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BeeBeeDee fell into rave music around ‘96, quickly getting involved in the free party scene around his native Nottingham. He got into DJ’ing Drum and Bass and Techno, and was soon running a sound system with friends, putting on free partys and club nights at venues like The S.K.Y Club and the legendary Marcus Garvey Centre. After moving south he became a founder member of another free party sound system, and it was at these parties he started to test out his own productions on the dancefloor.

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There is more than one artist with this name. 1. http://www.myspace.com/feathersfamily
Looking (and often sounding) as though they've been sent directly from central casting, the psych-folk octet Feathers originate from the same fertile New England climates that generated the wayfaring likes of Tower Recordings and the MV & EE Medicine Show. The arrival of their debut album on Devendra Banhart and Andy Cabic's Gnomonsong label has not gone unheralded...

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Rhys Chatham

Rhys Chatham (b. New York City) is an American avant-garde composer, guitarist, and trumpet player. He currently lives in France. In the early 1970s Chatham was the first music director of The Kitchen in New York. His early compositions owed a significant debt to La Monte Young and other minimalists. His concert productions included experimenters Maryanne Amacher, Robert Ashley, Philip Glass, Meredith Monk, Pauline Oliveros, Steve Reich, and early alternative-rockers such as Brian Eno, Robert Fripp and Fred Frith.

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Zeus! is an italian heavy experimental duo composed by Luca Cavina (Calibro 35, Transgender, Hellish, Pornoise, Pixel Johnson, Beatrice Antolini) on distorted bass and Paolo Mongardi (Transgender, Rebelde, Il Genio, Jennifer Gentle, Mortuaria, Taunt/State Of The Art Living Dead) on distorted drums. http://www.myspace.com/zeuspower

Read more about ZEUS! on Last.fm.

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Circle is a name that has been used more than once. (1) a long-lasting avant rock band from Finland, (2) by the Sydney indie electro wonderkinds who were formerly known as Opanoni and The Raindrops, (3) a free jazz group of the 70s, (4) a Sydney band in the 1990s. Circle (1) Formed in 1991, Circle is the most visible and prolific name in the Finnish avant-rock underground. Having survived innumerable lineup changes, the band and its founder...

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There are four artists or bands named Koda. 1)
A folk band from Moscow, Russia. 2)
A Michigan-based project by M. Derrick that makes profoundly gorgeous ambient music of sweeping grandeur and texture. The album "Movements" bears resemblance to the classic "Discreet Music" by Brian Eno, but adds more warmth to the tonality. 3)
An alias used by drum 'n bass producer Darren Beale, better known as Decoder, Orca or one third of Kosheen. He used this alias in the 1994 timeframe for releases on Intalektive Records and Dee Jay Recordings.

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Upcdowncleftcrightcabcandstart are a mainly Instrumental rock/pop 4 piece from Kent.
Their debut album "And the battle is won" was released on October 24th 2005 to rave reviews by the music press (see below). In 2006 the band recorded their first Radio One live session at Maida Vale studios which was broadcast on the Huw Stephens show on March 7th. The band spent most of 2006 recording/writing their 2nd album "Embers" and also had their first U.K tour promoting “And the battle is won. Embers was released on October 6th 2008

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Acte Vide

Acte Vide is an open-ended duo project. It consists of a series of improvised sessions that happen spontaneously and at intermittent periods, and involve mainly piano and laptop, but extend to voice, percussion, and any found object in sight. Acte Vide is also a constant circle of reactivity between two sound sources, two personalities, and two lives. We tend to move around a lot and have often spent long periods of time separated by considerable geographical distance.

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The Amber Herd

****Breaking News***** The New Single is up for your Ears Pleasure, let us know what you think :) x *****Stay Tuned******
The Amber Herd formed in Summer 2006 and includes ex members of Sheffield's Beulah Kop and Nottingham's Wide Eyed Wonder. The four piece band made its live debut at The Old Angel in Nottingham in September '06. Following this,in Autumn '06 we played at two big Pink Floyd tribute shows, in Brighton at the Komedia and at Glasgow's Jumpin' Jaks.

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