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7 piece rock band from the south of England. Two drums, French Horn and others bits. Quote 'Soeza: an experimental rock band comprising two drummers, one bass, one guitar, lots of singing and a much neglected instrument in rock music, the French horn. Their music is frenetic but danceable and angular yet soulful, combining Ben Owen's emotionally charged lyrical outpourings with Jenny Robinson's beautifully soft vocals. These two contrast and complement each other over a big, boisterous rhythm section, effervescent guitar and melodic horn.

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Eject Pilot Eject

Eject Pilot Eject (EPE) are an emerging three piece rock pop band from South Wales. Fronted by a female vocalist and drummer, Sarah, EPE are visually unique. Bolstered by excellent songs, written by guitarist Owen, this is one band that really have something to sing about. Formed in 2008 the band began playing venues up and down South Wales and even crossing borders once in a while. In 2009 the band began working with producer Paul Durrant who was to become a catalyst for a change in the bands direction and desires. Tags: 
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Ian Dury & The Blockheads

Managed by Andrew King and Pete Jenner, Ian Dury and the Blockheads had several hit singles, including What a Waste, Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick (which was a UK number one at the beginning of 1979, selling just short of a million copies), Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 3 (number three in the UK in 1979), and the rock and roll anthem Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, often credited with introducing the phrase to the language. Dury's lyrics are a unique combination of lyrical poetry, word play, observation of British everyday (working-class) life, acute character sketches, and vivid, earthy humour.

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Desaparecidos was a short-lived American quintet formed in 2001 in Omaha, Nebraska, fronted by Conor Oberst (vocals, guitar) and featuring Denver Dalley, now of Statistics (guitar), Landon Hedges, now of Little Brazil (bass), Ian McElroy (keyboards), and Matt Baum (drums). This project however was restarted in 2010. Oberst may be better known for his confessional songwriting and storytelling as the lead singer of the popular indie folk band Bright Eyes, but Desaparecidos has a very different flavor.

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There are 2 bands with the name Protex:
1) A punk band from Belfast, Ireland, formed in 1978.
2) A punk band from Cluj, Romania, formed in 1993. 1) In 1977, four schoolfriends formed the Incredibly Boring Band and did a few gigs playing covers of Thin Lizzy and Dr Feelgood songs. However, they were soon smitten by the punk bug and decided that they wanted to play energic pop like the Buzzcocks and the Ramones.

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There are at least four acts sharing the name Crisis: 1. The most notable and earliest Crisis was a British punk and post-punk band, formed in 1977 which was active until the early eighties. After the dissolution of Crisis, Douglas Pearce and Tony Wakeford formed Death In June in 1981 in England. Luke Rendall joined Theatre of Hate and Lester Jones formed Carcrash International. Crisis performed at many rallies for Rock Against Racism (RAR)...

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Tree is the name of at least 9 different artists:
1. A psychedelic band from Israel
2. A hardcore band from Massachusetts, United States
3. A grindcore band from Kansas, United States
4. A rapper/producer from Illinois, United States
5. A rock band active in the 1960's
6. A singer/songwriter from California, United States
7. A pop singer from Australia
8. A rock band from Australia (now called Treehouse)
9. A Christian rock band from South Africa (now called Tree63)
10. Project of Oliver Nickell from San Francisco, California

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Pigbag were a post-punk band formed in Cheltenham, England. They were an adventurous band of music makers, fusing funk, jazz, dance music, and anything else they could get their hands on. The line up originally consisted of Chris Hamlyn on clarinet and percussion, Roger Freeman on percussion and trombone, James Johnstone on sax and guitar, and Chris Lee on trumpet. A few months later the group recruited Chip Carpenter, a drummer, and Mark Smith, a bassist.

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