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Alan Burke

Alan Burke is an Irish singer and songwriter with a wide repertoire of traditionals, Gaelic and contemporary songs, on stage mostly performed alone with both powerful and sensitive guitar play. His brand is a very unique voice, clear and full of the typical celtic excitement, moving his listeners from laughter to tears. As a session musician he supported Christy Moore, Sharon Shannon, Moving Hearts, Altan, Donal Lunny, Davy Spillane, Paddy Glackin, and DeDannan among many others. He fronted the band called AFTERHOURS for many years before embarking on a solo career.

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Colm Mac Con Iomaire

Colm Mac Con Iomaire is from known Gaeltacht area of Cúileann na Páirce in Blackrock, Co. Dublin. He plays violin, keyboard and sings vocals with the Irish Rock group The Frames. Mac Con Iomaire has been involved with The Frames since 1990. Mac Con Iomaire has a practical opinion of the industry: "I think we measure success on a day-to-day level," Mac Con Iomaire has said. "All you can do is throw a bunch of seeds out there and see which ones catch on."

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Martin Grech

Martin Grech (pronounced ‘Greck’) is a Maltese-English singer, songwriter and musician from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, born in 1983. He is known for his dark and powerful music, remarkable voice, and frequent subversion of style and genre. He first achieved serious critical acclaim after his haunting falsetto track Open Heart Zoo (written when he was 19 years old) was featured on a Lexus car advert on UK television in 2002.

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Emma Davidmann

Emma Davidmann (born 22nd May 1990) is an ascending indie-folk starlet reminiscent of other modern singer-song writers such as Laura Marling. The 22 year old southerner (hometown of Thame, Oxfordshire to be precise) fuses eloquent lyrics with melodic acoustic guitar to produce music full of emotion, with subject matter from the whole of the romantic spectrum. She first picked up a guitar after being inspired by Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here' and the instrument has been entwined with her music ever since.

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Jakob Dylan

Jakob Luke Dylan, born December 9, 1969 in New York, is the lead singer and songwriter of the rock band The Wallflowers. He is the youngest of four children born to singer-songwriter Bob Dylan and his ex-wife Sara Dylan. It has been reported that Jakob does not like his famous father to be mentioned during interviews. This is not because of animosity between the two, as is widely assumed, but because Jakob has stated that he wants to make his own name for himself, and does not want to open doors or sell tickets by capitalizing on his family name.

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Part Timer

Originally a member of electronica duo clickits, John McCaffrey moved from Accrington in the North West of England to Melbourne, Australia and started a solo project as part timer.
Concentrating on a mixture of delicate folk flavours and electronic augmentation, part timer has released albums on moteer, flau and lost tribe sound. Collaborations with multi-instrumentalist Aaron Martin have been released on mobeer and under the spire.

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Alexi Murdoch

Alexi Murdoch is a singer-songwriter. He was born in London and raised in Scotland, Greece and France then attended university in the United States in North Carolina, where he had heard there was good mountain countryside. He currently lives between New York and a small house on the remote west coast of Scotland where he spends his days writing and working on a small wooden sailing boat. To date, Murdoch has released two proper recordings and one soundtrack. All his music has been self-released--on his own Zero Summer Records--with various partners.

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HEATH! is David Rhee and Stephen Heath, and they are an amplified acoustic guitar and drums duo from Echo Park, California.They met in Los Angeles working at the same restaurant, and it was over their mutual dislike of bussing tables that they formed a band. But I digress. HEATH!'s live performance is pure, electrifying, and akin to a stand-up comedian who cracks us up spontaneously, then breaks into an infectious display of honest and soulful songwriting about his long gone dog or the near impossibility of communicating with our families.

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