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The Deadbeats

There are, at least, four bands known as The Deadbeats: 1) An early punk band 2) A UK group. 3) A Swedish rock group. 4) A funky, jazzy hip-hop band currently residing in Honolulu Hawaii. 1) An early LA art punk band on the legendary Dangerhouse Records label. In 1978 they released their first and only EP titled Kill The Hippies. Members: Scott Guerin (vocals), Geza X (of Geza X and the Mommymen - guitar), Pat Delaney (of BPeople & The Romans - sax), Pasquale Amadeo (bass) & Shaun Guerin (drums).

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Temper Temper

There is more than one act that uses the name Temper Temper: 1) From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and fronted by Patrick Fuller, Temper Temper is a dark synth rock/punk band. Signed by Revelation Records, their self-titled album came out in 2005 and was directed by Jim Diamond (White Stripes). Band is known for its charismatic live performances, with Patrick Fuller throwing himself into the crowd, where - in full body pass - he never misses a note.

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Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat dan Singa

Arrington De Dionyso (b. January 4th 1975) makes trans-utopian world music for a world that exists in fever dreams and hallucinations. His most recent project, Malaikat dan Singa, is a trance-punk outfit featuring bass clarinet, guitars, multiple drummers and his trademark wild vocals (multi-spectral harmonic throatsinging combined with grunts, yelps, and barks) -- this time, all sung in Indonesian. Malaikat dan Singa translates as "Angels and Lions," and de Dionyso's Indonesian lyrics combine mythology and fantasy with haphazard translations of poet William Blake on the debut Malaikat album.

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The Pharmacy

The Pharmacy is a psychedelic/indie punk band from Seattle, Washington, consisting of three members: Scott Yoder (guitar, lead vocals), Brendhan Bowers (drums, backing vocals), and Stefan Rubicz (keyboards, backing vocals). They also have been known to record with a wide array of other instruments including strings, horns, and many different types of synthesizers/keyboards. They occasionally play live with cellist Calvin Havnaer.

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There is more than one artist with this name 1- Corrigan are a punk rock band from Brighton featuring members/ex members of Break The Habit, Los Mendozas, The Lovesicks and Random Heroes Corrigan are a rock band from Northern Ireland fronted by Martin Corrigan, who is now better known for his work with dance act Alloy Mental.

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Crispy Ambulance

Crispy Ambulance were formed in Manchester (UK) in 1978 by Alan Hempsall (vocals), Keith Darbyshire (bass), Gary Madeley (drums) and Robert Davenport (guitar). Following a self-released debut single From the Cradle to the Grave (Aural Assault, 1980) the band joined Factory Records. Singles Not What I Expected (Factory, 1980) and Live on a Hot August Night (Factory Benelux, 1981, produced by Martin Hannett) preceded the album The Plateau Phase (Factory Benelux, 1981), and final single Sexus (also Factory Benelux, 1981).

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