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Philadelphia quartet Rosetta push the boundaries between , , , , and , employing an experimental songwriting technique filled with chaos and atmospherics. Their sounds range from Pink Floydian / sonic layering to walls of pure static ambience to crushing, sweeping y riffage. Their first album (The Galilean Satellites, 2005) was an especially ambitious project: the goal was to record two discs of equal length (one a metal album...

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Giant Steps

GIANT STEPS - London, UK. Formed in the early part of 2010, Giant Steps are a four-piece Soul Rock band from London, UK. Originally known as Beggars, they decided to begin a new project after replacing a leaving member. In the Summer of 2010 Giant Steps completed the recording of five tracks with producer Mike Crossey. Autumn 2010 they have been selected to perform on the Jo Whiley New Music Tour in the UK.

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There are multiple artists named Vagabond. 0) Progressive Metal/Rock band formed in 1994 in Norway featuring the then-unknown Jørn Lande on vocals. Two releases before they broke up: Vagabond (1994), Huge Fan of Life (1996). 1) English band with roots in Uruguay, Denmark, East London and Huddersfield, Vagabond Official stand for soulful, bluesy pop unlike anything else around. 2) Vagabond is an norwegian retro-/hard rock band starring Ronnie LeTekrø of TNT-fame, and vocalist Jørn Lande, subsequently in ARK and Masterplan.

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Crimson Sky

Crimson Sky are a Progressive Rock band based in Bristol, UK. Active since 2002, have released several self made EP's, produced by Martin Leamon and including songs written by Martin Leamon and the band. There have been several lineup changes over the years, with only Martin Leamon and Clive Lambert remaining since the first line-up. The current lineup have just released their first album "Misunderstood" containing songs written by the band as a whole, again produced and recorded by Martin Leamon.

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1) Four guys from the West Coast of Norway playing no-nonsense rock'n'roll.
The band consists of : Lars Martin: vox , Ralla: drums , Stian: guitars , Per Harald: bass
Though they have been playing for years, their first gig happened in April 2009, opening for Bigbang, followed by a second gig at the Garage in Oslo, to promote their EP.
The musicians have experience working in some of the following bands: Gorgoroth, Trelldom, Animal Alpha, Elvin Friendly, Emmerhoff and The Melancholy Babies, Bookhouse, The Margarets and The Disciplines.

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There are at least 19 different artists named Iris:
1) An American band formed in 1993.
2) A Romanian group formed in 1977.
3) A Chilean band.
4) An instrumental band featuring Marillion members Ian Mosley and Pete Trewavas.
5) A Spanish singer from Barcelona.
6) A music group specialized on Touhou and it's music.
7) An Australian band.
8) A German band.
9) A Portuguese band.
10) A British band from Derby.
11) A Hungarian band.

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CONSPIRACY is a Black Metal project, currently residing in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Consists of two members.
Created in 1994 by Carpathian Wolf (in 1996-2008 member of the band MELECHESH ).
After signing in 2005 with Pulverised Records (, CONSPIRACY from Amsterdam (NL) has released 3 full length albums - now on sale all over the world:
"Reincarnated" 2006,
"Concordat" 2009
"Irremediable" 2010.

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There are three known artists sharing the same name.
1. Tasty Jamz from Atlanta, Georgia. 2. An instrumental progressive group from the United States 3. An underground black metal project from the United States 4. A hardcore band from Newcastle, Australia 1. 2. Caverns are an instrumental progressive/math rock trio from Washington D.C. with a prominent piano sound. The line-up consists of Patrick Taylor (piano), Kevin Hillard (guitar) and Ross Hurt (drums).

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