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There are several artists that are and have used the moniker Minion. 1.
German Metal band from Bremen. Started in 1994.
They play a combination of swedish influenced metal and hardcore.
Current line-up:
DC - vocals (ex-Kate Mosh, ex-Turnover)
Svenion (Sven Nienaber) - guitar (Mörser)
Dennis - guitar (Mörser)
Matt - bass
Andre - drums (Mörser) So far they have released:
Pantera Full-length, 2002
Demo 2005 Demo, 2005
Exile Of Fear Full-length, 2006
Out Of The Carnage... Let Me Back In Full-length, 2007

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Against the Tide

An awesome melodic rock band whose songs are just as likely to get stuck in your head as they are to melt your face, AGAINST THE TIDE was formed in the summer of 2009 by bassist Mike "Mazz" Mazzeo, lead guitarist Dave Madura and drummer Kevin Reviello. After adding rhythm guitarist Mike "Skatz" Scasserra, the group sought out to find a singer. Within a short matter of time, they came across singer/songwriter Lauren Ashley Grygo.

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To The Lions

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, To the Lions is a 2nd-wave style hardcore band, openly against current trends, image conscious bands and fashion shows. No mascara here, folks. The quintet, featuring former members of Confine, Grade and SeventyEightDays, reminds some of Downset (minus the rapping), Earth Crisis and other acts from the early '90s. The band's bio sights Unbroken, Chokehold and Undertow as references to the band's passionate sound.

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The Torture Of Comacine

The Torture Of comacine are a 5 Piece Death Metal/Tech Band they have played shows all over the country with bands such as from the carnival of horrors, your demise, clone the fragile and loads more.
There sweeps added with some monster face humping beatdowns they are one of the best bands to come out of leeds and have just released there new E.P (Enscribed) which has 5 tracks, 2 of which (Bring this situation to a hold, Structural failure) were released on the old E.P (Anatomy Of A Murder)

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The Flying Squad

Once upon a time, four lads from Sheffield were in a band. Now they all have separate bands, and 3 of them are in one. There's even a new old mate on the guitar now, and a keyboardist who came from a field. Ben Stanton - Vocals & Guitar
Az Butcher - Guitar
Ashley Birch - Bass
Russell McGuinness - Keyboard
Mark White - Drums & Vocals

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ONE OK ROCK is a Japanese Rock band formed in the summer of 2005. It was started by Toru with High School friends Alex and Ryota after each of them got their musical instruments. After that, Taka joined as their vocalist and they focused on performing shows in the Tokyo area. In 2006 they independently released 2 mini albums. Because of their albums sales, their participation in relatively large festivals that summer and their energetic shows in the outskirts of Tokyo, they were noticed by a foreign record company.

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1) ELI - 2004 - Present, Chicago IL Ever wonder what metal would sound like that melted through your speakers and made you catch fire? Imagine when you were burning a thunderous, well sang chorus precipitated over your head drenching you in its amazing-ness. That's what you'll get when you listen to ELI.
Interested aren't you?... Buy "The Second Coming EP" on Itunes, Amazon, & Cdbaby! For more news, tunes, and shows, visit
to download Eli's first EP "Awaiting A Purifying Process" from 2004 go here:

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