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Daemonia Nymphe

Daemonia Nymphe (Δαιμόνια Νύμφη) is a band established in Athens in 1994 by Spyros Giasafaki and Evi Stergiou. The band's music is modeled after and is often categorized as ethereal, neoclassical, neofolk or gothic.
Daemonia Nymphe uses authentic instruments, including lyra, varvitos, krotala, pandoura and double flute, which are made by the Greek master Nicholas Brass. Their shows are very theatrical, with members wearing masks and ancient dress. Their lyrics are drawn from Orphic and Omeric hymns and Sappho's poems for Zeus and Hekate.

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Krzysztof Penderecki

Krzysztof Penderecki (born November 23, 1933 in D?bica) is a Polish composer and conductor. His 1960 avant-garde Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima for string orchestra brought him to international attention, and this success was followed by acclaim for his choral St. Luke Passion. Both these works exhibit novel compositional techniques. Since the 1970s Penderecki's style has changed to encompass a post-Romantic idiom.

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There are 11 artists using the name "Manifest": (1) Norwegian technical-thrash/death metal band.
(2) heavy/power metal band from the USA.
(3) Russian rap artist.
(4) Korean-American rap artist from Virginia.
(5) Manifest is also the alias of a Dutch drum 'n bass dj.
(6) Hardcore punk band from Romania
(7) Death Metal band form Switzerland
(8) Death Metal band from The Netherlands
(9) Hip-Hop band from Slovakia
(10) All-Male Chorale group from the USA

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Coffi is an 18 year old producer from York, United Kingdom. He started producing when he was around 15, using audacity to cut up gabba songs with his best mate. He then got my first copy of FL studio and started producing, gaining advice from a friend who made grime and hip hop. He started making breakcore and idm until he was shown Chainsaw Calligraphy by 16bit then he fell in love with the heavier side of dubstep along with the don's of the genre such as Coki and Jakes. When he was old enough to go and see live sets, he saw another world of dubstep.

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There is more than one band with the name Geist: 1.) Geist, (http://www.geistreich.org)
2.) Geïst, from Germany (http://www.facebook.com/eis.official)
3.) Geist, an / project from Alsace in France: http://www.geist-musik.eu.
4.) Geist, (http://www.myspace.com/geistclans)
5.) Geist, The group's music features percussion, harp and Chapman Stick. http://www.harpdancer.com/geist.html
6.) Geist, from Israel (http://www.myspace.com/geistfluch)

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Sex Gang Children

Sex Gang Children is an early group that formed in the early 1980s in Britain. They were a very dramatic band, relying on heavy bass, tribal drumming, sudden mood shifts, a woozy cabaret ready sound that influenced the rise of the later scene, and yet another in a long line of goth singers with an odd, highly dramatic voice. Although the group only released one official album, their singles and various other tracks have been packaged into numerous collections, and they remain one of the better known bands out of the early scene.

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Hunz is a three-piece electronic pop band, spearheaded by Brisbane-based electronic musician and producer, Hans Van Vliet. With a background in music programming and motion design, Hans pulls his notes out of a binary soup of ones and zeroes, hand-crafting synth patches and beats from scratch. The result is a mix of pulsating, glitchy electronics and ethereal vocals that hint at the sinister, but succumb to the pleasure of pop hooks instead.

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Porpoise are a Midlands based four piece who formed in January 2007.
Since then they have hit the dizzying heights of playing the pub circuit, rarely being paid but enjoying the fuck out of each and every gig.... Original Bassplayer Jon Berhendt left in 2009 and was briefly replaced by Jad Hill who in turn left after suggesting they write songs about sexy gingerbread men.
The line up was complete when long time friend Adam Harper joined in Spring 2009. Porpoise have released so far:

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