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There are at least 3 artists with the name Lolo: 1) Lolo, real name Lauren Pritchard, is an artist based in Brooklyn. She hit the ground running as Lolo with “Weapon for Saturday”, produced by Mark Batson who’s previously collaborated with Dr Dre and Eminem 2) The Lolo alias refers to a trance music producer, whose real name is Laurent Véronnez. He is better known as Airwave, but he works also under many other pseudonyms.

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There are at least three AK. One is the British girl group,Atomic Kitten.
In Taiwan's album, we used AK as a shortened name.
Member are Liz McClarnon, Natasha Hamilton ,and Jenny Frost.
The group has changed member for twice.
After they released their Greatest hits, they also made both only Asian and British released collection album.
Natasha also started her solo career.

The other one is a Japanese singer-songwriter,Kakihara Akemi(柿原 朱美). AK is from her name's first and second letter.

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Radio Radio

Radio Radio are Montreal based hip hop trio from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia who rap in Acadian French. They've recently launched their second full length album, "Belmundo Regal" (Bonsound Records) which has been getting rave reviews and creating quite a buzz. They also just came back from SXSW, the Festival International and the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, where they caught some great attention. -------

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José Ignacio Torres nace en Santiago el 17 de junio de 1986. Su afición a la música viene desde niño, su padre lo hacia escuchar mucha, llegando a cantar algunos boleros junto a el en su infancia. A los 15 o 16 años su afición se volvio un poco más firme, aprendió a tocar guitarra, lo cual facilitó la inmersión en la musica. Más o menos hace 3 años, "Nacho" como le dicen todos sus amigos, transformo su aficion al canto en algo más serio, tras participar en el disco " dejando huellas" de mc Beiser, en el cual participaron tambien quienes trabajan en la produccion de sus temas.

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Snak the Ripper

''Snak The Ripper is like a cold beer after an hour of eating sweaty pussy. Stepping onto the Canadian hip hop forefront in early 2007, Snak has been kicking up dust all over the country ever since. His debut release self titled; ''The Ripper'', gained hype accross the globe, building his fan base by thousands in less than a year, and went on to sell over two thousand copies digitally and hand to hand in that time.

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