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Extra Curricular

Welcome to the Last.FM page for Extra Curricular - Huddersfield group that effortlessly combines the raucousness of Hip-Hop, the improvisational spirit of Jazz and the smooth sounds of Soul to create original and inspiring new music. EC teams up the official World MC champion (EOW), the UK’s hottest new jazz singer and African-soul fresh from the motherland of Zimbabwe with a live band bursting with energy and song writing talent.

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Nubreed, a 'Nu Skool Breaks' band based in Melbourne, Australia is made up of Jase, Myke and Db. Know for their dynamic live shows and a style that pushes the boundries. Nubreed draw on a wide range of influences like old skool jazz, neo-tech, funk, breaks, hip hop and drum and bass. They are seen as a band rather than a group, as they MC and sing on their tracks and due to their wide influences, they have a sound more like a band.

Read more about Nubreed on Last.fm.

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The Hippy Mafia

You think your parents are your parents, right? You believe what you see is reality, right? You accept the history and the education you have received as truth yeah? But somehow, somewhere, deep inside, you feel there must be more, much more. Something doesn’t add up? Something doesn’t feel right, there must be more to this than working for the MAN right? More than just being a number, more, more than THIS?.

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Low Budget

There are 2 artists/bands called Low Budget. 1. Low Budget (Hip Hop, AUS) Since their emergence in 2005, Low Budget has established an enduring presence on the fickle Australian hip-hop scene. Following the widespread buzz generated by their self-released mixtape in 2005, the group

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Kodex aka Matthias Billan, is known as one of the latest and greatest artists to come out of the Hardstyle world in Vienna. At a young age he was fueled by an urge to create electronic dance music, his main influences coming from the sounds of early hardtrance and eurodance.
After experimenting with other styles he quickly developed a taste for the harder styles. From the young age of 17 his skills were starting to develop to a higher level and Kodex decided to focus entirely on his music and locked himself down in the studio to perfect his skills and create the music that he loved.

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Number 9

Stefan Bruinsma (17-08-1982), a.k.a. Number 9, was born and raised in the north of the Netherlands in a city called Groningen. At the age of 9 he discovered music was his passion, and he took his first piano lessons shortly followed by his first guitar lessons. After developing as a musician he encountered people that shared his vision on making music and performing on stage. At the age of 18 he chose the Rockacademy in Tilburg to develop as an artist and entrepreneur in the music industry. Up till now his life resulted in the following music projects:

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