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Unsigned metal band from Sheffield. Current line up: Carl Scott - Vocals
Kev Brown - Guitar
Adam Walker - Guitar
Jesse Armstrong - Bass & Backing Vocals
James Magennis - Drums Previous members: Rob "Po" Dawson (Drums), "Dirty" Mike Hibberd (Vox), Tom Bridges (Guitar) The last year has been a combination of writing, fused with local gigging. Two recent line- up changes have brought renewed vigor and direction to the fore. Opinicus are now back fuller, larger, louder and ready to assault your senses.

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Send More Paramedics

The name Send More Paramedics is a reference to the 1985 horror/comedy, Return of the Living Dead. The band originally formed as a side project of Leeds band 'And None of Them Knew They Were Robots, but have gained a higher profile than And None of Them Knew They Were Robots, who have since split up. The band played in the 1980s crossover style, what they described as "Zombiecore... a fusion of 80s thrash and modern hardcore punk", with lyrics about zombies and cannibalism, and are heavily influenced by zombie movies.

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The Red Chord

The Red Chord is a technical deathcore band from Revere, MA which combine grindcore, metalcore and technical death metal together to make their music. Containing members of Beyond the Sixth Seal, The band is known for its spastic rhythms similar to that of Dillinger Escape Plan, Cryptopsy and Mastodon. Vocalist Guy Kozowyk runs the label Blackmarket Activities, home to bands such as Animosity,From a Second Story Window, Deadwater Drowning, Behold... the Arctopus, and Ed Gein.

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36 Crazy Fists

36 Crazyfists are a metalcore band from Alaska, United States. Their sound is characterised by unique vocals and intelligent songwriting. They are considered by critics to be one of the best bands in modern metalcore. They were originally signed by Roadrunner Records. In 2006 they signed to the DRT Entertainment label for American distribution of “Rest Inside The Flames”, as Roadrunner US kept pushing the release date back. They remained on Roadrunner UK label, where they received good support in Europe. In July of 2007, the band signed to Ferret Records on a wordwide deal.

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My Riot

My Riot is a polish band formed in 2009 as a colaboration between Glaca (leader of band Sweet Noise) and breakbeat producer from Sopot, hiding behind the nick Hacker. After two years of cooperation, My Riot issued the first album. Glaca in the new project use all his experiences gained during stay in Los Angeles, where worked inter alia with Toshi Kasai (producer of Melvins, Fripp, Adam Jones) and Steve Duda (producer and programist co-working with Nine Inch Nails, Tom Lee and deadmau5)

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No Way Out

There are multiple bands sharing the name of No Way Out: 1 - A Punk-pop band from Spain.
2 - A Hardcore/Metal outfit from Melbourne, Australia.
3 - A hardcore band from Belgium
4 - A post hardcore band from San Diego, California. Later changed name to My American Heart.
5 - A punk band originating in Woodstock, CT who still gets together every 5 years to record a new demo tape.

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The Matador

Since their inception, The Matador have continued to cast themselves apart from the Australian mainstream of heavy music by pushing the boundaries of sound experimentation. Their progressive and dark undertoned layers of music range from down tempo, complex soundscape arrangements to epic, driving walls of earth crushingly heavy guitars, drums and vocals. With an imminent EP release on the way, expect to see The Matador continue to push these boundaries.

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50 Caliber

FREE downloads of all tracks from the 'Internal Bleeding' MCD, Splitting Ammunition Split and Demos 2009 are available here on Lastfm.

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There are at least three bands with this name: 1) Eyesore is a Czech pop punk band formed in the year 2005. Their first album is called "Obrázky z dětství" (Pictures from the childhood) and you can buy it on their official website. Some tracks to listen are available on their stage page. 2) Eyesore is also a Japanese hardcore band. They released a tape in 2008 and a 7 inch in 2011. 3) Eyesore was an American band including Michelle Muldrow (Moth Macabre) and Michael Steele (The Bangles, The Runaways).

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