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Gamma Ray

Founded in 1989 by Kai Hansen in Hamburg, Germany after leaving Helloween, Gamma Ray borrowed straight from the Helloween classics, and continued to pioneer Hansen's style of power metal. After four years with Helloween, Kai Hansen decided to leave the band at the height of their career. He then went on to do some studio work with Blind Guardian. Kai and his friend Ralf Scheepers from Tyran' Pace decided to start a project. They recruited bassist Uwe Wessel and drummer Mathias Burchard. The resulting sound was very close to Helloween's power metal style.

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Now, Voyager

"The untold want by life and land ne'er granted,
Now voyager sail thou forth to seek and find."
- Walt Whitman 1855 There will always be a single constant: the journey. Now, Voyager was born from the concept of journey, seeking to understand and explore the world that surrounds its existence. Forever evolving and adapting, submerging itself into the depths of music, to explore and transcend the boundaries between genres.

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Hans Island

Hans Island are an Indie/Garage/Psychedelic band from the towns of Kearsley and Farnworth, close to Manchester and Bolton. Utilising methods unseen in modern indie music such as delay and tamborines, Hans Island smashed onto the Manchester indie scene in early 2006 - claiming the internationally acclaimed prize 'Salford Battle of The Bands 2006'. This earned them immediate national fame with an early famous listener, fellow Manc Richard Ashcroft, shouting the first cries of "sign em up".

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Dirty Secretz

With DJ support from the likes of Roger Sanchez, Erick Morillo, David Guetta, Steve Angello, Kim Fai, Andi Durrant, Dave Spoon, Robbie Rivera and many more, Dirty Secretz are no longer the secret they once were. The dynamic duo’s rise has seen release after release hit the front of DJs CD cases, making them essential choice for rocking any dance floor. Rewind two years and you’ll find two personas polar opposite to each other. Ying and Yang, chalk and cheese.

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Schemata Theory

Six piece metal band from Reading, Berkshire that was started in July 2011. Luke - Vocals
Myles - Vocals
Huw - Guitars
Maz - Guitars
Carl - Bass
Josh - Drums Debut album: Dry Lung Rhetoric is out now. Websites:

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Wooden Horse

Wooden Horse were a 1970's acoustic band.
Susan Traynor (a.k.a. Noosha Fox) was the female vocalist in this group. Songwriters David Mateer and Malcom Harrison provided vocals and guitar. The line-up was completed by Steve Marwood on lead guitar and Neil Brockbank on bass.
This acoustic progressive folk band released two LPs, which were very rare and released with a limited number:
-Wooden Horse (1972)
-Wooden Horse II (1973)

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