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Lynch Rider Lulu

Lynch Rider Lulu are a 3-piece alternative rock group. Two electric guitars, drums, glockenspiel & sax. Debut album "Who's gonna live there now?" is out in April 2008 on the Alien Frequencies label.
With a sound influenced by the likes of Pavement, Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave and Smog, there are scrawly guitars from Lucy Underhill and Simon Garner with a bracing backbeat from drummer Che Albrighton, whilst Lucy provides powerful, evocative yet vulnerable vocals on topics ranging from female hangwoman Lady Betty to incompetent serial killers and Mohammad Ali.

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Richard There

Richard was born there but is always trying to come here. Richard was born very young and always hoped to die very old.
After his second death (both in young age) he decided that he would never hope anything again.
In his new life free of hope, Richard tries to forget the things that he still remember. Since then nobody never heard anything about a new death in Richard

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Be Forest

Be Forest is a three-piece band from Pesaro, Italy formed in 2010.
Lineup consists of: Costanza Delle Rose (bass, vocals), Erica Terenzi (drums, guitar, vocals), Nicola Lampredi (drums, guitars).
Their sound is a characteristic mixture of with and .
Their debut album Cold. was released in 2011 by label We Were Never Being Boring.

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Mike Bruno

Mike Bruno has been devotedly writing and recording simple yet powerfully evocative songs for over a decade now. He also plays in the warped, doomish folk group the Black Magic Family Band Armed with only an acoustic guitar and a general naivety towards what one can accomplish with such an instrument, he began playing to basement dwellers and living room wall-flies alike, spreading his delicate, raw songs across the barren fields and turbulent cityscapes of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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Mark Burgess

Mark Burgess (born 11 May 1960) is an English singer, bass player and songwriter. He was the lead singer, co-founder and main force behind English post-punk band The Chameleons. He currently resides in Germany & the UK.
Burgess formed The Chameleons in 1981, with guitarists Dave Fielding and Reg Smithies and drummer John Lever. After three full-length albums, the band split up in 1987, with the relationship between Burgess and Fielding particularly strained.[1]

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Decayor return with a new line-up. Now a three piece, the band features Pauric Gallagher on Vocals/Guitar Kevin Mc Closkey on the Bass guitar, Gary Byrne on the Drums.
Decayor are experimenting with new sounds, bringing in a lot of new influences. The lyrics that are used in these songs can be found here;
http://www.bebo.com/words-and-thoughts Also Add us on Myspace to keep more up to date with gigs and news!

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Skazi is an Israeli band, producing a unique style of full-on music since 1998. Their first trance album Animal, released in September 2000 was revolutionary in its sound & direction. Coming from a and scene, Skazi brought a new and innovative twist to , combining with live riffs & storming sounds. In March 2002 Skazi released their second album, Storm, followed by Total Anarchy in the summer of 2006.

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