interested. I was frustrated and burnt, so I put Killfest on the shelf and took a long break from Beauty.

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CROOKED has established themselves as one of San Francisco, California's hottest acts. Their outstanding live shows and catchy songs comprised of a unique blend of hard hitting guitar riffs, stunning melodic choruses, orchestral keyboards, massive hooks, compelling lyrics and
unforgettable vocal melodies have earned the band a devoted national following. Fan loyalty and the superb songwriting talents of band visionary/singer/songwriter James Gabriel has earned the band a top 10 single on the mainstream rock radio station 92.

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Dope Stars Inc.

Cyberpunk Rock. Victor Love: Producer, Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizers, Drum Machine
La Nuit: Guitar, Live Backing Vocals.
Darin Yevonde: Bass, Live Backing Vocals.
Ash Rexy: Live Keyboards, Live Backing Vocals. With lyrics inspired by Cyberpunk imagery and subculture Dope Stars Inc. have been mixing industrial beats, acid synths and distorted sounds with a bratty rock’n’roll sound and attitude since their foundation in may 2003.

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Ahumado Granujo

Ahumado Granujo is a band formed in 1999 in Prague, Czech Republic, combining (typically used as song intros) and in the vein of old Regurgitate, Gut, Cum, Dahmer with a heavy sound of down-tuned guitars, dance rhythms, and sophisticated guttural vocal lines. They also incorporate some mental electronica styles to add a unique twist to their brutality.

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There are several bands named Revolter: 1. An industrial metal band from Austria that disbanded after one album, Datamerica, released in 1996. 2. A black metal band from Iceland. 3. A heavy rock quartet from Lancashire.Their music features heavy hard hitting detuned guitars,with melodic vocals and harmonies. 4. Independent artist.

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