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Jericco are a rock band from Melbourne, Victoria that formed in 2007. Influences include the likes of Karnivool. They are one of the newest hard-hitting bands to hit the Melbourne music scene, fusing middle-eastern grooves with progressive, electronic, hard rock. The original lineup of the band consisted of:
Roy Amar - Bass & Oud
Luke Halstead - Drums
Brent Mccormick - Vocals
Jordan Nagle - Guitar
Fetah Sabawi - Keys & Programming

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Shelagh Mcdonald

Originally from Scotland, Shelagh McDonald moved to London in the late 1960s, where she was part of the folk-music scene. In 1970 she released her first album, Shelagh McDonald Album, which sold rather poorly. 1971's Stargazer sold better, and was critically acclaimed. However, some time after its release, McDonald disappeared and wasn't heard from again until quite recently. Shelagh McDonald's music is close to that of some of her contemporaries, for example, Sandy Denny, Nick Drake, and Duncan Browne.

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There is more than one band with the name Hands: [1] Shane Ochsner, Josh Silbernagel, Chris Schwartz and Jerik Hendrickson are collectively Hands, a band that combines circling atmospheric guitars punctuated with hard hitting progressions. They are a band in which rock and roll meets ambient hardcore and warm silvery singing rivals hardcore screams. The warmth of their songs is in strong contrast to the raw biting North Dakota weather that surrounds them.

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James Carter

Born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1969, James Carter began playing saxophone at age 11, first recorded with a Detroit student ensemble in 1986 and, by 1991, had recorded with legendary trumpeter Lester Bowie on The Organizer and contributed to the 1991 collection The Tough Young Tenors. Mastering a family of reed instruments, from sopranino to contrabass saxophones to contrabass and bass clarinets, James Carter mesmerized the jazz world after arriving in New York City in 1988 to play under the auspices of Lester Bowie.

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There are two bands with the artist name Brazil: 1. Brazil was a six-man progressive punk group based in Muncie, Indiana. Brazil's style was at the same time psychedelic and intense in nature, conjuring up delicious imagery of sinister sci-Fi scenery with perhaps a dash of post-modernist philosophy thrown in for extra flavor. The band was originally called "London". When learning that London had been the name of the first incarnation of Motley Crue, they then changed name to Brazil, staying on a geographic theme (also inspired by from Terry Gilliam's 1985 sci-Fi movie of the same name).

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Fornost Arnor

Founding member Greg Chivers established Fornost Arnor in November 2005. In January 2006, recording of the first EP In Darkness We Rise commenced, with the help of newly recruited members, York Street and Jeremy J. Elvin. The bands style in the early days was more akin to a traditional symphonic black metal sound. Only the one show was performed with this line-up at the Colchester Arts Centre, with the addition of Jay Price performing drum duties and the EP never made it to official release. Due to Greg’s relocation in 2006, the band temporally disbanded.

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Paper Champion

Paper Champion formed in Sydney in 2007 with founding members Grant Spencer (vocals), Dom Alessio (guitar), Denis Giasli (bass) and Dave Clark (drums). In 2007, Paper Champion released their debut self-titled EP. In 2009, the lineup of the band changed as Dom Alessio and Denis Giasli left to pursue other interests. They were replaced by Michael Tokar (guitar) and George Farrell (bass), and joined by David Nolan (guitar).

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