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Solitary Experiments

Solitary Experiments formed in 1994 as a collaboration between Dennis Schober and Michael Thieleman, who had briefly collaborated before as 'Plague'. The following years saw occasional live shows and the release of a couple of demo tapes before the song 'God, Where Are You?' from the 'New Violent Breed' compilation in 1999, which would become a hit in their native Germany as well as Holland and the USA. Their debut album 'Final Approach' was released on Machinery later that year.

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There are 7 Bands releasing under the name Error 1.) American Error released an EP in 2003 on Epitaph, the group was comprised of members from several other bands all working together to make something new and different from their other bands. The result was an industrial sound with elements of rock, punk and contempory electronica with an aggressive vocal style. Error comprised of:
Atticus Ross (of Nine Inch Nails/12 Rounds)
Brett Gurewitz (of Bad Religion)
Leopold Ross (of Nojahoda)
Greg Puciato (of The Dillinger Escape Plan)

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About Changer In November 1999, drummer Kristjan B. Heidarsson grew tired of the musical direction of his band, Shiva, and decided to do a solo project in order to get ideas out of his head. This was the birth of Changer, which remained a one man project for the time being.
In January 2000 Kristjan recorded Changer's first album, January 109, on his own, with the help of his friend Adalsteinn Mar Bjornsson. January 109 was released in only 50 handnumbered copies through Hardkjarni Records in February.

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Girl Afraid Please note! The bandname GIRL AFRAID may refer to two bands. The band from Windsor full of dudes playing hardcore-pop and having far too much fun is still going strong. Basically - male vocals, yay. Female vocals, nay. Enjoy :). Girl Afraid is an English rock n roll quintet from Berkshire, England. Most of the members first met while they were high school age playing in various bands, including Aussie Roadster and Naked in Black, the latter achieving local success with the debut EP “Tell Everyone What You Saw Tonight”.

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Art of Wor

After 7 years as a monk, Fergus returned to his first love: METAL.
He promptly threw himself into writing, and within 2 months had an album’s worth of material, recruited band members Andrew Thomas (bass) and Dave Nygaard (drums) and later Tim Davies (guitar) signed a recording and management agreement with PLW. Art of Wor delivers a uniquely brutal yet melodic sound.
Currently just released Blood will have Blood on iTunes -

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