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There are at least 5 artists/bands named Ouroboros: 1) A technical death-thrash metal band from Australia (who changed their name from 'DRED' in 2008)
2) A brutal death metal band from France
3) A dark-esoteric-ambient act from Italy
4) A black metal band from Canada
4) A doom metal band from Pittsburgh, PA

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?uestlove (pronounced "Questlove") is the stage name of Ahmir Khalib Thompson, born January 20, 1971 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, an African-American musician, DJ, and record producer, best known as the drummer for hip-hop band The Roots. ?uestlove's work with The Roots is regarded as being sonically innovative; he has also produced for artists such as Common and D'Angelo and member of the production teams Grand Negaz and The Grand Wizzards. Biography Early years

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Breakestra is an original funk "orchestra" from Los Angeles, California, formed by Miles Tackett in 1996. After releasing several EPs and two full-length albums of mostly covers and sample-filled breaks, Breakestra put out Hit the Floor in 2005, which included all-original recordings fusing elements of funk, soul and hip-hop.

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P-Square, a musical group of indentical twins, Peter and Paul Okoye. The duo began thier music and entertainment career mimming and dancing in various shows and church events in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria where they grew up. In 2001, while at the University of Abuja, at a talent show competition they won the "Golden Tones - up & Coming Band" competition with the track "Kolo" from thier debut production.

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There are two groups registered with the name Concave on Last.fm: 1) Concave - from the United States - http://www.facebook.com/concavesound
Concave is the solo instrumental project of James Brian Findlay, currently drummer for Razorhoof.
as Concave, he has released "History Is The Future" in 2011 and "A Journal Of Civilization +2" in 2006. The music is a mix of metal, post rock and indie rock and is heavily influenced by bands like HUM, Shiner, Pelican, Don Caballero, Maps and Atlases, Built To Spill and Isis.

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The Whitlams

The Whitlams are an Australian four-piece band hailing from Newtown, New South Wales. Formed in 1992, the band originally comprised Tim Freedman (lead vocals, piano), Stevie Plunder (lead vocals, guitar) and Andy Lewis (double bass, backing vocals). The line-up has changed many times over the years with Tim the only consistent member of the band, not to mention the only original member still alive. In the current line-up Terepai Richmond hits the drums, Warwick Hornsby plays the bass, and Jak Housden steals the scene on the electric guitar alongside the ever-present Tim Freedman.

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