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Red Rum

St Petersburg-based band Red Rum creates an inventive kind of music that would be easiest categorized as experimental rock. This vague description in Red Rum’s case includes bits of alternative rock, psychedelic breaks, the more adventurous side of indie, electronics and some quirky/surreal elements that seem to come from no outside influence. Formed in 2004, the band consists of 3 members: Ndk (vocals/guitar/electronics), Eugene Byrd (bass) and Gorsky (drums). Their studio recordings including 4 EPs and one album feature Red Rum’s 2004-2010 live lineup.

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KingBathmat are a powered up independent/psychedelic/progressive/alternative rock band from Hastings, East Sussex, UK, started by lead singer and songwriter John Bassett. The band have released 4 albums to date "Son of a Nun" (2003), "Crowning Glory" (2004), "Fantastic Freak Show Carnival"(2005), Blue Sea, Black Heart (2008) KingBathmat are working on a new album for release in 2010.

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Soundgarden is a Seattle rock band who helped to define the sound that came to be called . Despite starting years earlier, and having a sound that more closely resembled Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin than their contemporaries, they are usually considered one of the "big four" of the '90s Seattle grunge bands, along with Alice in Chains, Nirvana and Pearl Jam. The band was formed in 1984 by Chris Cornell (vocals, and originally drums) and Hiro Yamamoto (bass), to be joined later by Kim Thayil (guitar) and Scott Sundquist (drums).

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Decortica is an alternative rock / progressive rock act from New Zealand. With two releases to date and an energetic, polished live show, the band is gaining a reputation as an edgy, modern rock outfit. A three-piece employing a range of dynamics and effects, "the result is a huge, full sound with frequent deviations into new textures and moods" (Groove Guide). The precisely crafted balance of hea...

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Breathing Space

There are two bands currently performing under the name Breathing Space. The first is a seven-piece progressive/pop rock band from York, England formed by keyboardist Iain Jennings. The band was formed to tour Iain's first solo album (Breathing Space) and then became a band in their own right. They have recorded one album to date, Coming Up For Air, which was released in 2007. The Current line-up consists of: Olivia Sparnenn - Lead Vocals; Percussion
Mark Rowen - Lead Guitars
Paul Teasdale - Bass Guitars; Backing Vocals

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Steve Rothery

Steve Rothery (born November 25, 1959) is the guitarist of the neo-progressive rock band Marillion. He was born in Brampton, South Yorkshire, England. From the age of six he lived in Whitby, North Yorkshire.
Rothery began to play the guitar at the age of 15. In 1979, he saw an ad in the music press for a band called Silmarillion that needed a guitarist. He auditioned successfully for the band (August 19, 1979).

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