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Carmen Linares

Carmen Pacheco Rodríguez, born in Linares (Jaén) in 1951, is without doubt a fundamental pillar of all current flamenco singing, she masters a vast repertoire of flamenco styles due to her long experience. Her enormous versatility has allowed her to take part in zarzuelas (a Spanish form of musical drama), plays and several projects involving classical musicians and musicans from the world of jazz. Out of her works, the recording of an anthology of female flamenco singing is the one which stands out.

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The Hitman Blues Band-Russell “Hitman” Alexander Russell Alexander is the founder and creator of “The Hitman Blues Band”. Thus, he has become: Russell “Hitman” Alexander, or more simply, Hitman. He grew up with in a musical thanks to his father, Ray Alexander. Ray was a jazz musician (drummer and vibist), who performed worldwide with many of the jazz greats that we hold so dear today, as well as having three recordings out and playing on several others. Ray received a lifetime achievement doctorate at Long Island’s Five Towns College, a music oriented accredited university.

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Fallen Trees UK twitter: @fallen_trees 'Fallen Trees' are performing next at Doncaster Live Festival on the 8th September 2012 sharing the bill with bands such as 'I Am Kloot', 'The Crookes' and 'Frankie & the Heartstrings': Reviews:
‘something dirty and perfectly dissonant, a band like this will destroy you' - Electric Ghost 'super intense, bold rockers' - Sheffield Telegraph ‘songs of epic structure, courtesy of powerful delivery, you'd have to be dead and buried not to like this' - Sheffield Scenester

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Snowy White

Snowy White (born on 3 March 1948, as Terence Charles White, in Barnstaple, Devon) is a British blues and rock guitarist, mostly known for having played for Thin Lizzy (permanent member from 1979 to 1981) and for Pink Floyd (as a backup player; he was first invited to join the band through Europe and America, in 1977). His 1983 solo debut album after leaving Thin Lizzy was titled White Flames and spawned the hit single Birds of Paradise.

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The Tubes

There is more than one group called the Tubes. 1) The Tubes are a San Francisco-based theater rock band, popular in the mid 1970s and early 1980s, known for their live performances that combined music performances with many different unique costumes and in some acts they wore leotards with painted on nipples and pubic hair (neither of which points are relevant for evaluating their artistic/musical/political relevance). They made satires of life in the USA; the media, consumerism, and politics. They were often banned in the Midwest USA.

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Beggars & Thieves

Beggars & Thieves are an excellent melodic rock band, with huge harmonies, that had some minor success in their early days, but failed to become major stars.
Formed in New York City by successful session vocalist Louie Merlino and guitarist Ronnie Mancuso. They rounded out the band with former Ozzy Osbourne bassist Phil Soussan and drummer Bobby Borg. After only six live shows they were signed to Atlantic records and released their sensational debut album.

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Anni Piper

Any list of awesome Aussies should include Anni Piper. An outstanding bassist in her own right, she's an authentic roots blues rocker that possesses a voice to die for. It has even been touted that an appropriate compliment would be that she sounds 100% American! Anni remembers with clarity the first time she heard the blues back in her school days. “It was Paul Butterfield Blues Band playing ‘Born in Chicago’ - I knew straight away that this was the direction I was heading.” she says.

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