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Jenium are an English Modern "Indie Rock" band made up of singer and guitarist Sam Townsend, lyricist and drummer Eddie Watson, singer-songwriter and guitarist Colin Frances, and bassist Jack Freeman from St. Albans, England. Their music is largely influenced by rock music of the 90s and 2000s including Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, White Lies, and Kings of Leon. The band also have a strong interest in dance rock music from artists along the lines of Foals, Maps and Atlases, and Battles.

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Blue Orchids

Martin Bramah teamed up with Una Baines to form The Blue Orchids late in 1979, in Manchester, England. Bramah’s voice whether wailing, shouting, or calling is always looking for a different angle, another way of being. Una’s strung-out keyboard playing, flowing and soaring, weaving around Martin’s inventive, discordant guitar patterns. The overall effect created a madcap cathedral of sound.

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A young 3-piece alt/indie band from Swansea, S.Wales. Fronted by Josh Ace, their sound soars between insatiably hooky Dave Grohl-esque riffs, and more complex, considered moments that change their pace and sound. Obvious influences such as the Beatles and the Stones can be heard, yet obvious comparisons to the current wave of rock/indie bands are harder to make. Check out more at www.myspace.com/ringolevio and also www.myspace.com/ringoleviomusic

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Steve Kettley's Odd Times

Steve Kettley's Odd Times are:
Steve Kettley - saxophones, flute, jaws harp, percussion etc. (http://www.myspace.com/stevekettley) Robin Mason - cello / Alex Hudson-Craufurd - basses / Des Travis - drums, percussion
Edinburgh based Odd Times perform original music written by Steve Kettley.
Scottish Jazz Expo says:
"appealingly angular ...... where world music rythmns meet Monk and Zappa.....attractive, quirky tunes ......

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Ike Yard

Influenced by their punk upbringing, avant-garde schooling, and no wave surroundings in early 80s NYC,- but not beholden to any genre - Ike Yard managed to create a new sound.
By tapping into equal parts the krautrock experimentation of Can, the Neue Deutsche Welle of DAF and the UK post-punk dub of PiL and Joy Division they created sounds and songs unique enough to catch the attention of Factory Records, who made them their first American signing.

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The Monolith Deathcult

The year is 2013...

The Old Continent is on the brink of total collapse. After two pyrrhic victories the Fifth French Republic groans under the yoke of Berlin at long last, making once proud France the 17th state of Germany. To secure some hope for a sixth French Republic, the French music label Season of Mist has shown remarkable vigour and artistic courage to forge an alliance with the only triple-A rated band in Europe: The Monolith Deathcult (TMDC).

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Aaron Cohen - Downbeat "Kneebody Creating a New Language" At first, it seems that Kneebody chose a name that intentionally invited anonymity. After speaking to a couple members of the quintet, it becomes clear that they also took a firm stance against presenting a single bandleader. Equally crucial is that they wanted to invent a word that conveys no preconceived musical connotations. "It's a nonsense word that my girlfriend came up with," said saxophonist Ben Wendel. "We wanted a short, memorable word with a nondefinable genre connection.

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Mika Bomb

Lead singer Mika Handa arrived in London in 1998, with the goal of playing in a punk band. Recruitment for the band began with the arrival in London of the guitarist Agi. Another Mika (Mika Kanayama) on bass introduced an element of musicality to the bass department while a North London boy, Ergi, provided the drums. In 2000, they signed with the Beastie Boys' label Grand Royal. Mika Bomb performed in the West Country plugging their singles "Super Sexy Razor Happy Girls" and "Heart Attack".

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Notebook Of A Mermaid

Notebook of a Mermaid a London-based environmental music project of a mermaid, her four-track tape-recorder and any instruments she can get her hands on. The music consists mostly of instrumental 'songs' but also experimental 'pieces'. Notebook of a Mermaid was founded in 2005, though some of the songs were written as early as 1994. The music is an acoustic manifestation of the artist’s obsession with all things aquatic. The primitive recording methods emphasise the character of a traveller’s notebook.

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Arran Arctic

Visit www.arranarctic.com Arran Arctic (a.k.a. Arran Southall) is a D.I.Y. musician and artist who has been independently producing and releasing music for almost two decades. When he’s not recording in his home studio, he’s doodling, knitting and generally being creative in any way possible! Arctic’s musical canon weaves elements together from the folk, pop and electronica genres, featuring a variety of individually layered instruments. Drawing inspiration from artists such as PJ Harvey, Patrick Wolf and Iain Archer, every Arran Arctic release endeavours to offer something fresh.

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