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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Atrocity is a German Death/industrial/gothic metal band formed in Ludwigsburg. ___________ 2) Atrocity are a Death Metal/Grindcore band from Torrington, Connecticut.
___________ 3) Atrocity/b] were a punk band in the 80's from Berkeley, California who were featured on Aaron Cometbus' "Lest We Forget" compilation tape. ___________ 4) Atrocity were a danish post punk band from Albertslund/Brøndby, The band were inspired by Joy division.

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TOXOCARA was founded early 2003. After a couple of line up changes TOXOCARA's current foundation couldn't be steadier. The base of TOXOCARA's music lays in the breathtaking drums performed Romeo Gerrits (Victimizer) and the growling bass of Barry Geerligs (DeathSquad). Hysterical guitars produced by Vince Zwarts (ex- Seizure) and Martijn Moes (The Monolith Deathcult, ex- Eternal Conspiracy, ex- Beyond Belief) and the monstruous vocal attacks performed by Niels Feekes (Victimizer) complete the brutal TOXOCARA sound.

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Natron is a Technical Death Metal band from Italy. If you're talking about Death Metal and searching for a band to doubtless act for Italy, you can't do without referring to Natron as the most influential Italian band of the last 15 years. Thanks to their remarkable presence in the scene with relentless touring and through their records Natron always mantained high quality standards and mainly managed to come up with an exceptional blend made of early 90's Death Metal psychotic riffs and unearthly horror moods built on refined and ultra-powerful grinding rhythmic grounds...

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There is more than one band under the name Infuriate. Infuriate was formed as Necropolis in 2001. All of the 6 original members knew each other from the local music scene where they were in different bands, but in 2001 they decided to form a new band. In the first year they wrote a few songs, did some some shows and in 2002 they recorded their first demo called Necropolis. After the demo they played a lot of shows and the longer they played...

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There are at least four bands named Dischord: 1. A Thrash Metal band formed in 2005 from Moncton, New-Brunswick, Canada. Having already released a demo and an EP. 2. Dischord is a Deathcore/Death Metal band from Tbilisi, Georgia, formed in 2010. Its music consists of some heavy deathcore with slamming, brutal and technical death metal influences. Lyrical themes of the band are politics, revolution, future, destruction etc.

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VOLUMES. Rhythmic, Groove, Technical, Brutal, Captivating, Face Melting are all adjectives that do not even come close to touching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing the sound, image and movement exploding right now out of Southern California. The source of this decibel shattering, mind-numbing, captivating phenomenon? Los Angeles metal outfit, VOLUMES. VOLUMES are a collection of seven musicians coming from a wide array of musical backgrounds, ranging from jazz, classical, post-rock to rap and of course metal.

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USA brutal death metal band Meathook, the love child of guitarist/singer Mr. Meathook and bass player Ogre Meat began in the frosty days of late Fall 2002. Since the creation of the four-piece onslaught, Meathook has managed to record their first release "Holy Shit", a six-song demo that's sure to make your bowels quiver in fits of excremental rage. Currently Meathook is sitting in the barracks in preparation for crossing the Napanee River to rape and pillage their way across North America.

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Last Days of Humanity

Last Days Of Humanity, one of the most famous Dutch goregrind bands, came out of nowhere in the early 90's and being quite similar musically and lyrically to their Swedish colleagues from Regurgitate. As many other groups of grindcore field, LDOH hasn't been changing their style over the years, although it had plagued a lot from lineup changes, and thus only William, the guitar player and the founding member, remained since the band's forming.

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