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There are two bands called Lifeline. 1)Lifeline is an alternative rock band from Chalfont, Pennsylvania. Greg Golbitz - Guitar/Vox
Fred Keller - Guitar/Vox
Joe Venango - Drums/Vox
Mike Becker - Bass/Vox We have a demo out now and another EP on the way soon. 2)Lifeline is a 5 piece Hardcore band from the Norwich area. Follow us on Tumblr - We'd love to play everywhere! If you're a promoter and are interested in putting us on contact us at:

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Almost Home

We are a 5 piece hardcore band from Nottingham. We're writing music that we want to hear and we hope to create some good memories and meet some new faces along the way.
We have a 4 track e.p, called 'Looking back' recorded March 2007, and since then have had an awesome time playing shows and completed a tour with NO GOOD REASON from Portugal.
The name Almost Home is inspired by a book by Damien Echols. The book 'Almost Home" is written from death row and is the true story of his life.

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Atlantic Hearts

Atlantic Hearts are a four piece hardcore band from south east england, with influences ranging from The ghost of a thousand to everytime i die the band defiantly bring something new to the table. Only six months young "hearts" have already had the honour of sharing the stage with bands such as Attack! Vipers!, Fastpoint, Santa Karla, Brides and many more!
You can purchase their debut CD at

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1) Divide were a hardcore band from Glasgow, Scotland who formed in the 90's and were signed to Rucktion Records. They played their last ever show at The ARC in Glasgow towards the end of 2011. The bands mini album, 'When All Else Fails', is still available from Rucktion - 2) Divide is a band from Indonesia, Jakarta
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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Jailbait is a hardcore band from the UK.
2) Jailbait is a sleaze rock band from Sweden with a line up of musicians brought together from the splitting of two of Swedish bands, Sharp and Foxey. They previously went under the temporary name of T.I.T.S and performed a debut show at the Rest In Sleaze festival in 2008. Since then the band have released a new single “We Are The Revolution” and another song (found on the bands myspace) titled “We Own The Night”.

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