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There are a number of artists called Daytona: (i) Daytona is an American Hip-Hop artist. He recently released a mixtape called A Tribe Called Fresh, based around classic Tribe beats, on which he collaborated with the likes of Joel Ortiz, Kardinal Ofishal, J Dilla, Estelle, Nina Sky, C.N.N. and Talib Kweli. (ii) Daytona is also a electro-minimalpunk group from spain. (iii) Daytona is also a Heavy Metal band

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KHAOS THEORY are a new hard rock/metal band from Redditch (near Birmingham) in the UK. Check out our acoustic recordings! http://www.facebook.com/khaostheoryofficial Having played in previous bands together, Chris (Guitar) and Daimon (Vocals) joined forces to create a new project, with Mike joining later on Bass and Chelsea on drums! We'll be playing some acoustic shows over the Summer, and keep checking back for more recordings soon!!

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Hell in the Club

HELL IN THE CLUB is the name of the new rock'n'roll monster created by members of two of the most talented Italian heavy metal bands around: Secret Sphere and Elvenking.
Active since the middle 90's these two bands have written the history of Italian and International heavy metal with the release of many successful albums and with their presence on some of the most important metal stages. ANDY// Andrea Buratto, bass player of Secret Sphere had on his mind this rock'n'roll project for many years .

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There is more than one artist with this name:
1) An Australian heavy metal group (1994-present).
2) A U.S. based experimental rock trio (1996-present).
1) Since their inception more than 15 years ago Dreadnaught have established themselves as a cornerstone for Australian heavy rock audiences. The city Dreadnaught call home, Melbourne Australia, has spawned several “next big things” over the last decade.

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This page is for four bands. 1) The first Eyes being a late 70's Southern California punk group featured on the renowned Dangerhouse Records. Their original lineup included Joe Ramirez, Charlotte Caffey (Pre Go-Gos) and D.J. 'Don' Bonebrake (Pre-X). Caffey and Bonebrake were later on replaced by David Brown and Jimmy Leach. In 1978, Eyes released the famous TAQN (Take A Quaalude Now) 7''. Joe Ramirez, the leader of the Eyes, was a cerebral master of the unexpected lyric in front of the musical conventions of punk rock.

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Electric Eel Shock

Electric Eel Shock (a.k.a. EES) are a Japanese celebration of classic rock, punk and metal. A true power trio (Aki Morimoto - Guitar & Vocals; Kazuto Maekawa - Bass; Tomoharu 'Gian' Ito - Drums) from the time before rock became fractured into a diverse multitude of sub-genres and we were all still one big happy Rock & Roll family. EES formed in Tokyo in the late 1990s, they first toured the United States in 1999 and came to Europe in early 2003 - they have been touring the world ever since.

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the feelers

There are two bands calling themselves 'The Feelers.' The more established act is a New Zealand Rock band formed in the early 1990s in Christchurch by James Reid (singer/guitarist), Andy Lynch (lead guitar) Matt Short (Bass) and Hamish Gee (Drums). The Feelers got a record deal with Warner Music and released their first album, SuperSystem, in 1998. It was the second biggest selling album in New Zealand that year.

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