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There are several artists with this name: 1) Canadian-based duo.
2) Hard core/metal band from Long Beach, New York.
3) Ambient duo of Theo Travis and Dave Sturt.
4) New Wave / Postpunk band from L.A. (1977-83) 1) Canadian-based hip hop duo whose album 360 Degrees came to prominance on the Canadian scene in the mid-90s.
Cipher is producer Clean, providing an atmospheric blend of smokey jams, late-night jazz and ambient synths whilst rapper G2, brings true microphone talent to the mix.

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There are (6) artists with the artist name OCEANS: (1)Oceans were a post-rock, primarily instrumental band from Urbana and Chicago, Illinois formed in the fall of 2005 at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. Oceans is Ryan Martin, Nick Wakim, Keith Marek, Mike Parkinson, and Luis Belorin. Oceans released a full length album, Nothing Collapses, in early 2009 on Copper Lung Records. Members have gone on to play in Cstvt and Victor! Fix The Sun --- (2)Oceans are an Hardcore/Progressive band based in Burlington, Ontario.

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Evergreen Terrace

Hailing from Jacksonville, FL Evergreen Terrace has been blazing their own path through the melodic hardcore style since 1999. Anchored by guitar player/vocalist Craig Chaney’s clean singing and catchy hooks, punctuated by lead singer Andrew Carey's vicious screamed vocals, the five-piece band never depended on anyone but themselves to push their band forward. Rounding out the lineup alongside Andrew and Craig is Josh James (guitar/vocals) and Kyle Mims (drums) as permanent members.

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There are five bands called Embers: A prog-soul band from London, a Hungarian metal band, a post-metal/hardcore fusion based in the UK, a a Californian Atmospheric metal band, and an Australian free-jazz/grind-noise quartet 1. Formed in June 2009, Embers met whilst studying at Goldsmiths University by a shared interest of children's TV theme tunes...and other musicy things. Fronted by Fabiana Palladino, the daughter of bass guitarist Pino Palladino.. the lineup is completed by Joe Newman, John Atterbury and Donna Thompson.

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Confessions Of A Traitor

Confessions Of A Traitor are a 5 piece Metalcore/ Hardcore band from Essex and Surrey, UK. The band formed in February 2013 through their mutual love of metal. The band recorded their début EP in August 2013 which is free to download via
They have gained a reputation for a tight and energetic live show.
The band consists of Stephen MacConville Vocals, Chris Wallace Guitar/Vocals, Jack Darnell Guitar, Tony Nagle Bass and jay ellis Drums.

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There are at least 4 bands named Below 1. a doom/sludge metal band from Kentucky, USA. They released "St. Anthony's Fire" in 2010. 2. A metal hardcore band from Manchester UK feat. members of Broken Teeth and Survival.
Demo '13 out now on Atonement records:
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Buy/Download HERE 3. The third Below comes from Pennsylvania. 4. The fourth Below comes from North Dakota.

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Coming from Newcastle Australia, this five piece delivers a unique blend of heavy hardcore and metal, keeping it as original as possible by staying away from latest trends, which is due to a diverse range of influences. Their well received debut album MISSING LIMBS was released on Trial and Error records in april 07. Dropsaw released their second album in 08 titled VICTIMS OR KILLERS. The album was recorded in Melbourne with the help of The Red Shores Roman Koester.

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