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Social Circkle

Social Circkle is an American hardcore punk band from Mass who formed in 2006 and put out a demo, which is available for download here. Since then they've released two 7" and a 12", the first 7" was titled "Static Eyes", and the second "I've Got Afflictions." The 12" was titled "City Shock".

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Sarah Borges

The New York Times called Sarah Borges "A modern-minded honky-tonker with a retro streak". John Conquest of Texas' 3rd Coast Music News says simply, "Sarah Borges is fabulous, and will be my...headliner anytime she wants". The Boston artist released "The Stars Are Out" in 2009 and was nominated for an award from the Americana Music Association.

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Tree is the name of at least 9 different artists:
1. A psychedelic band from Israel
2. A hardcore band from Massachusetts, United States
3. A grindcore band from Kansas, United States
4. A rapper/producer from Illinois, United States
5. A rock band active in the 1960's
6. A singer/songwriter from California, United States
7. A pop singer from Australia
8. A rock band from Australia (now called Treehouse)
9. A Christian rock band from South Africa (now called Tree63)
10. Project of Oliver Nickell from San Francisco, California

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Kansas is a band which formed in Topeka, Kansas, United States in 1970. The band is best known for their international hit singles "Carry On Wayward Son" and "Dust in the Wind". The band's classic lineup consisted of Steve Walsh (vocals, keyboards), Richard Williams (guitar), Kerry Livgren (guitar), Robby Steinhardt (violin, vocals), Dave Hope (bass) and Phil Ehart (drums). The band currently consists of Walsh, Ehart, Williams, Billy Greer (bass) and David Ragsdale (violin).

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