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Atlantic & Lion

Very little is publicly known about Atlantic & Lion at present, other than their members are drawn from Sheffield, Preston, and London, and that the band have made three tracks available to stream, and to download for free, on their bandcamp. Without a band facebook page, the social media anchor for most bands, Atlantic & Lion are certainly not giving too many secrets away, however their latest track ‘I Forgot to Say’ should quickly distract any pangs of curiosity and plunge your attentions into a blissful sea of reverb drenched garage rock.

As Atlantic & Lion currently have no official releases, ‘I Forgot to Say’ stands as the band’s most recent, and most developed, demo. However the track doesn’t suffer from the usual pitfalls that demos are notoriously known for, and instead 'I Forgot to Say' actually benefits from the lo-fi nature of its recording. Fuzzy vocals are balanced upon the jaunty swathes of guitars and echoing percussion, which allows the lyrical nature of the track to retain a resonance without overshadowing the instrumentation. What’s more, while the track could easily be cropped to the more recognizable four minute mark, the final two minutes provide a blistering period of guitar shredding that propels the record from engaging and pleasant, to an experience I’m craving to see live. It is this epic outro that not only cements this track as a well crafted piece of music, but also displays the exciting potential Atlantic & Lion possess in developing their sound further. With rumours the band are currently booking shows for early 2012, I’m certainly keeping my eyes peeled for any dates within a 100 mile radius of wherever I happen to be come the new year.

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There are multiple artists with this name:
1) An American pop rock group.
2) A Slovak rock band from Bratislava.
3) A Swedish straight edge hardcore band.
4) A Finnish rap-artist. (http://www.balanceprojects.net)
5) A New Zealand hardcore band.
6) A Japanese female pop trio produced by Japanese mega producer Komuro Tetsuya (小室哲哉).
7) A German fusion/breakbeat jazz band.
8) An American jazz band playing traditional standards-type tunes. Their clarinetist rawks!

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Leaf Hound

Leaf Hound formed in 1969 under their original name, Black Cat Bones.[1] Early incarnations of the Black Cat Bones featured guitarist Paul Kossoff and drummer Simon Kirke who both left to form Free.[1] Black Cat Bones issued one album for Decca Records entitled Barbed Wire Sandwich. They replaced their vocalist shortly after releasing the album, adding Peter French to the line-up. Guitarist Rod Price departed soon after to join Foghat and French added his cousin Mick Halls on guitar.[1] Soon after Black Cat Bones changed their name to Leaf Hound.

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Hybrid Trend

Hybrid Trend are an alternative rock band from Leicester, United Kingdom. With a variety of influences ranging from Billy Talent to Dream Theater, to Muse and the Foo-Fighters, the band offers a blend of the soft, melodic vibes of alternative rock with the power and ferocity of heavy metal. The band, formed by students at the University of Leicester, have been together since September 2009, with ...a few lineup changes along the way. the band released their debut EP, recorded by Philip Wilbraham of A Thousand Enemies, in May 2011.

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Aces Wild

Aces Wild are a 5 piece band based in London.
They have a great desire and determination to crack open the UK Rock Scene with something new and unique.
Formed in Poplar, East London in 2002 as Crimson Rose by current members Duane Taylor (Guitar), Ben Cannon (Vocals) and Colin Franks (Guitar), they went on to become Airborn in 2006 and finally found success under the name Aces Wild in 2008, following the arrivals of Shane Ward (Bass) and Tom Wilkinson (Drums).

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Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf (born Marvin Lee Aday September 27, 1947 in Dallas, Texas) is an American actor and rock and roll performer who came to fame with his album Bat Out of Hell and for his movie performances, including Eddie in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Robert "Bob" Paulson in Fight Club and Jack Black's father in Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny. He has had a very successful music career spawning some of the greatest selling albums of all time and breaking various records.

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There are at least four separate outfits that are currently recording or have recorded under the name of Sister. 1. Sister are a punk influenced metal band which formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2006. The band is currently signed to Metal Blade Records. 2. A three piece indie rock/pop band based in Toronto, Canada but originally from Halifax. They describe themselves as "Sometimes we're Heart and sometimes Neil Young." Members
Lynette Gillis, drums (ex-Plumtree)

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White wizzard

White Wizzard hails from Los Angeles CA. Tired of the same old down-tuned metal that seems to be everywhere these days, Jon Leon formed White Wizzard in the summer of 2007. The goal was simple - to bring the songwriting, melody and good times back into metal and rock. A 7 song EP was recorded in the fall of 2007 with the first line up and was well received and is about to be released worldwide. White Wizzard is currently in the studio working on it's first full length album. The release date is hopeful to be later in 2009.

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1) Screamo band from Norwich, UK. www.facebook.com/cassusuk 2) The story of Cassus began in the late summer of 2005 in a small city in the deep south of Sweden, called Hässleholm. Stoffe (guitar-boy) and Hilmer (guitar-boy and lead singer-boy) had invited their friends Freddan (bass guitar-boy) and Klackan (drummer-boy) for a jam at their rehearsal-spot, Rockluckan. It turned out really good and after a numerous of jams they started to find their musical direction, influenced by bands like Black Sabbath, QOTSA and Fu Manchu.

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