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Tomasso Marra (Tommyknocker) was born in Italy on january the 20th 1977.
Tommyknocker starts his career in 1994 when he begins performing in some 'illegal' parties which are organized in Rome.
From '95 to '97 he collaborates with the “Virus staff” of Freddy K, and he is Resident Dj of a few discotheques like "06" and after "Oxygen" (the first hardcore club of Rome).
He even takes part to a radio show called "Hardcore Play" where he works as director together with Freddy. From '97 to '99 he plays in the biggest hardcore parties of Rome.

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Fleshgod Apocalypse

Fleshgod Apocalypse is a brutal death metal band from Rome, Italy formed in 2007 by Hour of Penance member Francesco Paoli (Drums/Guitars/Backing vocals) , Christiano Trionfera (Guitars) and Paolo Rossi (Vocals/Bass, Promaetheus Unbound). Francesco Struglia joined the band after on Drums but leaving in 2008 due to personal interest change and other commitments. The band was previously known as the death/thrash metal act Tyrannic Ethical Reconstruction.

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Disambiguation: Appaloosa is the name shared by
(1) an american acoustic band
(2) an italian instrumental rock band
(3) an innovative drum 'n' bass production team on Birmingham's Different Drummer label
(4) and a pop/electro duo, who will be supporting Cat Power on her 2008 tour

1) The album cover at the left (while lovely) does not match the previous artist info on this website. The former artist information was for the 1969 folk rock band Appaloosa debut Columbia release produced by Al Kooper and recently reissued on Collector's Choice Music.

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There are at least three artists that go by the name Ornaments: 1) A collective of musicians from Bowling Green, Ohio. Their self-titled EP of original Christmas songs was released as a digital download on December 19, 2009. 2) A three-piece indie-rock outfit from Ottawa, Canada. The members are: David (guitar and vocals), Casey (bass, vocals, keys), and Kevin (drums, percussion, vocals). They formed in the spring of 2009. Their first EP is due to be released sometime in late 2009. 3) An instrumental quartet from Italy, described as such on their MySpace page:

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The Fire

There is more than one artist with this name. 1) The Fire is an hard rock band from portugal formed in April 1991, making their first concert on the 14th of July 1991.
In January 1992, they reached the first place in a Modern Music Festival, in Vila Nova de Gaia.
In 1993 they recorded their first original demo tape at Reck n' Roll Studios, which pushed the band to perform in Queima das Fitas, O'Porto, on May 1993, and in Ritual Rock Night's Festival, also in O'Porto, on September 1993.

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I´m Arjuna, one of the Parvati Records dj label. I grew up between Italy and India, and I made all my first dj experiences in Goa. I´v been playing mainly there, but then also in many other countries like Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Spain, Makedonia, Nepal, Japan.
After years of djing I felt like I needed to create something, to take out from my brain a lot of ideas, so i did an electronic music production course (S.A.E. in Milano, Italy) and started to travel in the production world, discovering all thoose amazing programs to create sounds.

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Secret Sphere

Secret Sphere are a power metal band from Alessandria, Italy. They are often compared to countrymen Rhapsody in their use of symphonic keyboards, ballads, and general feeling. However, the band's first CD, Mistress Of The Shadowlight, has a much rawer sound compared to Rhapsody. The band was formed in 1997 from the talented guitar player Aldo Lonobile and has released four full-lengths.
They released a fifth full-length cd in 2008 called Sweet Blood Theory.
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Raein is a band from Forlì, Italy. The band features members of La Quiete and Neil on Impression. They formed in 2000 and split up in 2005.
They reformed for a show in Bologna, in September 2007. Andrea joined La Quiete for a Japanese tour 2007. Releases/Appearances:
2002 - Raein
2003 - il n'y a pas de orchestre
2004 - Döden Marscherar Åt Väst 7"
2004 - Split 7" With Phoenix Bodies
2004 - Split 7" with Funeral Diner
2004 - Daïtro + Raein 10" Tags: 
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Othon & Tomasini

OTHON & TOMASINI are Greek composer/pianist Othon Mataragas and Italian actor/singer Ernesto Tomasini. Othon's original and unclassifiable repertoire, coupled with his virtuoso piano playing, and Tomasini's huge range and unique renditions make for an intense experience that is as dark as it is lyrical. Haunting music, deranged performance and heightened theatricality are Othon & Tomasini's trademarks.

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