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Solitary Experiments

Solitary Experiments formed in 1994 as a collaboration between Dennis Schober and Michael Thieleman, who had briefly collaborated before as 'Plague'. The following years saw occasional live shows and the release of a couple of demo tapes before the song 'God, Where Are You?' from the 'New Violent Breed' compilation in 1999, which would become a hit in their native Germany as well as Holland and the USA. Their debut album 'Final Approach' was released on Machinery later that year.

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There are at least 4 artists with the name Artwork:
1) ARTWORK (New Jersey pop/rock band) formed in 2009 and consists of Darren Fisher, Jaime Munoz, Juan Bangcaya, and James Garcia. ARTWORK have quickly gained mainstream attention in the songwriting community, showcasing their talent at numerous venues and festivals including The New York Songwriters' Circle. Darren also had the opportunity to work with Christian Machado and Laz Pina of Ill Niño and participate in a songwriting lesson with Tony award-winning songwriter and composer, Duncan Sheik.

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Haujobb (not to be confused with the demogroup of the same name) formed as a trio in 1993 in Germany, with B. Junemann being the third member to the current duo of Dejan and Daniel. Their first release was on cassette only, the now hopelessly out of print Drift Wheeler. This embryonic issue brought them to the attention of Off Beat records, who released their first CD, Homes and Gardens, later that same year.

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There are multiple artists called Cyan: 1) Cyan is a Spanish pop-rock band from Barcelona.
Their music is intimate and emotional, in a combination that ranges from pop to rock, with epic flavors, introspective lyrics and prominent melodies.
After some years showcasing their work in concerts in Barcelona and Madrid, in 2008 they present their first album, Cyan, masterized by the Grammy awarded Adam Ayan.
Official web site: www.somoscyan.com

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www.facebook.com/schillermusic / www.schillermusic.com Schiller is one of Germany's leading electronic artists. The multi-Gold and Platinum-awarded project has been created by electronic musician, producer and composer Christopher von Deylen in the tradition of teutonic sound-pioneers. Over the last years the Echo-Award winner and Grammy-Nominee performed more than 100 sold-out concerts - highly acclaimed by the audience and media.

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Stunning industrial rock with a gothic twist from Anglo-German quartet LAHANNYA. For Fans of Lacuna Coil, Marilyn Manson and The Birthday Massacre. Frontwoman and gothic icon Lahannya, who already appeared as guest vocalist on releases by Soman, Combichrist and Greenhaus, gathered the who’s who of the gothic scene around herself for her new project: her star line-up consists of Lutz Demmler (Umbra et Imago), Belle (Killing Miranda / Nosferatu) and Chris Milden (NFD).

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