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With the vibe of early Pink Floyd, Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Electric Prunes and Spacemen 3 running through their drugged-up veins, Germany's very own Vibravoid excel at synthesizing these influences into a heavy storm of psychedelic sounds, shapes, and colors.

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OBE are an instrumental four piece forged in the north London DIY scene. One of the most energetic live bands around these guys take the shoegaze stereotype and give it a fuck-off set of teeth. From brutal guitar riffs to complex soundscapes and glitched beats Orders of the British Empire are London post-rock at it

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Wolf & Cub

Wolf & Cub are an alternative rock band from Adelaide, Australia that formed in 2002. Three of the original members hail from Port Augusta, South Australia. Their music is predominantly psychedelic with elements of funk. The four-piece are signed to legendary record label 4AD. An interesting aspect of the band's music and aesthetic is their use of two drummers. This allows the percussive elements of their music to feature more prominently alongside the guitar.

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Blackfield is a collaboration between Israeli singer-songwriter Aviv Geffen and British musician and producer Steven Wilson. Two years back and forth on the London, England - Tel Aviv, Israel flight path, a mutual artistic curiosity, and a close friendship gave birth to the Blackfield project. Aviv Geffen (אביב גפן), a highly successful solo artist and outspoken (not to mention controversial) peace campaigner, with a string of gold albums in his own country, discovered the music of Steven's band Porcupine Tree in the mid 1990s and followed their career development.

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Shelagh Mcdonald

Originally from Scotland, Shelagh McDonald moved to London in the late 1960s, where she was part of the folk-music scene. In 1970 she released her first album, Shelagh McDonald Album, which sold rather poorly. 1971's Stargazer sold better, and was critically acclaimed. However, some time after its release, McDonald disappeared and wasn't heard from again until quite recently. Shelagh McDonald's music is close to that of some of her contemporaries, for example, Sandy Denny, Nick Drake, and Duncan Browne.

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One Tasty Morsel

OneTastyMorsel is the solo project of 23 year old Paul van den Brink from the hills of far north Australia. The project kicked off in early 2005 after a passion to express his musical views could not be found as an artist within the live band scene.
Drawing influence from many forms of music and combining an eclectic taste in electronica with a passion for minimal psychedelic trance, the OneTastyMorsel sound lies somewhere in the middle grounds of Sensient and Krumelur.

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From Great Height

From Great Height are a four-piece band hailing from Enfield, North London. Formed In the summer of 2007 with the goal to create a distinctive, yet familiar style of rock music. Drawing influence from the heavier, more progressive bands of the 70's, the epic synth sounds from the early 80s and contemporary songwriting styles. The results are a dynamic and melodic sound. Contact us: Follow us on twitter:

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