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Lorena Cueva

Lorena Cueva is an acoustic musician from London, UK. Lorena's Myspace
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Lorena's Facebook Lorena Cueva Summarised in a Blurb:
The thing is, blurbs can be quite “blurrby” and it makes it difficult to get a clear image of what an artist is like. However I’ll do my best.
Overall my passion is to be a singer/songwriter, so as you probably guess my passions are writing, singing and playing. I write songs with a feeling or a message that I want to spread to the rest of the world. None of my words has pure profit behind them, only truth and thoughts.

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Scaramoose was formed in 2007, born from the meeting of John Gardner, Clive Wade and John Eschbaecher. The three members soon found common ground in a mixture of exciting styles including acoustic, blues, and funk, seeking particular influence from the likes of Ben Harper, G. Love, The John Butler Trio, and Xavier Rudd. With a mixture of covers and their refreshing original material, the band soon spread their new trio sound across the country. September 2008 saw the regrettable departure of Clive Wade on bass guitar but also the anticipated arrival of Dave Hodge to replace Clive.

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Joey Cape

Joey Cape is the lead vocalist for the melodic punk rock band Lagwagon. He is also lead vocalist for the indie experimental band Bad Astronaut. Other projects include being vocalists for both Afterburner and The Playing Favorites. On top of that, he is a guitarist in the cover band Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. In addition, Joey Cape released a split CD with Tony Sly of No Use for a Name, featuring acoustic versions of Lagwagon favorites and one original song (Violet), which would later appear on Bad Astronaut's final album, Twelve Small Steps, One Giant Disappointment.

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Lucy Zirins

Video Born in Burnley in NW England, Lucy Zirins is a singer-songwriter influenced by blues, soul, gospel, country, folk & jazz. “I started playing guitar at the age of 12 when my uncle died. When his stuff was cleared out, the guitar and his books… I asked if I could have them. I guess I learned to play guitar to keep his memory alive”.

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Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs

“There’s something magical that happens when these musicians play together,” says Ray LaMontagne. “I’ve been wanting to capture what we’ve been doing live for a while. The chemistry is really special.” The billing on LaMontagne’s fourth album, God Willin’ & the Creek Don’t Rise, reveals instantly that something new is happening with this project. The record is credited to “Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs”—the first time that the singer/songwriter has defined himself within a band setting, rather than as a solo artist.

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Ben Harper

In a hostile sea of disposable, throwaway singles, BEN HARPER AND RELENTLESS7 have made a true album. White Lies For Dark Times is a timeless rock record, with a cohesive collection of music that is as raw, unrelenting and thunderous, as it is arrestingly haunting and emotional. On the raucous opening track, "Number With No Name," Harper bellows "the very thing that drives you -- can drive you insane" over an infectious guitar line and a deftly serious groove that both thumps and propels the listener.

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Soul comes in many shapes and sounds and comes at you from a hundred different angles and places.
Philadelphia's got an overabundance of it.
Always had (thank you Gamble & Huff),
Always will.
Must be something in the water. Mutlu Onaral must have drunk a whole lot of that water growing up. He may be more R & F (rhythm & folk) than R & Blue. You can even add the bounce of the Brazilian and the sway of the Jamaican in his tunes.

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