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There are two bands using the name Postdata, one is Canadian: These are my grandparents. They passed away two years ago and left me thirty or forty pieces of songs in a series of dreams, not Coleridge-esque opium dreams though unfortunately, just regular dreams. Kinda sad dreams. This is for them. This is their daughter, my mother. I call her mom though, not mother. This is for her. This is my father. Sometimes he feels left out. This is for you too dad. This is my stomach. This is me.

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Jazz Hands

Jazz Hands is a post-punk band from Northwest Ohio. They sound like a panda bear spaghetti birthday party, that has a not funny clown but you're kinda just laughing at him, and everyone got you pretty sweet gifts like comics/records/books/video games (even though you're totally an adult and you don't really care) and of course mom made you triple chocolate cake and got you peanut butter and chocolate ice cream to go along with it and she put chocolate covered strawberries on top just like she has for the past 6 years or so and the party is so indescribingly awesome...

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Crouching 80s Hidden Acronym

Started as a funk band, became an indiepunx band, somehow the sax stayed. Originally from Tamworth, now based in Sydney. Yer a wizard Harry. Recently released second EP which is a split with shoegaze band Rara Avis.

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The Killjoys

Multiple bands have used this name: 1. The Killjoys - a UK punk band (1977)
2. - The Killjoys - Australian
3. - The Killjoys - Canadian 1. The Killjoys were a British punk band which formed in 1977. The band released only one single, "Johnny Won't Get to Heaven". Their lead singer, Kevin Rowland, later formed Dexys Midnight Runners 2. Formed by Craig Pilkington and Anna Burley as a pop-folk group, from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, received critical acclaim for their 1990 Album Ruby, include receiving an ARIA award for best independent release.

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The Coathangers

The Coathangers are a rock band from Atlanta, Georgia. They are: The Crook Kid Coathanger: Vocals, guitar, tamborine; Minnie Coathanger: Vocals, bass, tamborine; Rusty Coathanger: Vocals, drums; Bebe Coathanger: Vocals, keys. The band formed in 2006 as a joke, played a house show and were asked to open for The Hiss on the strength of their performance. The name was chosen for its vulgarity - an irreverent take on abortions - though all band members are pro-choice.

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There's more than 1 band with the name 'Continental' 1-Continental is a band from San José, Costa Rica, influenced by , , and . The band was formed in 2006 by Adrian Poveda (vocals & guitar), Alejandro Imbach (bass, banjo & keyboards), Esteban Rodríguez (guitar) and Wash (drums). They recorded their first EP: Adiós in 2006, but it was remastered and officially released in December 2010. 2- Post-rock band from USA.

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There are at least two artists by the name of Gaunt: 1) Gaunt was a garage punk band formed in Columbus, Ohio, in 1991. The original lineup formed from the ashes of the short-lived and punkadelic Black Juju, and consisted of guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Jerry Wick, bassist Eric Barth (who had also been in Two Hour Trip with the Spurgeon brothers, who would soon form Greenhorn) and drummer Jeff Regensburger (later of The Patsys).

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