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There have been at least 6 groups, and at least one solo artist, existing under the name 'Carmen'. 1) A unique English-American band, Carmen combined flamenco music with progressive rock. Adding to their distinctiveness was the fact that during long instrumental passages, members of the band would dance onstage, adding those sounds to the instrumental mix. Carmen consists of:
David Allen (vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards) who wrote most of the music of Carmen

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There are various artists, called 'Boo' or BOO! :

An Alt Rock band from South Africa, a rap trio from Detroit and a Czech-Austrian alternative rock band Boo (without exclamation mark). Boo is also a ‘monky punk’ band from South-Africa. The album ‘Shooting Star’ is from the South-African band. Boo is also the alias of a promising young MC/producer from Moscow (Russia), who has so far made his name through guest appearance on a smash radio hit “Expensive Love” (“Dorogaya Lubov’”) also featuring Loc (fellow rapper of T.

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Ennis Tola

‘Following the success of bands
like Karnivool and Dead Letter
Circus, Melbourne’s Ennis Tola
have put together an album full
of Middle Eastern Promise...’
(Classic Rock Presents Prog,
UK, 2011)

‘...masters of their craft...’
(Faster Louder, AUS, 2010) ‘Addictive.’ (Progression, US, 2010) ‘...fuck me if they ain’t a great sounding band...both on record and the live arena.
This is a band of accomplished musicians.; (Music Vice, AUS, 2010) About the band

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There is at least three bands called Atmosfear. One is a funk/pre-house/soul group, another a progressive metal band from Germany & the third a death metal band from Mumbai (India). 1. AtmOsfear were a UK jazz funk band formed in 1979. They consisted of bassist, and keyboardist Lester J. Batchelor, drummer Ray Johnson, guitarist Andy Sojka, saxophonist Stewart Cawthorne, and producer Jerry Pike. A year later singer and guitarist Tony Antoniou joined the main line up.

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Loch Ness

Polish doom/heavy metal band formed in Lublin (Poland). Also a black metal band from the USA, with lyrics about medieval times. One demo (Sampler), one EP (Legend om Skog), one full length album (S

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Secret Green

Secret Green is a British rock band founded in 2007 by Francis Lickerish, Hilary Palmer and Jon Beedle. Recent additions to the band William Gilmour and Matt Hodge complete the line-up. Additional musicians Paul Carr and Jamie Brooks are employed for live work. Guitarist, lutenist and composer Francis Lickerish is a founder member of cult band The Enid. Along with Robert John Godfrey and William Gilmour, he was one of the main contributors to The Enid’s highly individual and accomplished sound.

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